The countdown begins to the first UK live event for the processing and packaging industry in a very long time


n a few weeks’ time, PPMA Show 2021 will return to the NEC Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, from September 28th-30th. As the first major PPMA live event since

September 2019, following the postponement of all live events in 2020 and early 2021 due to the COVID pandemic, exhibitors and visitors are getting ready to do face-to-face business. With a focus on supporting the processing

and packaging communities with sustained business recovery following the challenges of the last year, PPMA Show 2021 will bring together over 250 exhibiting companies, offering businesses a long-overdue opportunity to see emerging technologies and explore the latest trends in the industry. Recent research conducted among PPMA

audiences reveals a strong appetite for the live event, with 70% of respondents seeing trade shows as an essential platform for reviewing and making future product purchases. Leading exhibitors at the show include:

Winkworth, Ulma, AVE, Evolution Bottling and Packaging, Mettler-Toledo, Ilpra, Holmach, Stellar-Technik, Endoline and Brillopak. Richard Little, show director of PPMA Show

2021, commented: “Although online platforms help people to gather information about products, our research shows that visitors want to move on from virtual product launches and events to get closer to the technology hands-on, and to speak face-to- face with product and application experts. The appetite for investment is definitely there, as well as the enthusiasm to resume business as usual. We’re setting out to support our community’s business recovery.” Renowned by the industry as a platform for

launching new products, the 2021 show will be no exception, with multiple exhibitors announcing plans ahead of the show: • AVE UK (Stand B40) will showcase two innovative solutions for the food and beverage sector with the launch of the OMNIA B cross flow filtration system for brewers and a mozzarella ball processing line for processing and dairy visitors. The OMNIA B system delivers beer clarification, product recovery and microbiological stability. With the mozzarella ball processing line due for delivery to Fratelli Amodio, this will be the only opportunity to see the line.

• Fortress Technology (Europe) Ltd (Stand

BO1) will debut its new zero-contaminant pandemic-recovery Raptor Series including X- Ray first. • Responding to manufacturers’ end-of-line

labour challenges including staff shortages, social distancing measures and self-isolation, OMRON UK (Stand B34) will show the RB1200 cobot palletiser. Developed in partnership with OMRON’s automation partner Reeco, the systems offer a 50% cost saving, rapid delivery within weeks, as well as modular plug-and- play system architecture. The RB1200 has a maximum payload of 10kg and a cycle time of 12 picks per minute. It requires no system integration and has a 60% smaller footprint than conventional robot palletisers. • Digital coding innovator Clearmark (Stand

D72) is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of the ICE Vector Pallet Labelling System. The system includes unique engineering differentiators such as a climate- controlled cabin to ensure consistent print quality, a robust long-reach cartesian-style arm, guaranteeing GS1 specification label placement in all pallet configurations and a dual operator interface and intelligent I/O system. • Dustcontrol UK (Stand E30) will be

showcasing its upgraded GFF (Good For Food) range of food and pharma grade dust extraction equipment. The range is designed to offer efficient dust extraction and cleaning of food contact areas while opening up new recycling possibilities. • Olympus Technologies (Stand A94) is

launching an upgraded Universal Robot Palletising System. • Rollon (Stand J36) has expanded its

seventh axis range with an offering aimed at the light and collaborative robotics market, as well as an enhancement of the range intended for larger robots. The new range of axes - 3 single-axis and 2 double-axis – introduces the belt drive with zero-backlash pulleys, simplified handling and overall efficiencies by positioning the motor on board

the machine, reducing the overall weight and avoiding the need to manage cable handling. • Yamato Scale Dataweigh (Stand B14), a

global manufacturer of product inspection equipment is excited to unveil its new Epsilon range of Multihead weigher, dubbed the new ‘Stick’ machine, as well as its x-ray inspection machine, the TSDN-3. On show will also be a new range of hygienic checkweighers. • Brillopak (Stand H26) will showcase its new

UniPAKer robotic crate packing platform, its most compact and energy-efficient system to date. • Showcasing its entry level, ‘Plug & Play’

robotic palletising system, Endoline Robotics (Stand D 50) is set to demonstrate the benefits of automation, and the quick return on investment which can be achieved. Participants at the PPMA Show can rely on all

the necessary health and safety precautions relating to COVID. To reassure visitors with regards to cleanliness and safety, the NEC has introduced advanced cleaning measures and hand sanitising stations are located at all entrances of the NEC and at numerous locations around the venue. Physical touchpoints will be reduced throughout the show and there is also ample outdoor space at the NEC for visitors wanting to get some fresh air and to take a break from the exhibition floor during their visit. There will, of course, be differences in the

way the 2021 event runs compared to previous years. For example, on-site catering provisions have been modified and we’re also advising visitors travelling to the show to limit what they bring. Pre-registration will be compulsory for all visitors this year register and visitors should follow the latest local guidance at the time of the show with regards to face masks, isolating and symptoms to ensure the safety of themselves and others in attendance. Free registration for the PPMA Show 2021 is

now open.

PPMA Show 2021


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