With a reputation for accuracy and precision within the world of manual construction, German tool brand Stabila is now applying its know-how to production tasks. Here, CEO Dr Ulrich Dahne, explains the benefits this brings to process engineering


ccuracy and precise measurements are important in the production and

manufacturing process, regardless of the product being made. The end result always needs to be 100% right, which is why having quality tools to hand is so important. This is something Stabila knows a lot about; famed for its spirit levels and laser levels which give tradesmen such as builders, surveyors and plumbers the highest degree of accuracy within their work, the measurement technology specialist has also made a name for itself in the area of measurement technology and is now offering the same peace of mind to process engineers too. Stabila’s product range comprises spirit

levels, lasers, electronic measuring tools, folding rules and tape measures. However, people employed in the industrial sector also use its products. Indeed, many engineers will have Stabila spirit levels or electronic angle finder in their tool kits. Product engineers may well already be

familiar with the TECH 196 digital spirit level, which sets itself apart thanks to its robust construction combined with a digital inclination sensor. This

The TECH 500 DP (above) uniaxial digital protractor is suitable for inspection and adjustment tasks, such as checking that grippers and brackets are parallel

demonstrates that Stabila has the technical know-how, as well as plenty of experience when it comes to precise measuring on-site, with the next logical step now being to put these skills to use in industrial applications too. With process engineers requesting that the manufacturer produce products for industrial applications, as well as products that can be integrated in the field level, Stabila has developed a range of uniaxial digital protractors. The devices are designed to appeal to users in the industrial sector who require high- precision, digital levelling in their manufacturing processes, products or QM procedures, although there is also a growing demand for digitisation in the construction industry.

The TECH 1000 (left) DP can be connected directly to a machine and features an interface for transferring measurement results to a computer connected via a USB data cable

Offering quality assurance in measuring,

recording and documenting key values and also during production when performing maintenance on and setting machines, the Stabila TECH 500 DP and TECH 1000 DP offer precise measurements in production and manufacturing. As a handheld unit the TECH 500 DP

‘With process engineers requesting that Stabila produce products for industrial applications, the company has developed a range of uniaxial digital protractors’


RS Components (RS) has announced availability of the Fluke 710 mA Loop Valve Tester, which is an easy-to-use tool that simplifies the testing of control valves, enabling the quick measurement of critical valve readings using a simple two-wire connection. Traditionally, complex equipment has been used for control valve testing, which often meant extensive training for users, as well as removal of the control valve under test, and potentially one or two hours of bench testing. However, the Fluke 710 offers built-in test procedures and an intuitive interface including valve status indicators. Importantly, the device provides quick checks of control valves while they are in place in a system. It sources the 4-20mA current loop signal and causes the smart control valve to move, while simultaneously interrogating the HART communication protocol data to collect critical diagnostic information about the valve’s position and status. Therefore, the tester enables technicians to make fast and confident decisions on whether maintenance, and potentially system downtime, is required or not. The built-in pre-configured valve-test routines offered by the Fluke 710 include: manually changing the

mA signal and viewing the HART position and pressure variable information; full range ramping of the signal while recording the position or applied pressures, in terms of percentage from 0 to 100 to 0%; speed tests to determine how fast the valve can open or close; and bump and partial stroke tests to test valves over a portion of their range. Measurements and other test results are recorded and stored in the Fluke 710’s memory, and can be uploaded to the Fluke ValveTrack analysis software, which is included with the tester. RS Components 

uniaxial digital protractor is suitable for inspection and adjustment tasks, such as checking that grippers and brackets are parallel. With a large measuring range of 0° to 360°, the tool makes processes easier to manage and consistently measures with precision in four quadrants from 0° to 90°. A T-groove and V-groove, plus the integrated rare-earth magnet, provide a range of options for securing the tool in place for ease of handling. Compact and robust, it provides protection to IP65. Meanwhile, the TECH 1000 DP can be connected directly to a machine and features an interface for transferring measurement results to a computer connected via a USB data cable. Thanks to the Stabila Analytics evaluation software included in the scope of delivery, the data can be transmitted to peripheral devices such as machine controllers and computers and then evaluated and documented even without any programming knowledge. With an measuring range of 0° to 360°, the TECH 1000 has a T-groove and V-groove, plus an integrated rare-earth magnet, again providing a range of mounting options. The high level of accuracy in the devices

comes courtesy of a measuring sensor. With no drift of the determined values over time, the devices are suited to measuring and control tasks over extended periods. The TECH 1000 DP can also be easily integrated in existing field levels, as well as control and MES levels, via an open standard protocol. The TECH 500 is powered using alkaline batteries, while the TECH 1000 can either be connected to the mains using a power cable or powered completely autonomously using its built-in Li-ion battery. The Stabila range of uniaxial digital protractors are distributed in the UK by Hyde.

Stabila (Hyde)


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