CHNOLOGY IN ACTION Balluff Smart Camera ff – Traceabilitywit h simple, flexible operatio n T

he SmartCamera simplifies overall usability in an otherwise complex world of vision-

based technology, while still delivering a robust assortment of features like flexible connectivity and intuitive on-board image processing tools.

design The ca

ed to innovate automation, combines the mera, the latest in a line of Balluff tools

power of the HALCON function library with the simplicity of the BVS-Cockpit user interface. "Minimising time of deployment and

What Sets the MetraFlo wApart?

technology to measure challenging liquids flowing through a Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) tube able to withstand the long- term transfer of aggressive chemicals.


In addition, the MetraFlow was engineered to non- invasively measure a flow rate of 20 ml/min, offering an outstanding accuracy of ± 1% of reading.

Want to know more: Tiitan Enterpris


tan Enterprises  01935 812790

he chemically inert MetraFlow flowmeter from Titan Enterprises uses patented transit-time ultrasonic

eliminating the over-use of plant resources to integrate vision technology is critical. The wizard-based programming tools allow for efficient set up and simple adjustments can be made on the fly, The Smart Camera is also the most connected camera available. With an on- board IO-Link master in addition to Ethernet/IP, Profinet, TCP and UDP communication, this camera can be integrated into any major control network." States Adam Baker, Vision Specia The

images are recorded at the highest list for Balluff.

quality, analysed as appropriate for the

application and passed along to the controller. By using the serial number to access the SmartCamera from common web browsers such as Google Chrome, enables simple remote access even from distant locations. Integrated proce ss controls such as brightness, focus or sta tus indication can be set as desired.

Balluff's commitment to vision as a solution includes offering a full line of accessories required to address applications in the industrial manufacturing environment. This broad offering includes: optics, lighting, displays, mounting hardware and power supplies along with a wide range of IO-Link products which can be directly controlled by the SmartCamera.

Visit Balluff at the UKIVA conference in June to see our Smart Camera in action. Ba luff Ballufl

Bott develops a flexible, ergonomic workstation


ott have been developing workplace storage solutions for over 80 years, with facilities all across Europe. Delivering high levels of service and quality, they have expertise in delivering efficient working environments for both static and in- vehicle applications.

In today’s challenging environment, businesses are looking to deliver both agility and efficiency. With this in mind, Bott have developed a flexible workstation, allowing for customised applications and seamless expansion for when business needs change.

Configure your own workstation

Simple and easy to use, a new online configurator tool allows customers to design a unique workstation that best suits their operational needs and activities .

Bott Ltd Bott Ltd  01288 357788

Fulton achieves CPD certification ffo


or its newV SRT training cours e ulton is delighted to confirm that its VSRT Steam Boiler Operation &

Maintenance course has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to the continuing professional development principles. The news follows the company’s announcement in late-2018 that it had achieved similar CPD Certification status, but for its Vertical (J Series) Steam Boiler Operation & Maintenance course.

Commenting for Fulton, aftercare and business development manager Jeff Byrne says: “You could be forgiven for thinking that achieving certified status for the VSRT course was easy as we had recently achieved similar for our vertical steam boiler course. However, given the radical design of our double- award-winning VSRT steam boiler and the fact that it was only launched in early-2018, it took months of extra assessments to achieve. We are therefore delighted to have gained certification for the training course so quickly.”

Fulton Ltd. 40 MARC

Fulton Ltd. 40 MARCH 201 H 2019 | PROCESS PROCESS & CO CONTRO RO L  0117 972 3322  CONNECTINGI 

Riello’s premix burners nowup to 3M W

iello RX premix packaged burners are now available in outputs up to 3MW, offering NOx levels of less than 40mg/kWh, with high turndown ratios of up to 8:1, across a wide range of models.


Riello RX burners feature an exclusive design that includes a patented woven wire gauze ‘sock’ covering the combustion head cylinder. Gas and combustion air are mixed upstream of the combustion head and then pass through precision-located ports and the gauze ‘sock’ to ignite on the external surface of the combustion head. This arrangement enables a very compact flame with a

diameter directly related to the burner firing rate, ensuring precise heat control and optimum efficiency at all loads. The high turndown makes RX burners ideal for systems with variable heat loads where low NOx levels are also required.

R ello Ltd Riello Ltdi  01480 432144  CONNECTNGINDUSTRY. Y.COM/PROCESS&CONTRO L /PROCESS&CONTROL  01606 812 777 

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