Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces the reliable and low-vibration HiPace 80 Neo turbopump

Bi-Metal Thermometer Temperature Gauges

Rugged industrial class 1, stainless steel case and bayonet bezel with 316 stainless steel stems. Man- ufactured in 100mm face sizes with Various lengths and diameters available. Temperature Ranges from -20°C to 200°C.

Ideal for many applications: Chemical–Boilers–Ovens–Freezers–Tankers-Food- Drinks-Dairy-Brewing-Temperature Controlled En- vironments

• Class 1 (1% F.S.D.) Accuracy • Flush fitting bayonet locking case and bezel • 316 Stainless steel • IP65 protection

Quality and Service are key elements in the

continued growth of Labfacility; technical support for both sensing and instrumentation is always freely available from our experienced technical sales teams.

Labfacility +44 (0) 1243 871280

• Hybrid bearing vacuum pump with patented Laser Balancing™ technology • Excellent temperature management • Compact design and smart functions Pfeiffer Vacuum presents its new HiPace 80 Neo

turbopump, which features a longer life before service and reduced vibration and noise emissions. These bene- fits are made possible with the new, advanced Laser Bal- ancing™ system developed by Pfeiffer Vacuum for turbopump rotors. Thanks to this patented technology, the vacuum pump is particularly suitable for vibration-sensi- tive applications. Possible applications range from mass spectrometry and electron microscopy to leak detectors and RGA systems. The integrated rotor temperature measurement sys-

tem ensures that the HiPace 80 Neo delivers the best per- formance at all times. And thanks to the integrated sensors, HiPace turbopumps guarantee maximum opera- tional reliability. The hybrid bearing of the HiPace 80 Neo consists of an

oil-lubricated, ceramic ball bearing on the fore-vacuum side and a permanent-magnet radial bearing on the high-vacuum side. As a result, this turbopump from the HiPace series has a partic- ularly robust bearing that ensures excellent reliability. The HiPace 80 Neo offers high performance and a compact design. Smaller, more compact

and lighter than other turbopumps, it can be integrated into portable and mobile applications. The pump is both compact and smart: With its micro-USB interfaces with automatic accessory recognition, the system can be quickly up and running in just a few steps. The HiPace 80 Neo incorporates a new high-performance lubricant, which improves safety and

reliability with improved ageing resistance, optimized lubrication behavior and higher tempera- ture resistance. The HiPace 80 Neo pumps run maintenance-free for up to 5 years.

Pfeiffer Vacuum

D-Sub demand drives connector specialist’s expansion ~ Electrical connector specialist extends partnership with Positronic into Europe and Africa ~

PEI-Genesis, a leading provider of custom-engineered connector and cable interconnect solutions, has extended its partnership with global con- nector manufacturer Positronic across Europe and Africa. The expansion comes after considerable demand from customers in these regions. As of June 25, 2021, engineers in Africa and Europe can benefit from PEI-Genesis’s value-add service of Positronic connectors. This service involves custom configuring the vast range of standard Positronic D-Subminiature connec- tors from component stock, meaning greater choice with shorter lead times. Positronic, an Amphenol company, is known for the reliability of its con-

nectors and offers customers a range of power and signal connectors for several critical sectors, including industrial and military. PEI-Genesis offers many products from Positronic’s full portfolio of power and hybrid, rectan- gular and circular connectors, but it is the D-Sub product line in particular that has attracted demand from customers worldwide. The previous franchise agreement covered the Americas, China, South-

east Asia, Oceania, and a few countries in Europe. After seeing success and demand for Positronic connectors in these regions, PEI-Genesis believes this expansion will help meet the growing needs of industrial businesses in the European and African markets, several of which have already ex- pressed interest in the range. “Our European and African customers have been keen for us to introduce

the Positronic range, including connectors such as the D-Sub, to these mar- kets for some time now,” said Jonathan Parry, Senior Vice President, and MD Europe for PEI-Genesis. “The D-Sub is well known for its versatility as it is used in a range of sectors for transmitting data, power, and radio frequency sig- nals. Additionally, its reliability and relatively low cost make it a popular choice for engineers.” Anita Warner, Director of Inside Sales and Distribution at Positronic,

added: “PEI-Genesis has a strong reputation in the interconnect market for providing quick and easy access to electrical components. We are pleased to expand our relationship with them in Europe and Africa. This partnership will provide customers with an additional resource for sourcing world-class connector products.”

As part of the new franchise agreement, PEI-Genesis will assemble com-

ponents at its South Bend facility in Indiana, USA. By assembling connectors from component parts, instead of holding inventory of finished goods, the company can offer greater choice with over 88 million interconnect parts in stock.

PEI-Genesis +44 (0)2380 621 309


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