Helen Rowland waxes lyrical on Waldläufer’s

Hiroko Soft trainer (she really liked these trainers! Ed.)


t the age of 25, I’m sure I’m meant to be gliding about in stiletto heels and large sunglasses, with a kale smoothie constantly in hand.

Unfortunately, life so infrequently imitates our fantasies. Instead, much of my time is spent pelting down the road after the bus, sprinting to catch a train, or just slogging it across town when all public transport has let me down utterly. As such, for years my poor, mistreated feet have suffered under my refusal

to acknowledge that they are shaped like flippers. So now they are not in a good way, to put it mildly. Couple this with the fact that I have absolutely no sense of balance, stilettos are firmly in the realms of never-ever-going-to- happen, along with losing a stone and reading War and Peace (thank goodness for the TV series!) On the whole, I am in much need of a little bit of glamour, but my shoes

can’t let me down either with public transport being such a waste of space. Enter the Waldläufer’s Hiroko Soft trainer; pretty and funky, but easy and supportive. Allow me to wax lyrical for a short while on just how unbelievably comfortable these trainers are! We often see claims about pretty shoes that will support your feet

eternally, as retailers realise that customers are fed up with compromise when everything else in the world, from the phone to the fridge, is racing to innovate. Yet fashions, in particular shoes, are so often a let-down.

That gorgeous body-hugging dress loses its shape after one wear, the stylish coat that loses its structure in the slightest bit of drizzle and the shoes you depend on that fall to pieces or start ripping your ankles to shreds given half a chance. These trainers however have survived tedious house-hunting treks, long

dog walks and the unmitigated chaos of city commuting without faltering once. It’s like every time I put them on, they’re new from the box; with just as much support for my feet when I’m taking them off as at the start of the day. They have integrated, gentle arch support, and their cushioning is soft enough to absorb a hefty amount of impact but they don’t flatten to nothing after a few days wear. If I didn’t know better, I’d say they’ve found the cure to gravity… For old flipper feet over here, the fact that they stretch on top is just bliss.

No more do I worry about my shoes rubbing my little toe raw and my big toe into one giant bunion! Suddenly I get what people mean when they talk about German engineering; these fit like a glove and wear like a dream. When I say I have a spring in my step, it’s more like someone has strapped a well-sprung, lightweight mattress to each of my feet and sent me on my merry way.

Along with this, they have a modern, summery aesthetic that perfectly

balances with their sporty style. The sleek silver gives them a futuristic feel, while jazzy spots really draw out the energy you get from wearing them. They have a ‘designed’ feel to them, and as such they have been a great hit with my colleagues. The highest praise came from our in-house graphics girl, who almost legged me down to get a closer look at the intricate pattern within the swirling spots on top. All in all, these shoes feel like manna from heaven for a girl whose

commute has recently gone up in flames just as a big project has come to a head. So next time I need to tear after the bus, at least I’ll know I look great doing it!

Product details:

Hiroko Soft is a versatile EU H-width / UK E-width trainer from Waldläufer’s Orthotritt range – featuring a high quality three way stretch upper to ensure outstanding comfort and a 20mm PU sole to cushion the impact of walking.

Hiroko Soft trainer in silver / off-white (light-gold / cappucino version also available) Style number H64001-302-211 Trade Price: £30.50 - RRP: not set, typically £70.00 - £75.00

Contact: Waldläufer UK & Ireland. T: 01706 826676 E:



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