What’s the story behind the brand? Sandpiper is one of the brands of Railtons, who are a very long established family run business, having been handed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years. The Sandpiper brand originated from a small factory in Northampton manufacturing handcrafted comfort sandals and moccasins, which was developed into the wide fitting comfort brand it is today.

Is there a brand philosophy? Our mission statement is simple: Happy customers with comfortable feet. Happy customers is the service element of our brand philosophy – we genuinely care for customers, and comfortable feet is the product element of our brand philosophy – our product is designed to bring comfort and satisfaction to customers.

What sets this brand apart from the rest? Quality, style, fit and comfort are the outstanding features of the Sandpiper brand – well known for its high levels of quality in materials and manufacturing process, easily identifiable by the stylish design to keep wide feet looking smart, and the innovative fitting properties contribute to the outstanding comfort that Sandpiper is so well known for. Just as important as our product features, are our values. Our values are simple but true: Quality, Service, Innovation, Integrity, Loyalty.

Why should a retailer consider the Sandpiper brand? It is clear that the number of people who have foot problems is increasing. It is also obvious that the way retail is evolving, these persons are finding it increasingly difficult to find outlets that offer a range of footwear specific to their needs. Sandpiper consists of a range of carefully designed, super soft, flexible footwear to suit more difficult feet and we provide a level of service and support to make it easy and effective for retailers to offer this type of niche product to their customers, which provides a steady source of business throughout the year, not just at peak seasonal periods. Sandpiper customers are loyal, and give retailers regular, repeat business. It is evident that retailers who specialise, survive!

Does this brand offer a good profit margin for retailers? Yes, the pricing structure offers healthy margins for retailers, and being a wholesale company, our whole ethos is to support and enhance our stockists, which includes attractive margins.

Where is the brand assembled/manufactured? The Sandpiper product is mainly manufactured in Portugal and Spain, in high quality factories with exceptional levels of loyalty from the workforce, and high grade working conditions, which is evident in the quality of our product.


Who is the agent? We have our own team of internal and field sales executives to support our network of approved stockists throughout the UK and Ireland. Export markets are handled through distributors or representatives in that market.

How is the brand marketed? Do you use social networking? We support thousands of Podiatrists and Chiropodists who approve and recommend our product, and we also advertise in a number of high quality national publications, and newspapers. We have a dedicated online SEO strategy to drive customers to our network of stockists, and we use social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to enhance the brand awareness.

Any famous customers? We have a number of well-known names and titled individuals that we are aware of, who enjoy the bliss from wearing Sandpiper, including some that regularly visit our Head Office in Banbury. There would be many more that we are not aware of, but we respect the privacy of all our customers, and so cannot name them here, as much as we would like to!

Contact details for the Trade T: 01295 277377 E: W:

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