HYBRID CABLES – PARALLEL TRANSFER OF DATA AND POWER With the Y-coded M12 round plug connector, Murrelektronik offers another interesting variant for industrial Ethernet applications. This hybrid solution makes it possible to transfer power and signal together in a single connector. The metal Y-coding separates the four power contacts from the four signal contacts in the pin design. This makes it possible to transfer 100Mbit/s, while at the same time providing 2 x 6A power connections. The installation effort in these applications is reduced, which enables cost savings. To meet all the requirements of the field level, Murrelektronik relies on a PUR cable that is suitable for C-track applications. For industrial Ethernet, selecting a

suitable cable material is as important as choosing the right connector. For each application, a specially designed cable is available. If the wrong cable type is used, cable failure (such as wire break) can occur in a very short time and the complete installation may fail. For static applications, cost-effective type A cables with a PVC jacket are recommended. For flexible applications, type B cables with a PUR jacket are the right choice, with an especially good price and performance ratio. For dynamic applications, where cables are exposed to constant torsion or continuously moving drag chains, a highly flexible type C PUR cable is required. Additionally, it has to be taken into account that an Ethernet cable that is suitable for C-track applications is not a torsion cable, and a torsion Ethernet cable is not suitable for drag chains. It is also very important to pay attention to the minimum bend radius. Using a small radius will destroy the cable. Murrelektronik offers the right cable for every application. To ensure a maximum lifetime, decisive criteria regarding the application has been defined. For example, minimum bend radius, degree of torsion, bend cycles and other parameters. This has been confirmed in many tests. Murrelektronik’s industrial Ethernet cables are resistant to external interference, which is ensured by the visual shielding of at least 85 per cent together with the 360° shielding concept of the connector. This enables stable and proper data transfer. Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive

product range for industrial Ethernet as a standard program, complemented by user-specific and customised versions. The right cable is available for all application specific protocols that were developed on the same physical basis, such as Profinet, Powerlink, EtherCAT. Shielded M8 connectors have been

 DESIGN SOLUTIONS | MAY 2017 9

established for EtherCAT. SERCOS III can be recognised by its special red Cat.5e cables, suitable for drag chains. The AIDA work group (Automation Initiative of German Automobile Manufacturers) defined the push pull power and push pull data connectors (copper and optical fibre) as standard for Profinet. Appropriate interface modules, such as flange connectors or cable entry systems, and the corresponding bus cables - sold by the metre from 100m to 500m - complement this product range and all cables are UL-approved. The cables are suitable for Fast Connect and can easily be pre-wired with the Fast Connect tool. With experience from many different

industries and a comprehensive product range, Murrelektronik is a strong partner for companies that want to create consistent networks based on industrial Ethernet.

Y-coded M12 X-coded M12

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