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IRMATICS™, a simple cloud-based air compressor monitoring, performance and control solution that provides real time data, analytics and insights at the push of a button, has been launched by global compressor management specialists, CMC.

A SGS celebrates Customer Outreach Award S

GS, a leading inspection, verification testing and certification organisation, is celebrating after its SGS Academy received the prestigious Customer Outreach Award 2019 from in recognition of its excellence in responding to enquiries. The premier national training course search provider,, presents its annual Customer Outreach Awards following a mystery shopper exercise, which is designed to identify those organisations that are responsive to enquiries and take the time to reach out to training buyers.


220 training providers were sent an identical enquiry that included an email address, a telephone number and a request to be contacted. did not include immediate automatic emails as responses but instead timed the response from a sales representative via telephone call or email. The average response time via phone was 25 hours and 14 minutes, and the average response time via email was 7 hours and 7 minutes.

Freddie Wright-Jone s  +44 (0)1276 687881

AIRMATICS™ is capable of managing an infinite number of locally interconnected fixed speed, variable speed or variable output air compressors by responding to feedback in real-time and automatically adjusting settings and performance levels accordingly. The latest innovation from the Belgium-based firm, which has spent the last 30 years designing and manufacturing compressed air controller, performance and monitoring solutions for manufacturer s worldwide, launches as its Sales Director reveals the company’s plans to ‘simplify air compressor performance and management technology in a complex industrial world’.

The claim has been reinforced with the launch of the AIRMATICS™ Configurator – an easy-to-use automated quote generator, which provides those interested in AIRMATICS™ with a detailed quote for integrating the technology within their existing network of air compressors, regardless of brand or age, in less than two minutes. Graham Coats, Sales Director at CMC, explains: “With AIRMATICS™, we not only want to simplify the process of compressed air performance monitoring and management, but we also want to provide customers, be they factory owners, facilities managers or distributors, with an Industry 4.0 solution that enables 360-degree visibility of an air compressor network at any given time and from anywhere. AIRMATICS™ takes air compresso monitoring and management into the 21st century by providing users with real time intellige compressor assets’ performance and health, all whilst creating efficiencies and reducing wear and tear.” The AIRMATICS™ portfolio is made up of three principle products including AIR-TAG, SMARTTAG and an asset COMMAND & CONTROL platform. AIR-TAG and SMART-TAG deliver asset tagging functionality, providing users with the ability to monitor the performance of their air compressors both locally and remotely via the cloud. Through the product’s asset COMMAND & CONT gleaned through asset tagging to make decisions

nce on their entire r performance


and operational adjustments, all at a local ROL capability, AIRMATICS™ is able to use d

multi ple compressors in order to get the best pe rformance from each asset. CMC

CMC  +32 (0) 55 23 70 90 One switch platform,multiple applications HDS: new heavy duty switch for heavy industry with approvals worldwide T

loading and unloading operatio especially suitable in port logis The plastic version is resistant

agricu ura n ustry lt l i d in the processing of fertilisers, minerals and

phosphates, plus a wide range of other applications. The robust grey cast iron version is suitable for industries such as mining or bulk materials and extraction.

The function range is also divided into two basic versions: the emergency-stop, designed as a pull-wire switch, and the position monitoring. The basic switch on the position monitoring version can be flexibly combined with a range of actuation elements. Typical application areas include emergency-stop deactivation, belt misalignment monitoring in the

transport of bulk materials, en d position monitoring in steel making and level monitoring in material silos. The protection types IP66 and IP67 create the prerequisites for switchgear use in extreme environmental


Central connecting terminal and easy networking, series sw

Schmersal L d.  01684 571980


All basic versions can be optionally connected to the Dupline installation bus or the AS-I-Safety-at-Work for quick itching and improved transfer of diagnostics data.

s with CAGE and CLAMP technology also help to reduce installation times.

he Schmersal Group will be demonstrating its new HDS switchgear series for heavy industry at bauma 2019 in Munich, the specialist trade fair for the construction machinery sector. The modular series unites a range of functions into a single platform for the first time, making it suitable for an extremely wide range of applications. The basis of the new platform is the standardised enclosure concept, which is available in two versions: plastic (Duroplast) and grey cast iron. to aggressive media and tics applications and ns, as well as in the

General Purpose Type K Thermocouple Kit Kit consists of: • 1 x GM1312 General Purpose Digital Thermometer

• 1 x Interchangeable thermometer (K,J,T,T,E,N,R/S)

• 1 x Carry case

Comes with 3 moulded-on type K IEC mineral insulate thermocouples and 1 type K IEC exposed junction.

Moulded-on plug gives a robust construction as well as

• 3mm x 110mm General Purpose Th providing a waterproof termination

Moulded-on Miniature Plug

• 4mm x 120mm Air Probe Thermocouple with Moulded-on Miniature type Plug

• 3.3mm x 115mm Needle Tip Thermocouple with Moulde d on Miniature Plug

• Exposed Junction thermocouple with Moulded-on of probes to suit

We also offer a kit with your choice Miniature Plug

your needs. Labfac lity Ltd

Labfacility Ltdi  01243 871280  w PROCESS PROCESS & CO CO NTRO ROL | MARCH 2019 MARCH 201 45 4 5

ermocouple with .

probe handle Type K IEC

ata and intelligence level, relating to

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