Programmable TFT display with camera input and I/O. M

MS Electronics now has three display sizes available in the object programmable displays. The new EA uniTFT050 (5.0”

Cadence debuts industry’s first analog IC

design-for-reliability solution B

ased on the golden, trusted Cadence Spectre® Accelerated Parallel Simulator and the Cadence

Virtuoso® custom IC design platform, the Legato Reliability Solution integrates capabilities into an intuitive cockpit to address the reliability concerns of the three phases of the product lifecycle:

• Analog defect analysis accelerates analog defect simulation by up to 100X, reducing test cost and eliminating test escapes, the main source of early failure in IC designs

• Electro-thermal analysis avoids premature failures due to thermal overstress during the product’s useful life

• Advanced aging analysis enables accurate prediction of product wear-out by analyzing aging acceleration due to temperature and process variation.

“Since electronics are the key elements in many

mission-critical applications, designing the chips to meet requirements across the entire product lifecycle has become a huge challenge,” said Tom Beckley, Cadence senior vice president and general manager, custom IC and PCB Group.

Cadence u +49 (0) 89 4563 1726 u

800x480 pixel), EA uniTFT070 (7” IPS 1024x600) and EA uniTFT101 (10.1” IPS 1280x800 pixel) use the UNISKETCH software with drag and drop function and object graphics programming. Design engineers and systems integrators benefit from shorter development times and gain more flexibility. These TFT display modules, with on-board powerful controller, open up many new possibilities for developers. Objects can be placed, moved, rotated, combined and deleted at any time. Objects can be linked to actions and I/O. Elegant effects such as fading in and out or flying in are possible. Commands for sliders, dials, buttons, images, MP3 sound files, data logging and calculations are included. In many cases the on-board processor can take on control tasks without requiring an external controller. 7 interfaces USB, 2 x SPI, 2 x RS-232 and 2 x I2

card and analogue video camera input. MMS Electronics Ltd

u 01943 877668

C. 4 analogue inputs, PWM output, 16 digital I/O, SD u

ODU were showcasing several new additions at the Engineering Design Show.


eveloped from the well-established ODU-AMC® [Advanced Military Connector], the new ODU Threaded Connector utilises a screw-

locking-with-rachet mechanism [half-turn locking] and is intended for applications requiring additional security, or where pressure/vibration could be problematic. The ODU-MAC® modular rectangular hybrid connector transmits

signals, power, high-current, high-voltage, coax and other media such as air, fluids, high-speed data or fiber optics – all in one interface.

New to this range is the ODU-MAC® RAPID a split-shell housing giving a host of intelligent internal options and also a High-Current Module, with a load up to 225 amps and operating voltage of 1000 volts. ODU are a 'problem-solving' connector manufacturer, working closely with their OEM customers to develop both

connectors and packaging, providing cost-effective solutions to the problems of modern-day electronics. ODU

u 0330 002 0640

Pin-type Humidity Sensor Enabling Easy Replaceability

digital humidity sensor SHT85 is Sensirion's best-in-class humidity sensor with pin- type connector for easy integration and replacement. It builds on a highly accurate and long-term stable SHT3x sensor that is at the heart of Sensirion’s new humidity and temperature platform. The unique package design allows for the best possible thermal coupling to the environment and decoupling from potential heat sources on the main board. The SHT85 features a PTFE membrane dedicated to protect the sensor


opening from liquids and dust according to IP67, without affecting the response time of the relative humidity signal. It thus allows for sensor use under harsh environmental conditions, such as high exposure to dust. Final accuracy testing on product level ensures best performance making the SHT85 the perfect choice for demanding applications. Sensirion’s CMOSens® Technology offers a complete sensor

system on a single chip, consisting of a capacitive humidity sensor, a bandgap temperature sensor, analog and digital signal processing, A/D converter, calibration data memory, and a digital communication interface supporting I2C fast mode. The sensor covers a humidity measurement range of 0 to 100% relative humidity and a temperature measurement range of -40°C to 105°C with a typical accuracy of ±1.5% RH and ±0.1°C. The broad supply voltage of 2.15 V to 5.5 V make the SHT85 perfectly suited to a wide range of applications. All in all, Sensirion’s SHT85 fulfills the most

stringent requirements for many applications in terms of quality and perfor-mance, derived from Sensirion’s unique digital-sensor expertise of more than 15 years.

Sensirion u +41 44 306 40 00 u


ensirion, the expert in environmental sensing, presents the new pin-type relative humidity sensor SHT85 for easy replacea-bility in a wide range of applications. The

Smiths Interconnect Launches Lab-Flex® T Series of Coaxial Cable Assemblies

The T cable assemblies are mechanically robust and specifically designed to minimize phase change when subjected to a wide range of operational temperatures. This makes them an ideal choice for system applications under extreme temperature and environmental conditions such as Radar, Test & Measurement, and Space applications. “The Lab-Flex® T cable assemblies provide yet another example of Smiths Interconnect’s extensive heritage in high reliability technology with superior performance for aerospace & defence applications,” says Paul Harris, VP of Sales & Marketing. “Customers have asked for a supplier capable of producing cable assemblies with more consistent electrical performance over higher frequencies, larger temperature extremes, and across higher volumes. Our experience with both high-reliability environments and on large- scale commercial programmes as well as the unique attributes of this product range allows the Lab-Flex® T Series to meet these needs.


Smiths Interconnect u +39 010 60361 u


miths Interconnect announces today the release of its Lab-Flex® T Series of flexible coaxial cable assemblies.


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