What the exhibitors & retailers had to say:

"On the days that I attended the Moda Show the isles were busy, particularly on Sunday and Monday, and on the stands many footwear agents were writing orders. On speaking to various footwear exhibitors, it would appear that suppliers who made appointments with their retailers in advance of the Show, did the most business. Others that I spoke to had who relied on passing trade, were less fortunate." Cheryl Taylor, Editor, Footwear Today Magazine.

“The show was a big success for Charles Birch Ltd and our two main brands Vibram Furoshiki “The Wrapping Sole” and the Bama shoe care range. The launch of the brand new Nanex Protector also went extremely well. Customers appreciated the fact that this new technology is invisible on all materials and gives protection against stains for at least three months. Let’s hope everyone gives their free samples a good work out!” Chris Wilson, Charles Birch Ltd.

“Excellent Moda showing for Pikolinos with many existing customers reporting very impressive sales performance before sale period. The brand continues to maintain a strong identity and unique signature which customers admire and consequently have the confidence to forward book. I am very encouraged to Pikolinos positive start to the SS19 season and are looking forward to the season ahead.” Russell Galliven, Footwear Agent, Pikolinos.

“Moda was very good because we have renewed our sales team with professional understanding of the brand concept. We have doubled the size of our booth this SS19 to show more products by theme. We had 25% more new clients at the show, with good turnover equal to 2917. We have many new contacts to visit, from chain stores and independents, within the next week. Our brand is more and more accepted in the field and people are very enthusiastic. Moda organisation is really good.” Philippe Beuscart, Laura Vita.

“Waldläufer is evolving as a brand. The SS19 collection has a greater emphasis on fashion and design than ever before without compromising the features and quality that you would expect from the FIA comfort brand of the year. MODA was the first opportunity to gauge response to the new collection from the retailers – and the response was excellent! We had our busiest show ever with established customers and new retailers on the stand to view the collection. Retailers who traditionally viewed Waldläufer as ‘the German comfort brand’ came away from MODA with a new outlook – ‘the stylish German comfort brand’ has landed in the UK & Ireland.“ Waldläufer UK Office.

“We had a fantastic reaction to the two brands we carry - Joya and Fidelio. Existing customers are now having repeat customer sales and are starting to spread the word to friends with shops about the two brands. Not selling online and competing with our accounts is really working and stores having brands that are not sold everywhere is helping the shops stand out and be different. Overall I would say the attendance was low even for an August show but we were pleased with the quality of the accounts who visited our stands and we will now be sold in many more locations.” Lee Patten, Sales Director, Golden Concept Ltd.

“As always the DB stand was busy and buzzing. Customer feedback relating to new range and existing business was extremely positive. DB Shoes were well supported by their existing customers both from the UK and abroad with the vast majority placing orders at the show to take advantage of the discount available - In fact we broke all previous records for orders taken during the 3 days! We were very pleased to welcome new customers both from home and abroad and this is another reason that we return to Moda each season.” Rosie Laker Sales Manager, D B Shoes Ltd.

“Daisy Roots at Moda was well received and we got very positive feedback. The show wasn't always as busy as we would have liked, but the buyers who attended were serious.” Catriona Wareham, Daisy Roots.

“The MODA show, in our opinion, is the one UK Footwear show that all independents, and anyone in the footwear trade, should really attend, in order to review what is going on in the market, not just with Rieker, but the whole market. We had a relatively good attendance at the show, however we did notice quite a few customers that did not visit and as such miss out on seeing what the trade is doing and where it is heading.

Sunday was fairly well attended and our stand was very busy. We had a few

new potential customers come onto the stand which is always great to see. Monday was not bad but certainly less than Sunday and Tuesday was yet again pretty quiet generally. This show is generally less well attended than the AW show but we did feel the

overall footfall was down on the previous Spring Summer show. With regard to the brands. Reaction to both the Rieker and Remonte SS19

ranges were very positive from all customers. The show for us is very much to allow customers to view our range and see

what we have on offer for the season. Even though, whilst not a great order taking show for us , we did take some good orders for both brands, and as I mentioned above it was also good to meet some new potential customers.” Chris Gorrod, Managing Director, Rieker.

“The show was not quite as good as previous shows, it appeared to us the number of retailers attending was down but the new inquiries we received were of good quality and those who came placed orders. Most of the retailers we deal with are confident enough business will hold up although all were expecting the next few months to be more difficult than last winter. “Our premium products remain largely unaffected by the slowdown and

foot-care products are generally increasing. The internet continues to take the largest slice of the accessory business as the internet retailers stock a wider range of our accessories, although the feeling is that margins are no easier in the online business as transport costs have increased significantly.” Michael James, Euroleathers 2000 Ltd.

