LEMO launched a new rotatable right- angled connector at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition 2017

exhibition 2017. This new versatile range of push pull connectors offers users the ability to configure cable exit angles during installation and therefore minimise system costs through simplified assembly and a consolidation of connector variants required. In addition to launching its new additions to an already extensive


University cuts carbon emissions


he University of Leeds is saving over 809 tonnes in carbon emissions and £194,000 a year in energy costs

following the installation of 94 ABB variable speed drives (VSDs) ranging from 5.5 to 55 kW. The project formed part of the university’s Carbon Management Plan. This included installing VSDs on motors powering fans in air handling units and fume extraction equipment and water pumps in more than 20 buildings used for teaching and research. Most of the assessed motors had no speed control, being connected direct-on-line. The drives are controlled by a building management

system (BMS) using a 4-20 mA connection to provide speed references to the drive and monitor alarms. ABB drives can monitor their own energy use and run hours and this has been used to identify the kWh used at various times, thereby proving the savings. The drives were supplied by ABB authorised value provider Halcyon Drives.

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ifm electronic Ltd.

interconnect portfolio, LEMO (UK) LTD showcased an overview of its recently expanded cable assembly design and manufacturing capabilities. This service includes the design of complex cable assemblies requiring the precise termination of a vast array of cable and wire types including fibre optics, for use in harsh environments where failure, or even signal degradation, are not an option.

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Ultrasonic sensors from ifm now feature IO-Link U

ltrasonic sensors from ifm electronic first appeared on the market only last year and have been well received, so

expectations are running high with the news that customers can now benefit from the advantages of IO-Link in ultrasonics, too. Added value through IO-Link: the now well-established IO-Link

standard offers many recognised benefits, from virtual teach- button setting of the switch point to secure transmission of the distance value in mm.

Other useful aspects of the IO-Link

inclusion cover switch-on delay and switch-off delay and diagnostics. If need be, an IO-Link sensor can easily be replaced as the transfer of parameters is automatic. The versions with IO-Link are produced in an industry-

standard M18 body, with long and short housings in both plastic and stainless steel. Five different sensing ranges cover up to a maximum of 2.2m.

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Belden Manufactures Industrial Network Devices Ready for the Deterministic Data Transfer of the Future Two switch types from the RSPE product family by Hirschmann

will support Time-Sensitive Networking, an open real-time Ethernet technology “For the first time, TSN allows a


elden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, is to release

a software update for the modularly-managed Hirschmann switch types RSPE35 and RSPE37. The update, which will be available in the second half of this year, will enable Time- Sensitive Networking (TSN) features. As a visible sign, the devices will have a “TSN ready” logo on the front panel. In addition, older switches of both RSPE types can also be upgraded for the new real-time technology. The “TSN ready” logo is not exclusive to the RSPE35 and RSPE37: other Hirschmann industrial Ethernet Switches with fitting capabilities will display the logo as well in the near future.


simultaneous transfer of time-critical and non-time-critical data with a guaranteed end-to-end latency via Ethernet in accordance with IEEE 802.1 and 802.3,” says Dr. Oliver Kleineberg, advanced development manager at Belden. He adds: “Because of the comprehensive functions and high bandwidths, the technology is suitable for nearly all automation applications. Moreover, since TSN is not a proprietary system like many other established real-time solutions, it can be used with devices from different manufacturers, which paves the way for the Industry 4.0 in modern heterogeneous industrial networks.”

The managed switches of the RSPE product family

consist of a basic unit with eight twisted pair and four combo ports, which can be expanded through the various media modules. The RSPE35 and RSPE37 versions support the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in accordance with IEEE 1588-2008 and feature a FPGA module (Field Programmable Gate Array), which means it's possible to implement selective hardware-based redundancy mechanisms such as HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy), PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and DLR (Device Level Ring) directly in the field. The new software update, which also enables TSN, can now be loaded into

the FPGA as an alternative to previous redundancy mechanisms. “This provides users with an additional possibility for responding flexibly to the wide range of requirements and building high-performance industrial IT infrastructures,” according to Dr. Kleineberg.

For additional information about TSN, please refer our

new white paper “TSN – Time Sensitive Networking”:

As an early innovator in industrial Ethernet, Belden

knows industrial IT and delivers the next generation of industrial networking solutions, including wired, wireless and embedded products. With its global brands – Hirschmann, GarrettCom and Tofino Security – Belden helps companies minimize downtime and take advantage of the real-time data access and control made possible by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Through a seamless, secure and scalable industrial Ethernet infrastructure, companies are equipped to revolutionize their operations and achieve improved efficiency, productivity and agility. Visit to learn more.

Belden u +31 77 387 8555 u u


EMO (UK) LTD launched their new ANGLISSIMO range of rotatable right -angled connectors at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics

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