New Superfine 30” SFT Display N

ow available from Review Display Systems is the Tianma

Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers

flexibility and a simple, economical method for automated pin loading. Designs are available in single, dual, and triple row strips from 2 to 100 positions per row, on 1.27mm, 2.00mm, or 2.54mm pitch, and can be easily customized. Headers and mating sockets (receptacles) are available for a variety of board stack heights, and unique options include staggered patterns and solder preform terminals.

P This economical solution for low profile component

mounting and board mating applications eliminates hand- loading of socket terminals and pins, drastically reducing assembly time and costs:

- High reliability screw-machined terminals with closed-end construction for 100% anti-wicking of solder

- Reliable mechanical support in a variety of standard stack heights

- Available with Gold/Gold or Matte Tin/Gold (terminal/contact) plating for lead-free processing

- Customized designs and surface mount options are available

Advanced Interconnections Corporation u USA Tel: 1 (401) 823-5200 u

Craft Data Limited

eel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers, from Advanced Interconnections Corp., offer ultimate design

NL328204AC19-01 a new 30” Super Fine TFT Panel which can display over 1073 million colours. The display’s ultra-wide viewing angle, high resolution (6M pixels) and super fine TFT (IPS) image quality makes this module a perfect choice for medical diagnostic applications. Features include: High luminance of

1,000cd/m2, high contrast, viewing angle of 176°/176° and low reflection. It also has a 4 lane eDP interface, an LED backlight and a built-in LED driver.

Review Display Systems u 01959 563345

TFT LCD with HDMI Input I


ndependent distributor Craft Data’s family of embedded TFT LCD is further enhanced by the introduction or Powertip’s range of TFT LCD’s with a HDMI

input. With HDMI fast becoming the most popular video interface we can now offer 4.3”(480x272), 5.0”(800x480), 7.0”(800x480 & 1024x600) and 10.1”(1280x800) TFT LCDs that will connect directly to this input source. There several options on each size including high brightness (1000cd/m2)

and Projected Capacitive Touch versions. The HDMI board includes the LED backlight driver plus the V-COM circuitry so all that is needed to be quickly up and running is a 12VDC supply and your HDMI source. With the popularity of the Raspberry PI SBC within the OEM market, our

HDMI TFT LCD offer a quick and easy connection to these very versatile single board computers even to the point of matching the mounting holes so both the SBC and TFT LCD can be stacked and easily integrated into your application.

u 01296 332000

Smiths Interconnect Introduces New Wideband Surface Mount Fixed Attenuators

announced the release of its TT9 SMT series, a new DC – 20 GHz wideband surface-mount fixed attenuator Series optimized to provide performance and power to applications in the defence market. Utilizing more than 40 years of experience in refining attenuation solutions for defence, the TT9 offers a power handling capability of 500 mW while maintaining excellent impedance matching in an SMT package. The TT9 offers outstanding performance for high frequency


applications, both fixed and temperature variable designs in the same footprint and is ideal for the exacting needs of the defence market, specifically for radar, communication and electronic warfare applications. The TT9 SMT series has undergone significant qualification testing with proven results of robust performance in extended durations and extreme environments. In addition, the RF performance has been characterized on Smiths Interconnect test fixtures with evaluation boards and s-parameters available upon request for ease of design.

Smiths Interconnect u +39 010 60361 u

New clip on knitted wire mesh RFI/EMI shielding gasket strip K

miths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave and radio frequency products

emtron have launched a new clip on knitted wire mesh RFI/EMI shielding gasket strip. It is a very flexible, easily compressible sponge EPDM tubular

or bulb type gasket strip with a steel spring clip covered with a double knitted wire mesh layer for RFI/EMI shielding. The clip-on gasket strip is supplied by EMKA who offer superior quality and consistency of their gasket strips, Kemtron double knit the wire mesh over the strip at their Braintree factory. This clip-on seal provides a good RFI/EMI shield for enclosures and electrical cabinets. The soft hollow bulb profile requires low closure force and makes the product particularly suitable for door applications where frequent opening and closing is required. The clip-on gasket is easy to fit and will bend up to 90 degrees. The knitted wire mesh gives very low contact resistance between mating surfaces ensuring good shielding. The choice of wire mesh material available also allows for a good galvanic match with mating flanges, thereby limiting the possibility of corrosion between gasket and flange. Knitted wire choices are Monel, Stainless steel, Aluminium and tin-plated copper clad steel. Kemtron manufacture RFI/EMI shielding gaskets and components for all enclosure applications.

Kemtron 36 NOVEMBER 2018 | ELECTRONICS u O1376 345885 u

provides the glass industry with more information on high- value applications like float glass manufacturing, glass tempering, and windshield forming and laminating. Temperature profiling runs with a data logger enable operators to quickly optimize furnace settings for new products and to identify problems with burners or airflow. They are complemented by a thermal imager installed at the furnace exit for 100 % production monitoring and traceability. Datapaq Furnace Tracker profiling systems travel through heat-treatment and quench processes. They record the product temperature curves via up to 20 thermocouples cemented to the glass pane. These industry-specific profiling systems consist of a data logger, a thermal barrier, and software with advanced analysis, reporting, and archiving functions. The manufacturer offers the largest range of thermal barriers in the market and will advise customers on which system setup to use for their applications. The other measuring device, a Raytek MP150 infrared linescanner, scans each glass pane when it exits the furnace. It generates a thermal image and immediately shows up hot and cold spots.

Two know more than one C

Fluke Process Instruments GmbH u u


ombining two devices using two different temperature measurement technologies, Fluke Process Instruments


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