ADVERTORIALS L200-TC Thermocouple Temperature Monitor

The Labfacility L200 TC thermocouple thermometers (Temperature Logger) can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate, versatile 8 channel thermocouple tem- perature measurement, scanning and logging of measured values. It can also be used as a standalone indicator/logger and incorporates a digital display of measured temperature.

• USB PC interface 8 thermocouple inputs, types J, K, T, E, N, R, S & B

Reducing risk in water wastewater through integration

The water/wastewater sector is a constant - unaf- fected by many of the market forces that affect other industries, water has always, and will always, be needed. This stability doesn’t translate directly to immunity from risk for operators. In fact, it is quite the opposite, the sector has several unique challenges to overcome and one of the more stringent regulatory environments of any sector. Within the UK water/wastewater industry there

are also risks associated with assets, availability, and most importantly, safety and health risks to employees and the general public. Set this into the context of increased water demand and urbani- sation, and the reality for operators is an industry as reliant on the promise of digitisation as any. The era of digital transformation offers a huge

opportunity for water companies to make signifi- cant strides in mitigating all of these risks and building a more flexible and resilient approach fit to meet the challenges of the future.

Solutions PT +44 (0)161 495 4600

• Self-calibration feature • Resolution 0.1°C on L200 display, 0.01°C in software • PC software included for remote control and measure, logging, and calibration • Built in display for selected channel or all channels auto-scrolling

Quality and Service are key elements in the continued growth of Labfacility; technical support for

both sensing and instrumentation is always freely available from our experienced technical sales teams.

Labfacility +44 (0) 1243 871280

Technical Knockout: GF Piping Systems new all-plastic Butterfly Valve 565 beats metal in every round

GF Piping Systems today launches its new Butterfly Valve 565 onto the market. The highly reliable, cost-effective, lightweight, all-plastic valve produced in Switzerland proves its clear superiority over metal valves in water treatment and a wide range of other applications. Butterfly Valve 565 is strong but lightweight, consisting of high-performance plastic components. It

is suitable for up to 16 bars, and tough temperature ranges from -10°C to +80°C. Direct Replacement Designed to be quick and easy to install, Butterfly Valve 565 comes in the same installation length as metal valves (ISO 5752 Row 20), therefore avoiding costly modifications on the existing piping systems, a clear advantage over its metal opponent. 60% lighter The Butterfly Valve 565 is 60% lighter than a comparable metal valve, so a single technician can safely and easily handle it during installation. This also facilitates planning, since the lower weight signifi- cantly reduces the need for costly transportation and personnel.

Georg Fischer

VEGA features new level switches for maximum efficiency

Ask any operator - some of the smallest parts of the process, like sensors doing the ‘simplest’ detection and switching, can cause big problems; overspills, feed supply run-outs or long hold-ups – especially when they struggle with the demands of modern production processes, or variations.

VEGAPOINT 24 Flush hygienic point level switch

suitable for all media, works out of the box The new VEGAPOINT 24 level switches have the answer and they are full of useful features.

Out of the box thinking with minimal adjustment Versatility, it’s really quick to deploy - this plug-&-play sensor can be installed easily in just a few simple steps - with no adjustment for point level, foam or interface detection.

Fits like a glove Its designed to fit in easily, with a range of simple, versatile process fittings and adaptors. The front-flush design is perfect for CIP cleaning and ‘pigging’ systems.

Light up your life Indicates the process status where you need it on the plant, with a super-bright 360° LED ring, that is easily visible from afar.

VEGAPOINT 24 means optimum visibility and reliability of processes – delivering durability, low

life-cycle costs, and ‘easy to see’ indication, makes it a truly ground-breaking and reliable point- level switch. If you would like to test or try a device for yourself, or just get more information e-mail service, so that their customers can improve operating efficiency and machine uptime.”

Vega 01444 870055

FANUC produces 750,000th robot

FANUC, whose largest customer group is car pro- ducers and their suppliers, produces around 8,000 industrial robots every month at its factories in Japan, and the company will deliver its 750,000th robot to a European customer following a strong rebound in sales. “In Europe, the recovery has truly begun,” states

Shinichi Tanzawa, President & CEO of FANUC Eu- rope Corporation. “Although FANUC’s overall order intake for robots in Europe increased only slightly during the past fiscal year, sales in the past few months are at a historical high.”



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