Lenze launches ready-to-go ErP compliant motors and geared motors

Power Jacks Has It All Configured Out

customers with designs on instant access to the company's product portfolio. The innovative portal system means design assistance


or product selection is available to customers anywhere in the world, 24/7. "It's our way of empowering customers who want to

benefit from Power Jacks' capabilities and expertise, and want to do so swiftly and efficiently," says Marketing Director Bruce Hamper. "For businesses located overseas, or with multiple

international bases, we believe this online engineering resource is a genuine problem-solver – an immediate solution when timescales are tight and product reliability is paramount." The portal has a user-friendly dashboard facility and all its capabilities can be accessed via a single log-in – all customers have to do is register on the website.

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LG Motion becomes UK distributor for Baumeister & Schack GmbH & Co. KG B

ifting and positioning specialist Power Jacks has introduced a new online engineering tool for

introduced Energy-related Products (ErP) regulations. The Lenze motors are pre-configured, for use by machine builders and OEMs, to help minimise the cost and complexity of correct design, specification and installation – ensuring faster and easier machine building. The latest stage of the ErP regulations, stating that premium


efficiency IE3 class motors must be used for applications above 0.75kW, came into force in January 2017; previously, this requirement only applied to motors above 7.5kW. The primary exception to the new regulation is where a variable speed drive is used, in which case the motor can meet the IE2 class specification.

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A precision accelerometer for when it gets really, really cold T

he new Type 8712B high sensitivity, voltage mode accelerometer from Kistler Instruments is designed to operate reliably at

cryogenic temperatures needed by many aerospace applications. With its range of approximately 5g and high 1,000mV/g sensitivity, the new accelerometer is ideally suited to applications involving low amplitude vibrations over a wide frequency range. On large structures, low amplitude vibrations as low as 100 g can be measured accurately and reliably over the long term. Typical applications include microvibration testing in spacecraft, seismic and any low amplitude vibration testing on heavy structures. The Type 8712B accelerometer can be attached to any clean and

flat surface on a structure by a single threaded hole on the base of the sensor. Signal Conditioning & Data Acquisition can be provided by the Kistler LabAmp Type 5165A or any IEPE Compatible Data Acquisition equipment.

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enze, the motion control specialists, has launched a range of ready-to-go motors and geared motors that are designed to meet the recently

asingstoke based LG Motion design and manufactures a wide range of motion control products and systems. The capability is complemented by close

working relationships with a number of other international manufacturers of drive systems and components. LG Motion is now pleased to announce that it will represent baumeister & schack in the UK. Founded in 1980 the company which is located to the south of Stuttgart

baumeister & Schack design, develop and manufacture DC motor drive systems and actuation products for diverse applications in the automotive, medical, machine tool and furniture industries. LG Motion’s Managing Director Gary Livingstone believes that the addition of

this innovative range of telescopic lifters opens another opportunity to provide a complete and diverse range of solutions for industrial and scientific applications.

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Wixroyd extends its range of specialist hinges for machine builders I

t is the stuff of horror – an old door, creaking on its rusty hinges. The last thing you want as an engineer is a good design spoilt by rusting parts. Protect your designs

from creaky door syndrome with Wixroyd’s refreshed and updated range of stainless steel hinges. Designed to provide resistance to corrosive environments or those

where there is exposure to moisture, Wixroyd supplies a full range of 304 stainless hinges alongside our standard zinc alloy range. Anyone who designs for or engineers in the food processing or packaging

industry, or exterior enclosures can avoid the horror show of contaminants or rust. Standard external leaf hinges are perfect for plain/flush mounted doors, as well as electrical panels and covers, while lift off hinges provide easy access for essential cleaning or maintenance. For more information about the range, please visit

or contact the customer service department on Wixroyd

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introduces new canbus rotary position sensor


ew model expands NRH27x range and offers CANbus J1939 output for specialty vehicle applications. Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has announced the

launch of the NRH27C, a non-contact rotary position sensor which is suitable for use on specialty on- and off-highway vehicles utilizing CANbus communications. Developed by Curtiss-Wright’s legacy brand of Penny &

Giles, the NRH27C extends the company’s recently- introduced NRH271 and NRH272 family and shares many similar features and benefits. These include a low-profile sensor body, small footprint, CANbus J1939 communications and a fully encapsulated, IP69K-rated design that offers exceptional performance against water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature. This makes the range ideal for use by OEMs of on- and off-highway vehicles that are destined for use in challenging environments, and as a cost-effective solution for medium volume applications where a degree of customization may be required.

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