EGAPULS 64 non-contact radar features an increased precision of 1mm, making it one of the most accurate non contact liquid level process radars on the market. The sensor has already proven its capability in focusing, ability to handle condensation and build up, operation through isolation valves, down long nozzles or through windows, as well as working in agitated vessels.

With a measuring range up to 30m, VEGAPULS 64 is maintaining world-class status - from its debut over 2 years ago, to being the fastest g new non contact level technology for process level applications. t VEGA or come to their exhibition stand L5 at CHEMUK for a live stration of its capabilities .

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Riello’s premix burners now up to 3MW


iello RX premix packaged burners are now available in outputs up to 3MW, offering NOx levels of less than 40mg/kWh, with high turndown ratios of up to 8:1, across a wide range of models.

Riello RX burners feature an exclusive design that includes a patented woven wire gauze ‘sock’ covering the combustion head cylinder. Gas and combustion air are mixed upstream of the combustion head and then pass through precision-located ports and the gauze ‘sock’ to ignite on the external surface of the combustion head. This arrangement enables a very compact flame with a diameter directly related to the burner firing rate, ensuring precise heat control and optimum efficiency at all loads. The high turndown makes RX burners ideal for

systems with variable heat loads where low NOx levels are also required.

R el o Lt Riielllo Ltd  01480 432144  VEGA GA Con ontrols Lt  01444 870055 

Abacus coldmainswatermeter type Emscaled 0 - 999 litres in steps of 1 litre

Now, Hertfordshire company Aqumeter has developed the ABACUS digital water measuring system for dispensing accurate preset quantities of water straight into mixing vessels, tanks, etc. Easy to install and simple to use, the ABACUS delivers repeatable results day in, day out, reliably and consistently.


Thousands of units have been sold worldwide to a whole variety of industries where water is added to powders or granules for mixing purposes. Just dial in the batch amount required and press the start button. The unit stops the flow of water when the required quantity has been delivered...... easy!

Aq Aquameter Ltd  01992 442 861 

dding a preset quantity of water to a mix has long been carried out using pails or hosepipes. Not very accurate and certainly not consistent.




Process level radar features 1mmaccuracy V

Beverage Flowmeters Ensure Consistent Drink Quality

Hydra-Cell…the pumps for high efficiency ff T

hanks to their unique, seal-less design, Hydra-Cell® pumps are able to operate at exceptionally high efficiency levels, claims Wanner International… And higher efficiency translates d The Hydra-Cell pump drive mechanism is submerged in a reservoir of o and allows power to be transmitted through the drive train with minimal f

the pumped liquid to further consume energy, industry leading pumping efficiencies as high as 85% minimise Hydra-Cell’s power requirements.

This compares with around 45-50% pumping efficiency for a typical multi-stage centrifugal pump and, as a result, Hydra-Cell pumps can frequently be fitted with smaller motors than would be needed to meet the same flow and pressure requirements.

Unlike pumps such as screw and gear pumps that depend on close internal tolerances to operate, Hydra-Cell pumps have no internal process fluid ‘leak paths’ and exhibit no efficiency ‘drop-off’ as pressures increase and/or viscosities fall.

Wanner has also turned its attention to improving pumping system efficiency with the introduction of Intelligent Pump Control™ technology, whereby changing system flow and pressure requirements can be met precisely and automatically, without resorting to wasteful, energy wasting, bypass syste With energy efficiency playing an ever-increasing role in the total cost prudent to consider Hydra-Cell?

of ownership equation, would it not be ms.


01252 816 847 Y.CO


rictional losses. With no dynamic seals in il, which keeps it permanently lubricated irectly to ‘lower energy costs’.


everage dispensing flowmeters from Titan Enterprises are inherently reliable and proven to ensure consistent drink quality in hundreds of thousands of installations around the world.

At the heart of each beverage flowmeter is a precision Pelton wheel turbine that rotates freely on robust sapphire bearings and contains over-moulded magnets that are detected through the chamber wall by a Hall effect detec- tor. The output from each Titan beverage flowmeter is a stream of NPN pulses that are directly interfaced with a suitable electronic instrument. This combination of materi- als and technology ensures a long-life product with reli- able operation throughout.

Constructed from totally non-metallic wetted compo - nents and offering a flow range of up to 10 litres per minute – Titan’s NSF-accredited beverage dispensing flowmeters are the product of choice for precise metering of lower viscosity beverages including coffee, wine, beers, spirits and soft drinks.

T ta Tiitan Enterprise  01935 812790

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