OKAMOTOSEIKOU Co., Ltd., produces “Lafeet,” standing for "like a feet," which creates “ninja shoes” pursuing a feeling like the bare feet. The company also produces unique fashion sandals, “Mine Key,” made of locally-grown grass and tatami mats. Be part of the exhibition and discover the original line-ups not seen in any other shows in the world!

New Asian hub for fashion industry Not only as the best gateway to the Japanese market, FASHION WORLD TOKYO is also growing to serve as a new Asian hub for the fashion industry. In April 2018, the number of international visitors mainly from Asian countries hit a record high as 1,476 from 44 countries/regions and is expected to reach 2,500 in the October 2018 edition. Premium or world-famous buyers/manufacturers will be invited to the show and their enthusiastic participation must lead to splendid outcome and growth of the entire fashion business as well as the exhibition.


ased on its successful history and strong demand from the industry, FASHION

WORLD TOKYO is now looking to more diversified exhibition to cover the whole fashion supply chain on 22 (Mon) – 24 (Wed) October, 2018 and becoming new Asian hub for the professionals in the industry. With an aim to facilitate business matching between exhibitors and visitors and promote fruitful discussions, the 2018 October edition will be restructured in 2 titles or groups, FASHION WORLD TOKYO and FASHION WORLD TOKYO – FACTORY; the former consists of 5 shows themed each category of fashion items (FASHION WEAR EXPO, BAG EXPO, FASHION JEWELLERY EXPO, SHOES EXPO and MEN’S FASHION EXPO), while the latter consists of 2 shows (TEXTILE TOKYO, FASHION SOURCING TOKYO) SS 2019 collection of worldwide brands will be showcased inside FASHION WORLD TOKYO, while fashion sourcing including AW textiles/garments and OEM will be covered under FASHION WORLD TOKYO – FACTORY. Altogether, 960 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors are expected to come under one roof, looking for new business opportunities.

Best platform for B to B One of the features FASHION WORLD TOKYO focuses on is “the BEST business platform.” Show Management has developed various kinds of approaches to make the show accessible and productive, such as matchmaking services between international exhibitors and domestic visitors and online appointment platform. The fulfilling support systems have gained growing reputation from both exhibitors and visitors. The 2018 October show will also provide them with the best platform for cross-border business supported actively by Show Management.

Explore unknown Made-in-Japan brands Another feature of the show is quality unique “Made-in-Japan” exhibits. As the largest show of its kind in Japan, FASHION WORLD TOKYO attracts lots of Japanese designers/brands - some value subtle craftsmanship and others pursue cutting-edge techniques to realize innovative ideas. Those Japanese shoe brands can be seen at SHOES EXPO TOKYO, held inside FASHION WORLD TOKYO. Based on a concept of “comfy fit in dancing-like

walking,” “BUBUKA,” produced by NOYAMA SEIKA Co., Ltd., showcases various ladies shoes chic and comfortable made by hand of skilled workers. SHAMPAN TRADING Ltd. manufactures sophisticated business shoes at its own factory in Bangladesh to sell in the Japanese market. Its quality is generated by the Bangladeshi leather, the local leading product, and assured by the strict quality control by Japanese staff.


Join us in Tokyo! To visit the show, please register for visitor tickets: *JPY 5,000/person will be charged without a ticket. Free Visitor Ticket is available NOW.

Interested in exhibiting, contact Show Management ASAP as the remaining booths are almost sold out! E-mail: Exhibiting Info:

Organiser: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. FASHION WORLD TOKYO Show Management TEL: +81-3-3349-8519 E-mail: -Concurrent Show- FASHION WORLD TOKYO FACTORY:

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