ESAB’s comprehensive portfofolio of PPE optimise s safefety in the workplace fofor today’s welder s


SAB Welding and Cutting has long been a health and safety pioneer, producing PPE which optimises the removal of welding fumes to ensure a safe environment for all operators.

Among the many products ESAB supplies are the Sentinel™ A50 and Sentinel A50 Air high-performance automatic welding helmets. The latter of which incorporates a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) unit. The Sentinel’s radical design incorporates ergonomic headgear and maximum adjustability to increase productivity, functionality and usability. The Sentinel A50’s high-tech features include an almost infinitely adjustable 5-point headgear, a 100 x 60mm viewing area, an externally activated Grind Button, a colour touch screen control panel

Safe, easy & convenient

developed for safe and reliable use in metal working facilities, so it is no longer necessary for parts to leave the production site for finishing by an outside contractor. Unlike conventional methods of blacking it is

B non-hazardous.

Blacking of iron and steel provides a corrosion resistant finish without dimensional cha machined parts manufactured

to tight tolerances, where nge. This is attractive for

plating or painting would not be acceptable.

As it is very important that the components are clean and free from grease before using the blacking process, Blackfast also offers a range of degreasers from solvents to water based and rust removers.

Bllack as Ch mica

ackfast Chemicals Lt  020 8339 7370 Ltd

lackfast’s room temperatur safe, easy and convenient t

o use. The process has been e blacking process is both

and a front-loading convex cover lens that come s in different colour options and changes in 10 seconds. ESA

SAB  01992 702 441 WilliamHughes introducesmetrology services fofor high

precisionmanufafacturing fofollowing the acquisition of JKMetrology W

orld-leading spring, wire form and assembly specialist William Hughes, has expanded its range of specialist services for the manufacturing industry with the acquisition Quality Services of Liskeard, Cornwall. JK Me

lished metrology and quality consultancy for ISO 17027, ISO 9000 etc. and offers a UKAS calibration service to ISO 17025.

“This acquisition will be of particular interest to our many cus- tomers involved in the manufacture of high specification, high preci- sion components, where accurate measurement is key to the suc- cess of their business,” said Max Hughes, Ma William Hughes. “By investing resources and

people into this estab- naging Director at

lished and well respected business, we will be able to offer a range of benefits for customers – including a reduced turnaround time.”

Wiil illliam Hugh Hughes

ABBwi ll show‘f‘factory of the future’ at PPMA 2019

ABB to show how the ingredients of an advanced factory come together to achieve customized, yet rapid production for demanding consumers

BB will bring together the elements of a ‘factory of the future’ at PPMA 2019, at the Birmingham NEC, 1st – 3rd October 2019, demonstrating how its latest automation and robotics tech- nologies can transform performance in food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.


Stand F80 will feature examples from ABB’s extensive automation and digital portfolio, showing how tomorrow’s factory will be able to

respond rapidly to changing customer demands, while maintaining profitability, safety and quality. Among the demonstrations will be ABB’s SCARA demo cell, showing how the precision, repeatability and rapid cycle time of ABB’s IRB 910SC (SCARA) robot can bring flexibility to pick an Another robot cell will show how humans and automated production lines Companies looking to build flexible automation solutions can view the PLC range. Stand F80 will also feature ABB’s WiMon Conditioning Monitoring System and the new NiTe temperature sensor.

Maximising uptime of motors, pumps and bearings is made easier with

can work together efficiently and safely. d place and packaging applications.

ABB Ability Digital Powertrain, which reads Temp, a non-invasive

Today’s consumers want products that are tailored to their needs faster than ever before. The factory of the future must therefore respond much more dynamically to ever-changing consumer requirements,” says Nigel Platt, LBL Manager, UK and Ireland – ABB Robotics.

shifting marketplace.” To find o beverage and pharmaceutical i collaboration and digitalization At PPMA, ABB will demonstrate

visit AB


G /ABB_Food

01925 741 111 Y.CO


“For factories, this means flexible production using autonomous robotic systems that can learn and adapt. how the ‘Factory of the Future’ is characterized by flexibility and enabled by . With its wide range of solutions and services specifically tailored to the food, ndustries, ABB offers a simple route to meeting the demands of today’s continually ut more about ABB’s offering for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications,

 

data to enable effective and timely maintenance. Also on show will be ABB’s range of emergency lighting, cable ties and details of ABB’s service offerings. “To

Ultrasonic FlowMeters- Hiring versus Buying


would be the capital investment an flow measurement equipment,

of product use.

Bell Flow Systems offer the rental of flow meters, not only to help assist with the decision, but also to make flow measurement devices more accessible. We have offered this function for numerous years supporting our clients with their flow measurement needs, however have seen our Portable Ultrasonic Flow meters prove the most popu- lar. These include the Portaflow 330, DXN Hybrid from Dynasonics and BFU-100 H

Ultrasonic flowmeters use sound waves to determine the velocity of a fluid passing through a pipe. Over the last 15 years ultrasonic flow meters have become more popular throughout the water, food, chemical, process and building services industries.

Be elll F Fllow Syst ms  01280 817304  PR CES PROCESS & CONTRO L | JULY/AUGUST 201 JULY UGU 2019 5 1 51 Systems

hen deciding whether to hire or buy flow meters and the first considerations d the expected duration

 01963 363377 

trology is a well estab- of JK Metrology &

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