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There is undoubtedly an on-going shift towards the use of Ethernet for industrial control and automation applications. Ethernet’s data transfer performance has advanced to the point that it is increasingly replacing proprietary communications at the plant floor level and in some cases moving downward into the cell and field levels. As a manufacturer of electrical control system components, Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive, advanced connector programme for industrial networking applications

Connectors include 360o shielding, extremely compact housing and an improved clip

INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET CONNECTORS FOR A HIGHLY DIVERSE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS AND INDUSTRIES Murrelektronik manufactures a wide range of industrial Ethernet connectors. No matter if they are used in IP20 cabinet wiring, in a harsh industrial IP67 environment, or from the cabinet or the office world into the field, the cables can be produced in almost any length, with a choice of connector style (0°, 90°, 45°) and connector angle (left, right, up or down). Any of these combinations can be ordered in quantities as small as one piece. The cables feature 360° shielding to ensure reliable data transfer, the compact housing saves space and the

RJ45 connector clip has been refined to be easier to work with and to install. Murrelektronik’s industrial Ethernet connectors are available to meet Cat.5, Cat.5e, Cat.6 and Cat.6A specifications. All Murrelektronik industrial Ethernet connectors are 100 per cent tested before they leave the factory. This means they are electrically tested for high voltage, function, pinning and short circuits, as well as visually inspected to guarantee quality and reliability.

M12 CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY FOR STATE-OF-THE-ART INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET APPLICATIONS According to the DIN EN 61076-2-101 standard, the D-coded M12 connectors meet these requirements easily. With 100 mating cycles, IP65/ IP67, and a shock resistance of 50g, it became a standard in industrial Ethernet. Using Murrelektronik’s prewired and moulded M12 connectors prevents wiring errors and is tamper-proof. The D-coded pin design reliably prevents mistakes caused by wrong connections. A 15° locking mechanism gives protection against shock and vibration and the 360°


The harsh industrial environment at device level (sensor/actuator) requires industrial Ethernet system components to be robust. While IP20 protection (standard RJ45 connectors) is sufficient for

components at the office level, the industrial level requires IP65/IP67 protection. Of particular

importance is the high quality of the plug connections. These have to operate reliably against shock,

vibration, humidity, EMC problems, temperature fluctuations and aggressive media.

RJ45 Cabinet Line (fixed installation) 8 MAY 2017 | DESIGN SOLUTIONS

shielding of Murrelektronik’s M12 connectors ensure reliable data transfer, even under extreme conditions.

FULL SPEED ON THE DATA HIGHWAY If the data quantity is higher, for example with high-speed vision systems, X-coded M12 connectors according to E DIN EN 61076-2-109 are the right choice. Four separately shielded data pairs that are separated by an X-shaped metal cross, guarantee proper data transfer up to 10Gbit (ISO/IEC 11801 Cat.6A). Murrelektronik offers the X- coded M12 connectors with a highly flexible PUR cable. This makes them suitable for moving applications. Combining RJ45 connections in the

office and x-coded M12 connections in the field makes it possible to establish a consistent gigabyte communication company wide.

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