NEWS | Industry Updates Mains overtaking bottled

water coolers in West Europe A total of 102,500 more water coolers were installed across West Europe in 2017, marking a 3.4% increase and taking the total to 3.1 million, according to a new report from specialist consultancy Zenith Global. The number of mains water point of use coolers rose by 6.2%

to reach 46.9% of the total, up from 42.3% in 2013. Mains water coolers have achieved double digit annual growth in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Switzerland over the past four years. Bottled water coolers rose by 1.1% in 2017, the fourth consecutive year of growth, driven mainly by Italy and Spain. By 2022, Zenith Global forecasts that the total West European

market will advance a further 16% to 3.6 million units, with mains water coolers accounting for 52%. “The water cooler industry is growing faster than the overall economy, because consumer health concerns are leading to increased habitual consumption,” commented Richard Hall, chairman of Zenith Global. “Mains water coolers are proving more manageable and more sustainable for increasing numbers of customers. We expect them to overtake bottled water coolers by 2021.” The United Kingdom retains the overall lead for water cooler

installations, with a 21.4% share, followed by Italy and France accounting for 17.6% and 15.7% respectively. Since 2013, the most dynamic markets have been Germany, Switzerland and Spain, rising by an annual 7.3%, 5.0% and 4.3% respectively. The volume of water sold through bottled water coolers rose

by 2.2% in 2017 to 1.3 billion litres, with the most significant gains being made in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Three awards for Coffetek

Coffetek has recently won three awards, including the Innovation award at The Vendies for its beverage machine Novara Protein. The awards took place on October 2nd at the Forest of Arden

Hotel & Country Club in Birmingham. Novara Protein incorporates the latest technologies of protein

shake making, promising a perfect combination of ingredients, texture, consistency making it a good fit for gyms, CrossFit and sports centres. Coffetek also won the Best Machine Manufacturer and the Best

Table Top Vending Machine with the Vitro series from the AVS in September. The Vitro series, designed for offices and Horeca establishments,

combines a wide selection of models with different capacities, functionalities and processes of delivering drinks, from espresso or filter coffee to leaf tea infusions. It also incorporates a state-of-the-art design with a smoked glass finish and and brushed stainless steel.

Rise in sales for birchwood cutlery

Quality disposables manufacturer and supplier, Herald has experienced a consistent rise in sales of its natural birchwood cutlery, stirrers and skewers as the trend for natural products, including wood and paper, continues. The company began to extend its wooden product range a few years ago

and has steadily added to its selection, year on year, as the requirement for these products has shown no signs of abating. Part of the Rootier range, the wooden cutlery, stirrers and skewers have become best sellers in recent months as the consumer continues to drive demand in the UK market. Managing director of Herald Yogesh Patel commented: “When it comes to

quality disposables, the consumer wants more options than just plastic, and the catering industry is certainly keen to offer the end user a greater choice. “Natural products are generally regarded as more environmentally- friendly, presenting a conscientious, worthy option that sits better with the growing majority. We’ve thoroughly embraced this concept and are constantly extending our overall range to cover a full mix of materials, including eco and completely compostable choices.” Herald’s Rootier selection also includes ice-cream and lolly sticks, ice-cream spoons and chopsticks. It sits alongside the popular Mr Chip

birchwood chip fork, which has established its own following in recent years with the brand securing almost 100 per cent of repeat business for Herald. Yogesh adds: “Mr Chip is a personal favourite of mine as the customers love it and that single product accounts for a large proportion of our wooden catering disposables turnover.” With over 30 years since its inception, Herald has a vast catalogue of goods and breadth of choice. It’s endeavoured not to sacrifice quality

for price and adheres to a standard, refusing to stock products that fall below a certain grade in order to protect the company’s reputation and its customers’ expectation. A member of the Foodservice Packaging Association, Herald is a family-led concern. | 5

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