Putting Technology to Work Today in Vending

By Simon Black, MD of SB Software, the Makers of Vendmanager And today? Now it is more a case of “Why not today?” With every

week that passes, operators who have yet to invest in technology are losing the advantages of a competitive edge that has now been proven beyond doubt. Tomorrow will, of necessity, bring yet more advances - that’s what technology does. Constant evolution is interspersed with radical revolution from time to time. An example underway right now here in vending is payment systems - including app payment and the possibility that we will even follow a similar route to Asia where QR payments are already huge. We can also confidently expect a surge in micro-markets in the UK - because the technology and the commercial returns are now aligned.


Delivering technology today: Datakey has been actively adding value in the field, by saving time since launching in 2017.

MAKING THINGS “SIMPLY BETTER” People who know me, anyone who uses our VMS (Vending Management System) Vendmanager, and everybody who has come across SBS our company, knows that we are obsessive about making technology better. We’d like them to see “SBS” and think “Simply Better Software” - “Simply” is there as well because it’s not just powerful, it’s so easy to use too. Technology - and the data that feeds it - are our lifeblood. They’re

core to everything we do. And nowadays our vending sector is increasingly putting technology to real work, to positive commercial effect - improving service to customers and end-users, and gaining competitive advantage. But that’s how it is today. It wasn’t always so.

NOW IS THE TIME. AND TOMORROW TOO. I have seen my conversations with vending operators change significantly over the years. Yes, I have always talked - at length - about the power of data. But back in the day, I used to spend significant time explaining “Why?” Why technology will help to improve their business. As the tide of change swept in, my conversations evolved. Soon I

found myself discussing “Why now?” - explaining how “now” is the right time to get ahead.

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Delivering advantage tomorrow too: the SBS Technology Roadmap schedules ongoing development ahead of time, against client priorities and benefits.

UNLOCKS COMMERCIAL SUCCESS. In vending, the VMS is core to improvement, managing the operations that lie at the very heart of vending day in, day out. That’s why running the best VMS is key to results - both today and tomorrow. As technology suppliers, our role is to make things better for our clients on both those fronts - both right now and in the future. And delivering on that promise is what keeps us so motivated at work. Thank you to our growing body of clients who make that possible,

by investing in the future with us. We use those funds to further develop our products, to the advantage of all.

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