EM Automatic, a leading supplier of components for industrial automation, are set to return to PPMA and will be showcasing the latest and most comprehensive range of cable management solutions from three

of Europe’s leading manufacturers.

Non-invasive clamp-on gas flowmeasurement at lowpressure


he ATEX-approved KATflow 180 takes non-invasive, clamp- on measurement into new areas with the ability to measure gaseous flow at low pressures and even in metal pipes. Clamp-on measurement of gas has been limited to high pressures, plastic pipes and ‘ideal’ installations. The KATflow 180 gives excellent results right down to

atmospheric pressure, using ‘Lamb wave’ technology that makes accurate measurement possible even in metal pipes, including steel.

Gases dampen an ultrasonic signal far more than a liquid, making non-invasive flow measurement of gases far more difficult. Katronic’s Lamb wave transducers are excited at the resonant frequency of the pipe material, making the pipe wall act as both emitter and receiver of the ultrasonic pulses, multiplying the effective transducer area for a higher signal strength and a better signal/noise ratio. KATflow 180 is better able to compensate for the attenuation of the gas, and Katronic have developed advanced signal processing techniques to analyse the measured data and deliver an accurate measurement.


Katronic Technologies Ltd  02476 714111 METTLER METTLER TOLEDOOLEDO  0116 235 7070 High range - global application - secure data transfer Schmersal launches new safety light grids with Bluetooth interface F

or the first time, the Schmersal Group is launching a safety light grid with a built-in Bluetooth interface. The SLC440/COM with Bluetooth BLE is an active optoelectronic protective device that makes all status and diagnostic data on the operating status of the device available on smartphones or tablets via a Bluetooth interface on a real-time basis. The Bluetooth interface also supports easy start-up using a smartphone or tablet with the integrated setup aid. There is also the excellent option of saving the data, which can then be used, for example, to document a repeat test or for predictive maintenance purposes.

The transmission of data to smartphones / tablets (Android, IOS) is faci Schmersal. BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, a radio system for near-f transmission.

Uniquely wide range

This innovative technology for optoelectronic safety systems is unique with respect to the range over which the data can be communicated. Until now only diagnostic tools based on NFC technology have been available on the market. While NFC tools only offer a range of a few centimetres, the Bluetooth BLE interface can achieve a range of 100 times more at up to 5 metres. This means the BLE interface is perfect when the opto- electronic safety system is in a relatively inaccessible position. Bluetooth BLE also offers a greater range of applications because not all smartphones or tablets are equipped with NFC, but most have Bluetooth. As Bluetooth is an international industrial standard, the 440/COM range of light grids with Bluetooth BLE interface can be used all over the world.

Increased efficiency: Status data can be accessed in real-t “The SLC440/COM with Bluetooth BLE enable significantly improved efficie

ncy in production processes. As the ime

status data of the light grids can be accessed easily and in real-time, errors can be resolved more quickly to achieve increased machine availability,” explains Klaus Schuster, Managing Director of Safety Control GmbH, a centre of excellence for opto-electronics and part of the Schmersal Group. This status information and diag- nostic data enables processes to be reactivated more quickly, particularly in the event of a system shutdown if a hazard is detected.

It also represents a really economical innovation as, compared to classic Bluetooth, BLE is characterised by considerably lower energy consumption and reduced costs at a similarly high communication range.


ield data transmission with secure litated by an app developed by

Conta-Clip produces a revolutionary range of c AGRO, manufacture an extensive selection of high

quality cable glands; able entry systems;

German market leader Flexa, OEM’s newest partner and producer of flexible cable conduits.

“We’re very excited about showcasing all three of our partnerships at once. What sets OEM apart from other component suppliers is our industry expertise and ability to provide complete solutions. By adding AGRO and Flexa to our product range, I feel like we’re now in a position to offer a complete cable management solution, no matter the applica- tion,” Anthony Wrighton, Business Area Manager, Panel.

OEM utomatic EM Automatic  0116 2849900 

On demandwebina r T

together with measurement uncert evaluating and selecting an approp

weight. Areas covered include:

• Develop an understanding about the correlation between consistent quality, risk management and efficiency improvement

• Learn how you can prove compliance by knowing and documenting the accuracy of your weighing equipment • Take out expert advice specifically for your industry and learn what you can do to avoid surprises during audit s



OEMAutomatic exhibits at this year's PPMA O

he webinar from METTLER TOLEDO, Accurate Weighing in the Food Industry, deals with the cornerstones for

riate weighing system, ainty and minimum

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