SICK’s sHub Smart Sensor Hub Prevents Machine Downtime

SICK has launched the sHub® sensor hub, a smart add-on to its HIPERFACE® DSL single-cable motor feedback system, which turns servo motors into a source of data for real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of machines. The compact SICK sHub® sensor hub fits snugly

Titan Enterprises PR104: Titan Bridges Troubled Waters for Flow Meter Installation

Titan Enterprises releases video tutorials illustrat- ing correct wiring configuration of their precision flow measurement devices to support customers with the installation of flow meters into their appli- cations. A large percentage of installation issues result from mis-wiring and Titan anticipates that visual demonstrations for correct flow meter wiring will help to reduce simple errors that cost customers time and money.

Titan Enterprises +44 (0)1935 812790 stallation-tutorials/

as an extension to SICK EDS/EDM35 motor feed- back encoders to send temperature, vibration, position, and speed data via HIPERFACE DSL® to the servo controller. The SICK sHub® can there- fore assure early detection of critical mechanical failures, such as ball bearing damage or motor imbalance, to pre-empt machinery downtime.

HIPERFACE® DSL SICK’s revolutionary HIPERFACE DSL® (Digital- Servo-Link) One Cable technology has been adopted by more than 60 major motor and drive manufacturers worldwide and is now widely recognised as the industry-standard protocol for digital motor feedback. HIPERFACE DSL® enables reliable data transfer between drive and motor in servo drive systems via two wires which are directly integrated into the motor power cable. In common with all SICK HIPERFACE DSL® encoders, the EDS/EDM35 incorporate a winding tem-

perature sensor input and have a service-life histogram inside them for condition monitoring. The sHub® sensor hub adds a built-in vibration sensor and enables all data to be routed synchro- nously to the drive without the need for additional cabling. Darren Pratt, SICK UK Encoder Product Manager, explains: “Armed with the real-time data col-

lected with the sHub®, machinery maintenance teams can take corrective action ahead of time, for example if the servo motor is imbalanced, and can monitor vibration and temperature trends to detect early signs of component damage. “The sHub® therefore offers an attractive proposition for machine builders who want to offer

smart condition monitoring as a premium service, so that their customers can improve operating efficiency and machine uptime.”


Cat Pumps Pressure Regulators prove the right choice for Chemical Industry applications

reactor immediately, rather than wait for the pressure to build up. Hence, we minimize possible waste. Because the flowrate is variable, we couldn’t use a restriction orifice.

Other potential suppliers couldn’t supply equipment to deal with the high pressure, so Cat Pumps got the order as the 7022 & 704738 were two of the few which could deal with the flowrate and the elevated pressure.” In addition to the extensive flow range and high-pressure capability, Cat

Cat Pumps (UK) Limited are well known in the chemical industry for high-pressure triplex plunger pumps but are also becoming known as the product of choice for our range of high- pressure regulators. One of our chemical industry OEM’s ap-

proached Cat Pumps to supply high-pressure regulators in both steel nickel plated (STNP) and 316 stainless steel (316 SS).

Our customer explains the application: “The high-pressure liquid is being circulated via a dosing valve, back to a storage tank. When the dosing valve switches, it delivers to the reactor at up to 80 bar g. Having a back-pressure valve (or pressure-sustaining valve) allows us to keep 80 bar in the delivery line and transfer into the

Pumps Pressure Regulators have the following: • Conical design lowers minimum required bypass flow from 10 to 5%, which provides more consistent pressure. • Lower override pressure compared to competitive designs provides sys- tem protection and reduces wear and energy cost. • Superior valve design provides smooth, stable service with quiet operation and no chatter. • Compact in-line design for easy mounting. • Available in steel/nickel-plated, 304 and 316 stainless steel. • Elastomers are available in medium nitrile (NBR), fluorocarbon (FPM), and ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM).

Case Study Application Specifications Cat Pumps Regulator Model: 7022 (STNP) Liquid to be pumped: Liquid Temp: Flow rate:

Pressure range:

Viscous fluid up to 550 cP Ambient

9.5 to 95 l/min 34 to 138 bar g

Cat Pumps (UK) 01252 622031


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