Calor LPG offers a versatile and bespoke fuel supply to Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co

2014, the company currently produces more than 6,000 litres of beer a day and has been using Calor LPG for four years. The brewing process is a complex one and


requires precise control when it comes to the temperatures needed to extract the very best from the ingredients used. Producing a wide range of beers, from IPA, stout, pilsner and lager, Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co required a reliable fuel supply that could keep up with demand, and offer the precise control needed. Dan McAvoy, one of the founding seven

brothers, heads up the warehouse and operations. He said: “The building we’re in at present isn’t one that was designed specifically for brewing beer, but has been converted to do so. So, while this means we’ve been able to make modifications to support our business needs, the building itself doesn’t have the services or infrastructure in place to support the supply of natural gas, which meant this wasn’t an option for us. Needing a fuel supply versatile enough to cope with all aspects of brewing, we then began scoping out alternatives. It was here where we got in touch with Calor, who were able to support our business through the supply of LPG.” Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co worked with Calor

to ensure the business was able to access a fuel source which met the bespoke requirements of its business. As a result, Calor was able to install two LPG bulk tanks on site, which supplies the brewery with the 25,000 litres of LPG that it used in 2020. The solution is ‘fit- and-forget’, as it uses Calor’s telemetry technology1

to monitor the business’ LPG usage

and automatically schedules the next delivery when levels are low.

even Bro7hers Brewing Co is a craft brewery formed by seven brothers from Salford, near Manchester. Established in

Dan McAvoy said: “Since 2014, our business

has expanded significantly, to a point where we are now brewing 6,000 litres a day. This growth has in turn meant we’ve also required more fuel. This has meant we’ve really needed to lean on the support provided by Calor, and they’ve really stepped up to the mark to ensure we have the supply we need when we need it. Thanks to the telemetry system, ordering deliveries has been automated and causes no disruption on site. In fact, the only way I know we’ve had a delivery is when the invoice arrives on my desk.” The LPG used by Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co

is predominantly used for powering its steam boiler. McAvoy said: “The steam generated by our steam boiler is used at almost every stage of the brewing process. To put it simply if we don’t have fuel, we don’t have steam, and if we don’t have steam, we can’t make beer. So, we need an incredibly reliable fuel supply which we have with Calor’s LPG.” The business currently uses three vessels; all

of which require steam jackets, meaning it has seen an increase in demand for the LPG it requires over the last 12 months alone. These vessels include a hot liquor tank, which stores 3,000 litres of hot water, and a mash tun; where 25kg bags of malt are delivered by the tonne. Here, the heated hot water is then added to the mash tun to separate the grain to produce wort - the natural sugar used to make alcohol. After this process has taken place, the wort is transferred to a copper tank, where again steam is used to boil the wort to 100°C to remove any impurities. It is only then that the hops, flavourings and other ingredients needed to make the specific beer are added. And the process goes full circle too, as once the brewing is complete, the hot liquid is then

pushed through a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat to reduce the temperature of the beer to around 25°C. Here, the now heated mains water is pumped back into the hot liquor tank, recovering some of the heat back into the start of the process. This improves sustainability, as the business can be more efficient with its use of LPG. Responsible for supporting Seven Bro7hers

Brewing Co, Chris Teasdale is the business’ Field Sales Professional at Calor. He said: “By using Calor LPG, the business has also been able to take advantage of a fuel supply that can meet the changing demands of the business, via our telemetry service, which has automated the refuelling process...” When it comes to sustainability, Seven

Bro7hers Brewing Co is continually investing in ways to make its processes as efficient as possible and has even partnered with Kellogg’s, taking its unwanted grain and using it to make beer. Mirroring these sustainable goals, Calor is aiming to offer all its customers 100% renewable energy solutions by 20402

fuels as BioLPG ( 1A telemetry unit will need to be installed by Calor,

so they can remotely measure the quantity of LPG contained within the bulk tank(s) and schedule deliveries accordingly. Subject to the telemetry unit being able to receive signal. Direct-debit payment

plan required 2

Alongside Calor's parent company, SHV Energy,

Calor's ambition is for 100% of their energy products to be produced from renewable sources by 2040. SHV Energy brings BioLPG to Europe (SHV Energy, 2018)



, through such sustainable

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