A Zyxel Wi-Fi solution is ensuring a reliable and future-proofed network, without dead spots, in the harsh environment at Jamaican pattie producer Cleone Foods


leone Foods is a UK producer and distributor of Jamaican patties to

leading supermarkets. The Birmingham- based food manufacturer recognised the need to bolster the network it relies upon to run the factory 24/7 all year. Due to signal dead spots in the factory caused by varying temperatures from fridges, ovens and building structures, Cleone Foods needed a Wi-Fi-based phone system to streamline factory floor communications across 70 employees and a network that could appropriately support it without dropping calls. Due to the harsh environment of a food

manufacturing warehouse, wires cannot be exposed, and all hardware used to support the infrastructure must be able to withstand heavy duty cleaning and extreme high and low temperatures, without impacting networking strength. For this reason, the current standard CAT 5 server-based Wi-Fi just wasn’t strong enough to reach all corners of the factory,


All manufacturing operations aim to maximise efficiency and output, but in industries where only small profit margins are generated on each unit, this goal is vitally important. One manufacturer of processed pizzas in Italy tackled this challenge by increasing the speed of its shrink-wrapping conveyor belts, but when their installed motors couldn’t take the strain, the business contacted Bauer Gear Motor to specify hygienic and highly efficient replacement geared motors. The drives in question operated an infeed conveyor to the shrink-wrapping machine. Motors were

controlled by variable frequency drives (VFDs) to deliver an increased performance envelope, with each typically operating between 70 – 80 Hz. To boost production and profitability, the motors’ speed was increased via the VFDs to 80 – 90 Hz. The existing motors could not cope with the speed boost in the long term and eventually failed, meaning an efficient and high-performance motor alternative was required. Bauer Gear Motor recommended the BK Series geared motor range as a suitable replacement. The BK06

model specified for the pizza conveyor is a right-angle bevel geared motor, delivering a mechanical efficiency advantage when compared to worm geared alternatives. The BK06 utilises a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), a design which reduces heat losses from the rotor by 100% and total losses by around 25%. Compared to the original equipment, the BK06 can provide up to a 10% improvement in overall efficiency. One inherent advantage of a PMSM is the capability to provide efficient operation at a wide range of

speeds. This benefitted the manufacturer, who was able to increase output speeds to 80 RPM comfortably. The underlying reliability problem was solved, while extra performance was available to operators. The new BK06 geared motors provided a combination of reliability, efficiency and performance.

Maintenance requirements were reduced, resulting in increased uptime and lowering total cost of ownership. In addition, the BK Series is compact and offers versatile

mounting options, an important feature in the confined areas of a space-efficient food processing line. All motors in the range are sealed, ensuring that dust and moisture cannot compromise the internals of the motor, while also ensuring that the frequent washdowns in the food and beverage industry do not compromise the reliability of the device. Bauer Gear Motor 


Cleone Foods has more than halved handset replacement costs, while improving communications across the warehouse

and the rugged DECT phones in use cost £600 each and needed regular replacing due to the conditions. The telecoms service provider had

suggested the Cisco Meraki Cloud solution;

however, this was too expensive for Cleone Foods and they didn’t feel it offered a flexible future-proofed system to support growth and proposed digital transformation. To bridge the gap, Cleone Foods engaged Andy Bailey MBE of Enterprise Data Systems, who specialise in providing IT solutions for the SME’s, to advise and recommend a more robust cost-effective Wi-Fi solution. Bailey recommended deploying Zyxel’s suite of access points, switches and controllers that provide planning and coverage detection to ensure wall to wall coverage for the new handsets. The solution includes: Zyxel NXC2500 Wireless LAN Controller; Zyxel XGS2210-24HP Switch; Zyxel WAC6503D-S Access Point; and Zyxel WAC6503D-E Access Point. Cleone Foods now enjoys a secure and

stable network across 1400 sq ft, reaching dead spots. It has also more than halved handset replacement costs, while improving communications across the warehouse to encourage greater efficiency and productivity of staff, who previously had to work around the dead spots. Wade Lyn CBE, at Cleone Foods, said: “As

a food manufacturer embracing new technology, Wi-Fi connectivity is imperative to communications on the factory floor and finding a network provider with hardware that works efficiently in our harsh environment was of utmost importance. To make doubly sure, the Zyxel Access points are encased in IP65 clear boxes with drain tubes and the connectivity hasn’t suffered as a result. Through the help of Enterprise Data Systems, our staff can now freely work where they need to on the warehouse floor. We can now look forward to phase two of our digital transformation plan to develop greater traceability and stock control via iPads.”

Zyxel Communications


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