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Just a Drop Abbeychart staff, partners and friends took part in the Inflatable 5K charity fundraiser for Just a Drop. The 14-strong Abbeychart team tackled obstacles such

as The Plummet, Ripple Runner and Leap of Faith at the fun and extreme inflatable assault course. “It was an excellent team effort and a lot of fun,” said

Mark Taylor, managing director Abbeychart. “I would like to thank Andrew Shirley for organising the Abbeychart team and for everyone who made donations for their very generous support. “We are just £100 short of reaching the £1,600

fundraising goal we set for the event and so any late donations will be very gratefully received.”

fundraising Sunday’s event was Abbeychart’s first fundraiser for Just

a Drop since committing to supporting the charity earlier this year. All money raised will go towards helping provide a clean and safe water supply for the 293 children in Kisole Primary School in rural Kenya.

De Jong DUKE Wins FD Gazellen Award 2018

De Jong DUKE, a Dutch manufacturer of coffee- espresso equipment, has been recognised for the third year in a row as one of the fastest growing Dutch companies by the leading Dutch financial newspaper, Het Financiële Dagblad. To be nominated for the FD Gazellen Award, a company must show a minimum revenue growth of 20% for an uninterrupted period of three years. In addition, the growth of employees (in FTEs) and profitability are also taken into account. “Winning the award for the third year in a row is a

great honor, but most of all a recognition of all the hard work done by our employees that have contributed to build a stable growing organisation and more importantly, create a company and brand that has a strong reputation as a trustworthy and customer-oriented manufacturer of reliable coffee-espresso equipment. A big thank you to all our loyal and cooperative customers who have made this possible,” a company statement said.

Vending Enterprises deploys Vendmanager

Vending Enterprises has contracted with SBS and adopted Vendmanager as its vending management system (VMS). Established in 1968, Vending Enterprises has grown

Phil McGhee (left, Technical Manager - SBS) at the kick-off with Vending Enterprises (left to right): Denise Kiernan - General Manager, Deborah Binns - Director, and Andrew Binns - Managing Director.

6 |

into one of the largest independent vending companies in Lincolnshire. Headquartered in Scunthorpe, with major depots in Lincoln, Grimsby and Grantham, Vending Enterprises serves the local community and beyond with vending equipment, maintenance services, ingredients and fresh food supply. The contract will give Vending Enterprises access to

the benefits of Vendmanager now and going forwards.


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READ THE SMALL PRINT - Plus DO YOUR RESEARCH. Cheap Leasing 3 & 5 Yr Leasing Deals. Make sure you are quoted 36- or 60- months contracts NOT 39 or 63 months. You pay more in the long term on what looks like a cheaper deal. #Vending


#Vending helps distributors grow with existing customers. After all, it costs 5X more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. Increasing retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by anywhere from 25% to 95%.


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Planning and preparing for the famous AVA Christmas Luncheon with the Merchant Taylor’s Hall. Make sure you get booked soon - tickets are flying!


Me: I’m a person who isn’t easily impressed. Also, me: WOW! A WORKING LEGO VENDING MACHINE! #LEGOMASTERS

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