“The show was very quiet, there was a general feeling amongst exhibitors that there were less visitors than ever before. The bank holiday in Ireland may have kept visitors away. We noticed a trend from the traditional mad busy Sunday, quieter Monday and dead Tuesday to a more even shift of customers over the three day period. As usual we were busy with Ruby Shoo seeing a good flow of customers

throughout the show. COLOKO was well received and we were extremely pleased with the reaction from the trade, especially with the added fun element of our COLOKO table tennis competition.” Sue Axon, Director of Operations, G.H. Warner Footwear.

“I felt that Moda reflected the estate of mainland mind set. Buyers are closed now to new adventures in buying as the mayhem of March Brexit is just a fog of uncertainty. As a buyer one cannot know tariffs or customs issues. Delivery of stock is paramount, and extra delivery charges and unforeseen costs can have a catastrophic effect in budget. Therefore buyers felt it was more secure for the future to entrust purchases with mainstream and regular suppliers. It was a dream season for sandal and open shoes, though closed shoes were affected by an elongated Winter and all to brief Spring.” Declan McChesney, Footwear Retailer, Cahill Brothers Of Newry Co. Down, and Footwear Agent, Jose Saenz.

‘’Overall a good show, we felt retailers were in an optimistic mood generally and appreciated our unique mix of comfort, quality and fashion. Our collection was the most colourful for a number of seasons and this was

appreciated by customers buying into a broad spectrum of shades. We opened some new accounts and also saw many returning customers”. David Coles, Tamaris.

“The reaction to the Regarde Le Ciel collection has been really positive, the SS19 collection is completely new and fresh. The Moda show is proving to be very important for my customers to place orders and get a first look at the new ranges. It’s an opportunity to assist new customers and attract new business.” Gary Phillimore, Regarde Le Ciel.

“MODA August, although a little earlier than the trade would like, had very promising elements. The SS season going straight from Boots to sandals has meant closed shoes have done less well- but HB sandals have been particularly strong representing the move to casual fashion - as opposed to purely functional casual footwear – that the market is experiencing.


“Our customers want to be casual but they also want to be fashionable, so the HB block heel sandals and classic moccasins offer ideal footwear for the season that has just passed. ARA’s Fusion 4 “trainer style” – allows the fashion conscious lady the opportunity to wear sophisticated “trainer” shoes without the embarrassment of over exposed branding. A great launch to the season, a shame that retailers availed (effectively) of only 2 of the 3 days!” Justin Morgan. Managing Director. HB Shoes Ltd.

“We were very excited about our SS19 Padders range coming into Moda and our feelings were confirmed with a busy stand, positive feedback and healthy forward orders taken. Our women’s sandals were particularly strong, together with the updates on our traditional men’s core products. Our new Padder’ Padotics display also generated new orders and leads, the 3

new Padotic styles launched at Moda enhanced the existing range to give retailers a more comprehensive offering to their orthotic collection. Overall Moda was very positive for Padders and we look forward to Feb 19!” Jo West, Sales Manager.

“MODA is always a great opportunity for TredFlex to meet up with our retailers and stockists. We were greeted with interest and enthusiasm for the brand, being able to showcase new styles and demonstrate the growth and development within the ranges. We have exciting times ahead with great opportunities for all”. Lindsey Robertson, Product Manager, Tredflex.

“From our point of view, we had an extremely good show (contrary to what a number of other exhibitors were saying). Sunday and Monday were excellent, with us opening numerous new accounts,, accompanied by substantial orders, from both old and new clients (even Tuesday, proved to be beneficial!). “Regarding reaction to our various brands( ROAMER,BOULEVARD,TREDFLEX etc),

as stated previously, we were delighted with the overall responses, but the,"CIPRIATA",ladies collection, in particular, was outstanding, whether customers were viewing the,"INSTOCK",Winter,2018 range, or the "INSTOCK" Summer 2019 range” Mike Barton, UKD.

“MODA was the UK show chosen for the launch of Oomphies and Lamo in the UK and Ireland and we enjoyed a very positive reaction to our brands. Retailers liked the bright colours and Californian design not to mention the

trade prices from £7- £11! The turnout at the Summer MODA is always challenging due to the needs back in the business of Back to School, but Jerry Breig our Vice President of International Business had a great show. “It was great to launch in the UK and Ireland and get our product in front of retailers.” We will be back for the next MODA next February, as will my other Brands,

Noel and Lurchi by Salamander, when we get a bigger turnout due to the Back to School and Autumn business. Jeremy Hewit.

"As ever, MODA continues to be an important date in our calendar. Whilst on face value the show was a touch quieter than previous years, we found the buyers more decisive and positive about the future." Tim Varrall, bugatti shoes.

Retailer Comment: "Moda this season was quieter than usual, as it is a bank holiday in ROI, less Irish Retailers travelled. It is a great venue to catch up with suppliers, friends, colleagues, even competitors. It is a pity we can’t get the “whole” trade together for a complete Footwear Fair. Moda do a wonderful job for us retailers. Well done to the Moda team." Bernard O'Brien, Luke O'Brien Shoes, Tuam, Co. Galway, Eire.

Moda will return to the NEC Birmingham for its autumn/winter edition from 17th – 19th February 2019.

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