Rather than focusing on developing products for just a few industries, Turck Banner believes in the importance of maintaining a successful core business, whilst looking outward for opportunities across industry and beyond. A good example of the company’s flexibility can be seen in their Pick-to-Light range. Pick-to-light systems direct operators precisely and quickly to the correct bin locations in order to select the right parts and quantities. Light-directed picking is an effective error-proofing system that can reduce assembly error rates. As a manufacturer of inductive proximity sensors Turck Banner has enjoyed success in the automotive industry, where pick-to-light solutions are popular. Success followed in other sectors such as

logistics and internet shipping. With light- guided systems no special language or product knowledge requirements are necessary, which is useful in the warehouse and logistics sector, where companies utilise temporary labour during busy periods to perform picking operations with minimal training requirements. Seeking new opportunities, Turck Banner

turned its attention to traditionally labour- intensive industries. In the food industry, for example, pick-to-light technology is used in a variety of confectionery selection operations and, in the fast food arena, trials are underway for point-of-sale applications including sandwich and pizza preparation. In its quest to deliver a total solution, Turck Banner has teamed up with leading software company, Odema who are well versed in the demands of leading fast-food franchises. Success in the fast-food industry is often achieved by offering customers a bespoke choice of fillings in sandwiches and burgers or pizza toppings. Chiller cabinets, divided into

Turck Banner offers a range of light-guided assembly solutions

sections or trays contain the various ingredients. When a customer’s order is entered onto the system, a sequence of lights guides the assistant to the correct trays to fulfil the order. Bacon, lettuce and tomato are, after all, component parts of a BLT sandwich, in the same way as cogs and wheels are component parts of an automotive gearbox. Admittedly an incorrectly prepared sandwich or pizza represents minimal cost to the customer when compared to a gearbox. However, a faulty gearbox will be fixed, whereas the sandwich buyer will simply go elsewhere next time. The resulting damage to a company’s reputation and the loss of brand loyalty in a fiercely competitive market is incalculable. Light-guided food preparation also offers

opportunities for up-selling as a range of optional extras can be offered. More importantly, light-guided systems help to minimise the health risk to customers with particular food allergies. Turck Banner offers a range of light-guided

Trials of ‘pick-to-light’ technology are underway in ‘point- of-sale’ applications including pizza preparation

PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) has unveiled its unique base oil ETRO+, the next evolution in Group III base oils. An improvement from the existing ETRO brand, ETRO+ is a Group III+ base oil that promotes fuel efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions. ETRO+ base oil is used in PETRONAS’ own

finished lubricant products as well as marketed to other leading lubricant manufacturers worldwide as part of PLI’s ongoing commitment to develop fluid solutions that meet the energy challenges of today and beyond. “With the help of better fuels and lubricants,

we can meet the world’s future mobility needs with reduced emissions. An important lever is to

assembly solutions. Products are available in various rugged housing styles that are wash- down resistant to IP69K. The K Touch series in 30, 50 and 70mm diameter housings offer a choice of verification functions. The K Touch series require no pressure to operate, eliminating hand and wrist stress associated with repetitive mechanical operations. In addition the K50 Optical series offers reliable photoelectric sensing for non-contact part picking applications in fixed-field or polarised retro-reflective versions. The range is completed by a series of one and two-piece parts verification arrays including the one-piece PVD series with I/O-Link technology.


make high quality, fluid technology solutions accessible to all. With the introduction of ETRO+, we hope to change the traditional terms of engagement and help advance access to clean and energy efficient mobility solutions for all,” said group managing director and CEO of PETRONAS Lubricants International, Giuseppe D’Arrigo. ETRO+ offers a readily available solution that

meets emissions reduction requirements with its high viscosity index, low cold-cranking simulator (CCS) viscosity and low NOACK. The product aims to provide access to sustainable and cleaner solutions for a wider market.


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EEF, The Manufacturers’ Organisation, has taken a historic step forward and announced its new name and identity – Make UK, at the National Manufacturing Conference held at the end of February. As British manufacturing transforms, modernises and adapts to the new environment, with its unparalleled set of challenges and opportunities, the organisation believed it was time to adopt a modern name designed to reflect the world class innovation undertaken by its member companies across the country. Make UK believes Britain makes amazing things, in vast

quantities and of the very best quality, with UK manufacturing being back on the global map. After talking extensively over many months to its members, Make UK reflects this new modern manufacturing world. Stephen Phipson, CEO of Make UK commented: “We are

immensely proud of the heritage that EEF has built up over the century plus, during which time it has fought for the rights and futures of British manufacturers around the whole of the UK, and now working with our sister organisation across the EU. Building on the old local federations, EEF has grown to a point where it represents 20,000 manufacturers around the country. “But with the massive inroads of modern technology

currently being injected into our sector, we felt that our name should be clear and say what we do. “To ensure our members’ voices are best heard, we have

introduced an exciting new way to get to issues which matter to our companies through the creation of Make UK’s new National Membership Board which will inform our future direction by considering the organisation’s policy priorities, member services and of course specialist support around key national problems such as skills and Brexit.” The Prime Minister, Rt Hon Theresa May, said: “The UK

has a proud manufacturing heritage, and the industry remains one of our biggest employers – driving productivity across the country. “I look forward to working with Make UK to build the

best business conditions for British manufacturers to allow them to continue to thrive in the future.”


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