drivers for the Best Customer Service, sponsored by the EDWCA. The aftersales team calls all 5,000+ customers on a weekly basis, ensuring any order requirements are fulfilled, and any further requests are met. Their experience and professionalism are said to pave the way for successful installations and servicing with a friendly and skilled attitude. General manager, Andy McLellan said: “To be voted the best customer service in the industry is testament to our wonderful staff. Without their hard work we would not be so highly rated by our customers. We’re delighted to have won this award and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who voted for us.”

reduce environmental impact with its Planet range of cups. This biodegradable PLA cup is said to provide the perfect green alternative for water cooler users and helps businesses to reduce their environmental impact. Sales director David Blake said: "We're proud and delighted to

receive such a prestigious award. Over the last year, we've seen a significant increase in enquiries on alternatives to plastic as the demand for change has risen. As a business, we've been active in taking the lead to provide innovative solutions for what is a global issue. “To be commended for the efforts in reducing plastic in the water

sector is invaluable to the business and confirms that we’re most definitely on the right path. Moving forward, we will be aiming to replicate our successes with more sustainable options across other sectors while continuing to deliver an increasing variety of products to the vending and water markets."

The Supplier Recognition Award went to Abbeychart for its

installation and kitting service. Abbeychart managing director Mark Taylor said: “To win a Supplier Recognition Award is particularly rewarding because the Vendies are voted for by our peers in the industry. To gain that third- party endorsement from colleagues is a real motivator for the Abbeychart team and adds credibility to our offer across the vending sector. “An added commercial benefit of being an award-winning company is the positive effect it has on suppliers and customers who perceive the Vendies as a ‘stamp of approval’ and will be happy to partner Abbeychart with an added confidence.”

4 Aces won the Innovation Recognition Award for its bid to 24 |

The final water award for Outstanding Contribution went to the

EDWCA’s Tracy Corrol who was singled out for always going above and beyond her duties as EDWCA Secretariat. Tracy said: “Compared to some other people I have been in the industry for a relatively short period of time so to receive this award was truly amazing and heart-warming. As the EDWCA secretariat, auditor and trainer I have the pleasure of meeting a number of people through my role and for these busy people to take the time to nominate me is humbling and gratefully received.”

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