New GORE® PolyVent XS Makes Room for More Design Options in Smaller, Lighter-Weight Housings


. L. Gore & Associates introduces GORE® PolyVent XS: a snap-in vent that is 30% smaller than their

PolyVent Standard. The latest addition to the portfolio of GORE Protective Vents, GORE PolyVent XS delivers robust performance and durability, while its smaller size allows more options for vent positioning when designing compact, lighter-weight housings for outdoor electronics.

Smaller in multiple dimensions – in diameter, in installed height and “leg” length – this new vent has a low profile that is virtually undetectable once installed. For smaller housings, these refined aesthetics can be a real benefit. For almost any outdoor application, from lighting or telecommunications to energy or “smart” security systems, the scale and fit of Gore’s new PolyVent XS opens up new design options. It’s simply easier to integrate into today’s more compact, densely-packed housings.

“The new PolyVent XS Series was developed to address the combined ‘fit, form and function’ and durability challenges our customers face, which intensify year by year,” said Volker Ballach, Product Specialist for GORE Protective Vents. “That is why we made this vent more compact overall – to enable easier integration into ever- smaller and lighter housings for outdoor electronics. At the same time, we engineered PolyVent XS to deliver more reliable protection and greater durability than a vent this small could typically achieve.”

The Right Fit for Smaller, Lighter-Weight Housings

At about 30% smaller than Gore’s PolyVent Standard and High Airflow offerings, new PolyVent XS is ideal for smaller housings with thinner walls, where internal and external space is at a premium, and where cost of materials are a concern. • Smaller diameter (only 14.4 mm) is easier to integrate into smaller housings, especially those with limited exterior clearance.

• Low installed height (only 3.75 mm) improves aesthetics, and reduces risk of damage due to mechanical impact or steam-jets. Depending on housing design, often no protective wall is needed. This can streamline development time and costs, and improve enclosure fit in tight spaces.

• Shorter “legs” (only 1.45 mm) minimize vent intrusion inside the enclosure. This provides more flexibility in component layout, and is ideal for thinner-walled applications. It also facilitates heat transfer from printed circuit boards to the housing exterior.

• Snap-In construction saves installation time and costs. It’s efficient to use in higher-volume automated production processes, and also enables fast, easy manual installation.

Advanced Materials for Proven Stability and Life-Span The new GORE PolyVent XS integrates advanced materials’ technology, proven to deliver reliable, durable protection in outdoor electronics’ applications worldwide. • Gore’s advanced oleophobic membrane reliably protects against ingress of water, lower surface-tension liquids such as cleaning fluids, and particles such as dust. • The vent body and cap, of hydrostabilized PBT GF30, provide excellent mechanical stability and resistance to high humidity and temperatures.

• The silicone O-ring durably withstands aggressive liquids like cleaning fluids, and high temperatures (to +140 °C). Temperature resistance is crucial in small housings where printed circuit boards are transferring higher temperatures to the housing walls.

Consistent Product Quality and Performance

GORE PolyVent XS embodies the quality commitment customers expect from Gore: • In-line airflow inspection of every part – 100% quality-verified. • Laser-engraved for full traceability – at the individual part level. • Performance-validated – third-party certifications available upon request.

GORE Protective Vents for snap-in installation have been adopted and proven reliable, in challenging outdoor electronics applications all over the world. Gore continues to develop innovative venting solutions that are designed to anticipate future challenges.

For more information about GORE PolyVent XS and the GORE Protective Vents portfolio, visit gorecom/protectivevents. GORE


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