Spiroflow to showcase remotemonitoring systemat PPMA


ulk materials handling specialist, Spiroflow, will be using the PPMA Total Show to pro monitoring system that remote

ly provides real time informa- mote their new innovative

tion on the performance of their complete machinery range. The system is known as SAM – Spiroflow Active Monitoring. The aim of the initiative is to automatically monitor customers’ equipment through sensor-based technology, thereby providing key performance related, safety and oper- ational data. As an ‘upgrade’, SAM is built into the standard electrical panel on Spiroflow’s machinery by an in-house team of skilled electrical engineers and connected remotely

Podevyn, said: “As an industry l Commenting on the new sys via 4G/5G or Wi-fi. s Sp r Spiirof ow Lt

fllow Ltd  01200 422 525  Cole Cole Pa meralml er  01785 812121 A breath of fresh air

ince opening its doors in 1985, CMC has carved an international reputation for designing air compressor controls without compromise and that add value to manufacturers that incorporate them.


Its approach to producing robust, multi-functional control solutions from its Belgium-based facility has seen the business evolve into a multi- national firm with a presence in China, USA, France, Turkey and the UK. “Our aim is to add value to air compressors around the world by producing control solutions that increase the lifespan and performance of our customers’ air compressor assets, boost productivity, reduce operational costs and decrease carbon footprint,” explains Graham Coats, Sales Director at CMC.

Is the launch of AIRMATICS™ an extension of this philosophy? “Absolutely”, continues Graham. “AIRMATICS™ is a simple cloud-based air compressor monitoring, performance and control solution that provides real time data, analytics and insights at the push of a butto n and can reduce compressor-related energy consumption by up to 30 per cent. It’s also Industry 4.0 ready, which means that via automation,

Graham Coats, Sales Director at CMC

interconnectivity and data exchange, it provides real-time data about the health and performance of all air compressors – from one standalone compressor to entire networks of compressors, regardless of the compressors’ brand.”

Aside from reducing energy bills by up to 30 per cent and helping plants to minimise their carbon footprint, AIRMATICS™ also reduces wear and tear of each and every asset by ensuring that performance never exceeds system requirements at any given moment. It also decentralises decision- making by automatically making the best decision for a plant’s air compressor system and reduces time spent manually on issue diagnostics and resolution.

Graham expects this latest offering from CMC to cement the firm’s position as an industry innovator, a message it took to this year’s industrial technology exhibition, Hannover Messe.

“The reaction so far has been incredible. Companies are responding really well to what AIRMATICS™ stands for, particularly the fact that it’s brand agnostic and can be used with any compressor of any era. It’s a very exciting time for the company and a period in CMC’s evolution that I expect will lead to significant growth over the next two years.”

It is clear that the business, which is now over three decades old, show With a raft of innovative compressed air control, performance and monito

ring solutions on the horizon, s no sign of slowing down.

it looks like we can expect to see more from CMC as manufacturers continue to seek out solutions that deliver high outputs and add value against the backdrop of shrinking budgets.


eader, it is important for us to tem, Spiroflow’s James

embrace not only IIoT in all that we do, but also to support the private sector’s move towards industry 4.0. To learn more see them on stand B64 or visit

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Top Track 100. R

Set to be published this Sunday (7 July), the 19th annual Sunday Times HSBC To 100 league table ranks Britain’s 100 private companies with the biggest sales. Rubix delivered €2.3bn of sales in 2018, an increase of 4% year-on-year.

Group CEO Martin Thomsen, said: “Our sales growth reflects the hard work and

dedication of everyone at Rubix, so I am pleased my colleagues have received this recognition for their efforts. “Whether we are helping to keep the bread baking, put planes in the sky or make people feel better, customers rely on us to ensure that the wheels of industry are always turning. “We use our technical expertise to solve the manufacturing and processing problems of international market leaders, small local businesses and everything e from any industrial rs can keep the

in between. “With a unique network that spans Eu supplier and an extensive range of complementar promises they have made to their customers. ”

BrammerBrammer Buck uck & Hickman Hickman

y services, we make sure that our custom e rope, the widest range of products availabl

 0870 240 210 0  m

Making spectroscopy easier and fafar more accurate

Spectrophotometer features split-beam optics and CPLive™ connectivity. Split-beam technology offers improved accuracy and determining samples. CPLive connectivity gives users securely upload and archive data to the cloud, manag one time with the CPLive App, share data with colleag

T mentary unlimited data storage. The spectrophotometer provides fast and

reliable results ideal for a variety of applications from research and development applications to sample analysis. Jenway 76 Series joins the existing Jenway family of products that include the Jenwa ed with CPLive connectivity. This family of ‘live’ spectrophotometers complement one te and reliable results. They are also pre-programmed with measurement modes that are relevant to pplications.

another and provide y 74 Series also

he new Jenway® 76 Series Visible and UV/ V/Visible Scanning

the ability to safely and repeatability when

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Top Track

bix ranked 27th in Sunday Time s BC Top Track 10 0

ubix Europe’s largest distributor of industrial products and services – and the Group behind Brammer Buck and Hickman - has been ranked 27th in the Sunday Times HSBC


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