Eat Real, said: “The fast-growing interest in health and wellbeing means that healthier eating is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ option.” “Many of today’s consumers have health at the top of their agendas. They’re choosing to snack healthily at home and want to be able to enjoy the same options when they are out and about, at work or at play.” Eat Real’s healthy crisps are available in individual vending size

packs to help operators meet the growing demand for free from, on-the-go snacking options. All options are gluten free, lower in fat, free from artificial ingredients and are suitable for vegan and Kosher diets.

INNOVATION The 2018 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report revealed that the UK health and fitness industry is continuing to strengthen. It has

more gyms (over 7,000), more members (approaching 10 million) and a greater market value than ever before. With such a captive market of consumers who are eager for something new and exciting, there are some innovative vending options out there which could do well in leisure facilities. For example, a recent winner at

The Vendies for Best Machine Innovation was the Novara Protein Shake Solution from Coffetek Azkoyen. The machine provides a freshly prepared range of pre and post workout protein shakes and capitalises on the growing global sports related protein product market. Meanwhile, Mr Lee’s Pure Foods company is currently preparing to enter the leisure vending market, with one of its award-winning machines. Looking to fully launch the ‘instant-noodle kiosks’ in Q1 2019, the healthier foods business will vend hot noodles to consumers up and down the country. In their lead up to entering the market, they’ve conducted trials and research to ascertain the potential of the leisure market. CTO of Mr Lee’s Pure Foods

Martin Verspeak, said: “We differ to most in that the product we vend is viewed as a healthy meal, and not just a snack. This could potentially open up leisure businesses to a whole new demographic, pulling in more customers during times that may normally be quiet. This would draw in consumers knowing that hot food is easily obtainable. “We also believe from our ongoing research that these types of

locations will be more accepting of standalone brands, where a variety of brands may not be more important. As places that regularly attract a similar crowd, reputation will build, with consumers returning for the brands they love.” So, as this brief overview of leisure vending shows, healthy snacks,

drinks and even meals are a trend that appears to be here to stay. Consumers are looking for healthy options particularly among the country’s 7,000 gym members and it’s up to operators to deliver. | 31

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