Hydra-Cell heavy duty, high pressure,multi-

anner has launched the Hydra-Cell® T200 Series Medium Pressure, multi-diaphragm pump range, which in terms of flow rate and pressure are the highest performing pumps in the Hydra-Cell range and the biggest pumps ever produced by the Company. They feature a seal- less design that eliminates leaks, hazards and the expense associated with seals and packing; lowering the cost of ownership and giving a longer service life than competitive pumping technologies.

diaphragmseal-less pump W

There are two models, currently, in the T200 Series, rated at 207 bar (3000 psi) and 241 bar (3500 psi) with maximum flows of 387 l/min (102.2 US gpm) and 349 l/min (92.4 US gpm) respectively. The new pumps are ideal for oil and gas production, mining operations, boiler feed and high-pressure cleaning, along with chemical and petrochemical process and transfer applications.

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anner InterI  national Ltdi New bellows seal valve range formediumpressure

The versatile bellows sealed globe valve range, FABA, has the new addition of the FABA Supra MD – now offering the process industry a stop valve with bellows seal suitable for medium pressures from PN 63 to 160.

Durable and failsafe, the reinforced bellows seal allows for up to 10,000 cycles. This model is reliably tight, even at higher pressures, owing to many of its features including bellows seal, serrated seal and stellated marginal plug (ideal hardness gradient: Stellite 6 / Stellite 21). The tightness is proven by its leakage rate “A” tested in accordance with DI


balancing plug (optional as from DN 65) pr N EN sealing leakage test.

approval according to DIN EN ISO 15848-1 TA/Luft.

Available in cast steel, forged steel and hea t resistant steel with nominal diameters of DN 10 to 100 an d pressures from PN 63 to 160, the FABA Supra MD is offered with flange or butt weld end connection types.

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ARI-ArmaturI en UK Ltd.. 

FirstWRAS ‘certified’ submersible level sensor

EGA Controls is proud to announce another innovative first for the water sector. They have achieved the first ever WRAS approval of a submersible pressure sensor as a whole device. This means a full product certificate number registration and listing on the WRAS approved product list. The VEGAWELL submersible pressure sensor is the first and only transmitter of this type to be fully WRAS certified and meets the requirements of Regulation 31 (4)(b). The WRAS certification means it will not contaminate or harbour microbial growth when used in potable or drinking water. This enables it to be deployed anywhere on the water supply chain:

V from the heart of a water treatment facility, to

monitoring in the network or measurement of drinking water on a business premises. Laboratory tested

Uniquely for this type of sensor, it has been fully laboratory tested and assessed as a compete device/a

/assembly. This was on top of the materials of the individual compo-

nents, which included testing and scrutiny of their composition, design and surface fin- ishes. A newly certified material has also been added, the 99.9% pure CE RTEC® Sapphire ceramic that makes up the sensor diaphragm of the sensor. This is what makes the measurement of these devices so highly accurate and repeatable with almost zero-dr extremely robust, pressure-sho overload resistant. The VEGAWELL WRAS certified transmitter is now capable of cost effective, safe level and pressure measurement of drink- ing water throughout the supply chain. With ranges from 0.1 Bar to 60 Bar, it is extremely versatile, and suit- able applications include clean water reservoirs, pump control, storage or small header tanks and associated pipework.

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A quantumleap along the path to Smart Automation and Industry 4.0.

istler Instruments has a wide range of options for using sensors and process monitoring systems to support Industry 4.0, all of which are developed to deliver gains in quality and efficiency. Production monitoring systems combined with a wide range of sensors are the basis of enhanced digital system in The maXYmos range of monitori


ng systems allow highly tegration.

dynamic force and torque signals to be monitored and controlled with high precision, even where space is limited and forces and torques are small. The option to configure the system entirely offline from a PC means that the machine or plant needs to be stopped only briefly to upload or download the revised configuration when changes are made to the productio For the first time, plant and mac

hinery manufacturers n process.

can now integrate any desired piezoelectric sensors directly into a real time-capable Ethernet system (PROFINET, EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP).

K stler Instruments L d


www.kistler. Y.CO

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/PROCESS&CONTROL ovides additional safety and the valves have been safety tested by

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