MERCHANT BUSINESSES IN a range of sectors are investing in digital solutions to prepare them for the challenges ahead. Ten-25 Software, which builds sector-specific, cloud-based ERP systems for merchants, has reported record sales throughout the pandemic as merchants work hard to future-proof their operations and prepare for eCommerce.

Despite difficult trading conditions we have continued to welcome record numbers of new clients on board. It’s clear that merchants are well aware of the challenges the future holds, but it’s great to see confidence growing throughout industries and businesses investing in their futures.

Traditional service + new technology We’ve had a lot of interest from sawmills, timber merchants, builders’ merchants and steel stockholders, as we’d expect. But I’m delighted to have sold systems in other sectors too, like plumbing and bathroom supplies, plastics suppliers and an independent slate wholesaler. We’ve had interest from all sorts of importers and stockists, and it’s great to see how the software can be used in so many different ways to suit new customers. Whether it’s timber, tiles or tins of paint, if you stock it, UT400 can help you sell it.

Despite the pressure on merchants at the current time, and the uncertainty of the future with Covid, Brexit and climate change, Ian is confident that UT400 provides the flexibility and responsiveness that is needed


to monitor and react to ever- changing commercial conditions. It gives merchants a very simple, yet comprehensive, real-time overview of all the moving parts of the business. The customised dashboards help each user to easily keep an eye on everything that’s relevant to them, which really helps to identify issues and opportunities, as well as manage and predict stock levels more effectively.

UT400 is 100% cloud based, meaning it can be accessed from your smart device, 24/7, without the need for specialist devices or installations.

It gives a new level of freedom that legacy systems simply couldn’t offer. This system can be used by the whole workforce from the yard to the boardroom, out on the road or from your home office. It’s really helping our customers to be flexible and responsive to their own

Traditionally, it would take several months from contract to going live. These days, a brand new customer can be up and running in just a few weeks.

customers’ needs, and it lays all the foundations for eCommerce, which more and more merchants are adopting.

Online demo and remote installation Of course, one of the big challenges of the coronavirus pandemic has been staff and supplier safety.

We appreciate that our

customers need to be safe, and to protect their staff and customers too. One of the huge advantages of a true cloud system is that it can be accessed from anywhere. We have even rolled out an online demo system so that merchants can have a play with the system up front, giving them a chance to try before they buy. People are responding really well to it – taking on a new ERP system is a big decision, so this way they get to really get to know the software before making that commitment. November 2020 CONFIDENCE IN THE TIME

Ten-25 Software’s Ian Oldrey on the fact that merchant confidence is stabilising despite the impact of Covid and the uncertainty of Brexit.

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