DD12: Compact Power Entry Module with Filter S

EOS Power enters new output power class of 600 to 1000 W

EOS Power, global power design innovators for highly efficient power solutions, broadens its product range into higher power segments. Its new (M)VPS600/1000 "Versatile Power" AC/DC converters are packaged in a standard 5 x 8.5 x 1.6 Inch profile and can deliver 600 to 1000W output, depending on the configuration. In line with all of the EOS Power series, they are highly modifiable and available for industrial, ICT and medical applications up to Class II/BF.

Maximum versatility is also ensured by the broad output spectrum of the EOS (M)VPS, which is achieved by the various cooling modes. Along with the capacity for parallel operation of several devices, this allows use of the same power supply solution in multiple device groups and sizes, which ensures the optimum procurement and price advantage. Efficiency rate is up to 94 percent, MTBF over 1.28 million hours. Further significant features are power fail signal, easy mechanical modifiability, dual fusing and thermal shutdown.

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CHURTER extends the successful power entry module series DD12 with new flange variants for screw and snap

mounting. New versions are also available with additional ground choke for suppressing high-frequency interference on the ground conductor. The DD12 with fuse holder, switch and filter offers remarkable functionality in a very compact housing.

The DD12 filter series combines an IEC C14 appliance plug with a 1- or 2-pole fuse holder, a 1- or 2-pole switch and a high-quality mains filter. The particularly wide metal flange (horizontal or vertical) contacts the housing surface over a large area and thus enables an optimum filter and shielding effect with a large number of mounting variants.

Ground choke New variants of the DD12 series are equipped with a ground

choke. In addition to the current-compensated choke on the pole and neutral conductor, the line filters have a second choke on the earth conductor. The ground choke is located between the device plug and the filter output. Placing the filter directly at the mains input ensures that possible high-frequency interference currents on the earth conductor cannot bypass the filter via the housing. Especially medical filters (no Y capacitors) benefit from improved asymmetrical attenuation in the higher frequency range due to the earth line choke.

Applications The DD12 filter series is available as a standard or medical version and is used in devices that require particularly high immunity to interference. These include IT or telecom systems according to IEC 90650-1 and medical devices according to IEC 60601-1. The series meets the new fuseholder requirements outlined in IEC 60127-6 for enhanced fire safety and is also suitable for use in home appliances according to IEC 60335-1. It is compatible with V-Lock retaining cordsets. The DD12 series is certified for currents up to 10 A/250 VAC according to IEC standard and 8 A according to UL/CSA standard at 125/250 VAC. It is ENEC and cURus approved.

Unique Selling Proposition

- Various mounting options - Attractive flat design - Switch for highest inrush current - V-Lock cord retaining

Raspberry PI Based TFT Controller from Display Technology – The Artista IoT


he Artista IoT (Internet of Things) is the perfect controller for cost-efficient IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. The

Artista IoT board is suitable for connecting nearly all types of TFT displays without additional hardware, integrating the latest Raspberry PI Compute Module (CM3). Thanks to this integration, the board comes with pre-installed Raspbian for quick and easy initial set up with the added support of a large community should problems arise. For flexibility the card can also be easily integrated into any existing Android, Linux and Windows applications. With a powerful processor (BCM2837, QuadCore 1.2 GHz) the board can be used for a vast range of applications, at an attractive price. The board also has the advantage of the ability to be used on almost any device, without the need for an expensive PC or license costs. It is best suited for embedded applications, with a high-performance scaler chip and real-time clock on the base board, which can be customised to individual requirements. Examples include Digital Signage, Digital Whiteboard, Avionic, Industrial HMI or Medical.

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New Round Plastic Enclosures For IoT and Industry 4.0 Electronics


OLEC has launched technoDISC – a unique round plastic enclosure for industrial electronics. It is based on the firm’s successful aluDISC diecast

aluminium housings. The new technoDISC cases are UV-stable and sealed to IP 66 (IP 67 optional), making them ideal for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications both indoors and outside. The round design integrates visually when used in applications such as industrial pipework, shipboard equipment, vehicles etc. These ‘go anywhere’ enclosures can be fitted to walls, bulkheads, machines – even when closed (protecting the seal and electronics during installation). Clip-on POM (polyoxymethylene) trims cover all the fixing and mounting screws. New technoDISC’s smart design was inspired by the shape of a wristwatch, combining round aesthetics with flat surfaces to enable the mounting of cable glands and controls. The lid is recessed to accommodate a round membrane keypad or product label.

ROLEC 34 u 01489 583858 NOVEMBER 2018 | ELECTRONICS u K

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IP66/IP67, UL94 V-0

F series junction boxes are flame retardant and self- extinguishing polycarbonate, available in eight sizes,

black or grey, with knockouts or smooth walls. The strength of their sleek design compares impressively with other square and rectangular junction boxes. The quarter turn fixing screws sit flush in the lid ensuring the styling is not compromised and enabling easy assembly. These cases are not out of place when aesthetics plus a

UL94 V-0 rating are important, but they are ideally suited to harsh environments. The IP66/IP67 and IK09 rating are perfect for offshore applications. The clever design does not stop on the outside either!

KF terminal blocks and mounts simply clip into the enclosure, and the larger knockout versions have variable size pre-installed perforations meaning each knockout can be used for a different sized cable gland. Call now to find out more or click the ‘online chat’ icon on our website.

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