of Birmingham’s official team, UBRacing is preparing for this year’s race season. The competition, which is organised by IMechE, is all about building future engineering talent by inviting competitors to design and produce a single-seater racing car. As part of its YES (Young Engineers Support) programme, igus has backed the team for several years, providing free engineering advice and products. This year, igus engineering plastic bearing products are being used in the car’s steering rack, pedal box and for the anti-roll bar bushing. These tribologically-optimised plastic materials are self-lubricating, meaning they require no maintenance. They are insensitive to


elebrating 20 years of competing in the Formula Student competition, the University

dust and dirt and, depending on the material selected, are resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and moisture. Not only are they lighter than their metal counterparts, but through intensive testing at its dry-tech test lab, igus can accurately predict the service life for any given application.

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Parker Hannifin has collaborated with Hungarian firm evopro to provide an electro-hydraulic drive solution for an zero-emission urban bus. The modular concept allows the lightweight composite-body buses to be easily adapted for different passenger capacities and various drive technologies, including those with a purely electric drive. The design team selected Parker’s

GVM permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor, combined with a low noise electro-hydraulic pump (EHP) to control the steering. The torque density and speed capabilities of the

permanent magnet AC motors (PMAC), combined with a voltage matched inverter, provide the speed and torque required to achieve breakthrough performance, while still offering high energy efficiency. The PMAC motor and EHP are controlled by an intelligent mobile hardened

inverter drive, which provides real- time speed and torque commands and enables use of all traditional hydraulic-pump flow/pressure control architectures. Since May 2016, 20 electric buses have been supplied to Budapest Public Transport and the Modulo has won several prizes, including a JEC 2016 Innovation Award for Urban Transportation. The Modulo also participated in the ELDURO 2016, an endurance test for electric vehicles, across 20 countries and three continents.


Stephen Cooper, head of industrial manufacturing at KPMG UK, commented on the latest Markit/CIPS Manufacturing PMI results, released this month. He said: “UK manufacturing sprang back to growth in April and the latest results have beaten expectations by rising to a three year high at 57.3, smashing the expected 54. The PMI for the Eurozone reflected a similar story. “While the good news from Europe may bring a smile to UK manufacturers’ faces, this could soon change as Brexit talks have the potential to muddy the waters.” Lisa Peake - Acting Editor

HepcoMotion has become used to working in the TV and film industry with its products often used in the production of special effects. However, this time it was Hepco’s manufacturing director, Barry Engstrom, that took centre stage when he appeared on BBC1 Breakfast news on 5 April. Hepco was proud to show its facilities to the BBC’s six million viewers. As part of a wider discussion about the UK’s productivity levels, the

BBC visited Hepco’s factory in Tiverton and business reporter Ben Thompson interviewed Engstrom about the initiatives that are increasing the company’s productivity. Last year was a record year of investment for Hepco – with its highest level of spends in any one year on new machines and people. Machinery highlights include new CNC programming software to reduce cycle times and the introduction of three high-tech robots to automate processes. By automating some of its manual and repetitive tasks, Hepco has been able to up-skill and re-train workers to focus on higher value, more rewarding work. The BBC was also keen to hear about Hepco’s award-winning

apprenticeship programme, which is bridging the skills gap and recruiting new talent into the engineering industry. Hepco has a strong history of working with apprentices and nearly 50 per cent of its staff are either apprentices or former apprentices. Engstrom was interviewed three times during the news show, resulting in a total of 12 minutes of broadcast TV. Hepco Motion 

The West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF) has launched its first-ever Aerospace Ambassadors Awards, designed to celebrate individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the aerospace and defence industry in the South West.

Convert, UK manufacturer of cable looms and harnesses, will be showcasing its capability at this year’s Subcon - the UK's premier subcontract manufacturing supply chain show - after increasing turnover by 20 per cent last year to £1.5 million.

Renishaw is pleased to congratulate the University Hospital of Wales on a successful first robotic assisted stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) neurosurgery procedure.

HBM announces its latest free webinar; ‘Everything you should know about Aircraft Structural Testing’, which will take place on 27 June, 2017 at 9am (GMT). As airframe structures must be

thoroughly tested to ensure top performance through its operational life, the webinar is suitable for structural engineers working on the development of modern aircraft.

RS Components (RS) brought its RS ‘Live Innovation in Motion’ truck to Silverstone in celebration of the partnership with the UK Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge, providing the opportunity for the engineers of tomorrow to interact with the truck at the recent national final of the competition.


In the steering rack of this year’s car, a drylin R press fit bearing is used at each end of the steering shaft. A drylin R standard liner is used in the centre to align the shaft, as well as acting as a bearing. In the pedal box, the engineering students developed a new design that enables the position of the pedals to move forward and backwards to suit the driver. For this they selected two drylin T low-profile linear guides, which are easily adjustable. The rails and carriages are made of hard anodised aluminium, making the system resilient to high shock loads, as well as being light and corrosion resistant. The engineering team are also using iglidur

P210 and iglidur J350 bar stock for the car’s anti-roll bar bushings.

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