makes the perfect travelling companion. The new fashionable denim style colour designs are appealing to the younger market (though black remains the best seller of course). However older people also love the functionality, comfort and ease of use.

Why should retailers consider stocking this new product? To offer something different, excite their customers and ultimately boost their sales. Charles Birch are also pleased to support the retailer with a free point of sale graphic, display stand and foot forms to ensure excellent visibility for the brand. Retail staff training is also available free of charge.

Does it offer a good profit margin for retailers? Yes there is a strong retail margin for a branded product.

Vibram Furoshiki “The Wrapping Sole”, distributed by Charles Birch.

So, you are offering a new product/brand, please tell us all about it, including a full product description? Vibram Furoshiki “The Wrapping Sole” was developed in 2015, but for 2018 it has been redesigned allowing it to have a slimmer more elegant appearance, whilst preserving all the functionality of the original. Vibram Furoshiki consists of a top quality hard

wearing and grippy rubber sole and a fabric upper made from top grade Italian Lycra. The material wraps around the foot and is secured by Velcro fastenings giving supreme comfort and support to the wearer. Vibram Furoshiki is so flexible and lightweight that it wraps into a ball and is stored in the neat drawstring bag that it comes in. It is ideal for all types of travelling and leisure activities as well as every day wear.

Award Winning The new Vibram Furoshiki design won the 2018 Golden Compass Award which was presented at the award ceremony in Milan. This was on the back of having won the ADI Design Index Award in 2017 and the Grand Award” in the Design for Asia Awards 2017. These prestigious awards recognise the innovation in design and quality of production of Vibram Furoshiki.

Why did you decide to add this product to your current offering? As the Vibram distributor for Vibram FiveFingers sports shoes we were delighted when Vibram launched Vibram Furoshiki. It sits comfortably in all shoe retailers as well as the travel, outdoor and sports sectors. Having dealt with Vibram for over ten years we

are well aware of the extremely high standards they insist on in all aspects of the design, manufacturing and marketing processes and so we are naturally pleased to support their new developments. At Charles Birch we already supply many shoe retailers with their shoe care requirements and so this adds nicely to our offer to these customers.

Where is it manufactured? Vibram Furoshiki is designed by a Japanese designer called Masaya Hashimoto who is based at Vibram’s head office near Milan in Italy. The shoes are actually manufactured in the Vibram factory in China.

What sets this product/brand apart from the rest? It is a unique product giving the comfort, support and durability that you would expect from regular footwear, yet so light and compact that it also

Ed. says: “I was given a pair of these wrap around shoes from Japan this summer

How much does it cost - Prices trade and rrp? The RRP is £95.00 and the official trade price is £43.18 though new and existing stockists committing to a reasonable range can expect an improved deal.

Contact details: Chris Wilson on 07774 740931, Leeds Head Office T: 0113 243 1155. Also Rochford, Essex Office T: 01702 530656. Email:

. At first, I was cynical, the Vibram Furoshiki

looks unusual, but now I’m hooked! I hear these are ‘trending’, I’m not surprised. They are soooo comfortable, I hardly know I’m wearing them! The upper is constructed with stretch fabric, so it will fit on any foot type, in my case, bunions and all! They make great driving shoes, or for use as slippers or for easing sore feet after a party! My Furoshikis arrived rolled up in a little bag, just in time for my holiday

water shoes and on the rocks in Portugal. Easily washed and quickly dried!” Cheryl T 18 • FOOTWEAR TODAY • SEPTEMBER 2018

, so I popped them in my pocket and gave my feet a rest on the plane. Bliss! They also came in handy as aylor

, Editor ootwear T , F oday Magazine.

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