problems. However, Wanner International claims that using Hydra-Cell seal-less diaphragm pumps can eliminate both these costly issues.

Hydra-Cell... Run-dry Pumps Handle Aggressive Chemicals P

umps failing through running dry, or becoming damaged due to pumping corrosive liquids are not uncommon

introduces NPI service O

Offshore Electronics

ffshore Electronics, the outsourced contract electronics manufacturing company, has launched a

new prototyping service, designed to help OEMs and manufacturers of electronic products drive down production costs, improve quality and reduce time to market.

In particular, the New Product Introduction (NPI) service

will make it easier for electronic design engineers to enhance the packaging, performance and reliability of PCBs, electronics and electromechanical assemblies, by considering the requirements and limitations of production systems at the earliest possible stage of development. In a typical project, Offshore Electronics’ NPI team will

work with customers at an early stage of design, providing both the expertise to help them optimise board designs from a production perspective, and the prototyping services to enable each iteration to be proven and perfected, prior to volume manufacturing.



Pumps with dynamic seals rely on seepage of the pumped liquid for seal lubrication. Dry running at best, causes the seals to wear and could result in seizure and catastrophic pump failure. Seepage of corrosive and noxious liquids through seals is a further problem for conventional rotary pumps. Hydra-Cell pumps have no dynamic seals and can run dry indefinitely without problem. Seal maintenance is eliminated and

being totally leak free, they provide 100%

containment of all pumped liquids, removing any possibility of dangerous liquids or vapours leaking to atmosphere.

Wanner u 01252 816847 u

Bowman acquires John Handley Bearings B

earing specialist, Bowman International, has announced the acquisition of Midlands-based John Handley Bearings Ltd.

Committed to growing the John Handley name under the umbrella of its own

brand, Bowman will work closely with the highly-experienced John Handley team to improve stock availability for its three key technical partners; Thomson Industries, Cooper Bearings and NSK Linear. With 50-years of industry heritage, John Handley Bearings will benefit from a

period of brand modernisation as it becomes ‘John Handley Bearings, a division of Bowman International Ltd’. Moving forwards, Bowman envisages larger premises for its new division to

accommodate improvements in logistical capacity and supply chain management; meaning quicker, more reactive product supply throughout much of the UK. For more information about Bowman International, visit and to read about John Handley Bearings, go to

u 01235 462500 u

Interroll’s new modular Drum Motors will cut costs and lead times


nterroll has launched a new generation of drum motors. The innovative motor platform has a completely modular design, encompassing both synchronous and asynchronous technologies, available first in 80mm-diameter drums and will then be expanded to the entire product range in the future. The new platform makes it easy to combine all of the components and guarantees short and reliable delivery

times. Options such as encoders, brakes and return stops, are available for all variants, making it easier for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to plan and implement efficient materials-handling solutions. The motors are IP69K protected, making them easy and quick to clean, especially compared to gear-motors. The new motors are distinguished by a series of design benefits including stronger shafts and ball bearings that

guarantee a long service life. Robust planetary gears make it possible to transfer high levels of torque to conveyor belts efficiently and quietly. An expanded number of gear stages provides a greater speed range, making it easier for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to design conveyor systems that achieve their throughput requirements precisely. The new platform’s modular design reduces production and delivery times. Unlike previous generations, there is an option for a simple plug-in connection, reducing downtime for maintenance and repair work, resulting in considerable cost advantages for the user.The drum motors also offer high energy efficiencies compared to alternative drive systems, cutting operating costs further.


PCIM 2017: ROHM Expands its Range of Power Devices to Offer

Complete Power Solutions N

ew lines include latest SiC based technologies and Si based IGBT devices for enhanced energy efficiency.

ROHM Semiconductor debuted its latest power product designs at PCIM, the leading trade fair for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion and Energy Management in Nuremberg (May 16 to 18, 2017). Energy savings and reduced system costs in all kinds of

systems are heavily influenced by choosing the right power device. With its new developments resulting from the group’s extensive research and design initiatives, ROHM is able to offer customers not only a full line-up of efficient, compact products for their applications, but also a complete solution for the power channel. ROHM will show power semiconductor solutions with 5 categories as ‘SiC’, ‘Power IC’, ‘Automotive’, ’Industrial’ and ‘Motor Drive’.

ROHM Semiconductor GmbH u +49 2154 921 0 u


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