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Rinnai and the art of Zen+Zen Plus

Rinnai reimagines home hot water & heating systems

Carrier sdds Refrigerant Monitoring Connectivity and New Touch Pilot Control System

of builtin connectivity for fixed refrigerant leak monitoring and the addition of Carrier’s flagship Touch Pilot control system. The upgrade adds significant new capabilities that make the chiller even easier for end users and maintenance contractors to operate and helps to reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance by automating checks required under FGas regulations. Carrier, a world leader in high technology heating, airconditioning and refrigeration solutions, is a part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative HVAC, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.


arrier has introduced an important upgrade to its AquaSnap® 30RBMP 30RQMP chiller range with the addition

A compatible fixed refrigerant leak detection

system can now be connected directly to the chiller, linking this vital monitoring function with the chiller’s own control system. This speeds up customer or contractor notification in the unlikely event of refrigerant loss and enables more timely corrective action to be taken. Carrier can supply and fit compatible

refrigerant leak detectors, which includes all wiring connections between the sensors and the chiller control panel. Use of a fixed refrigerant leak detection

system reduces the number of mandatory site visits required for testing the chiller under F Gas regulations by half, saving the end user significant costs over the lifetime of the chiller. The upgrade also includes replacement of Carrier’s Prodialog+ control system with the powerful and easytouse Touch Pilot system that makes available the latest control functions via a state oftheart colour touch sensitive screen, accessible via the internet on PC, tablet or smart phone. The new control system

offers alarm notification by email and SMS alert for rapid response and facilitates easy connection to Building Management Systems. Performance data stored within the unit’s onboard memory can be analysed via a userfriendly graphical display, which shows trend data over time at the touch of a button. A “black box” stores all

operating parameters for 15 minutes leading up to an

uCarrier’s AquaSnap 30RBP chiller now has refrigerant leak detecon system connecvity built in

alarm or failure, making it possible for Carrier’s service team to assess the cause of a problem and ensure the root cause is identified and rectified. The Touch Pilot also features an FGas leak

check alert that enables a reminder to be programmed to help ensure mandatory leakage inspections are not missed. The reminder message remains on the chiller’s control screen until reset by the maintenance operator. If the inspection date expires without being addressed, an alarm is activated until the issue is resolved. This helps to ensure mandatory inspections are not missed and the unit remains compliant with FGas legal requirements. The upgrade option is now available on all

new orders of the AquaSnap 30RBMP30RQMP chiller range, which is available in cooling capacities from 160kW to 510kW.

Lindapter announce the launch of their new English (metric) catalogue


he 2019 edition catalogue has over 100 updates including new products, more approvals and latest technical data. The Type CF2 clamp has been introduced

into the catalogue to extend Lindapters existing product range and meet market demand. The new Type CF2 additions are High Slip Resistant Clamps designed to suit larger steel sections with thicker flanges. They are available in sizes M12, M16 and M20 with clamping ranges of 1220mm, 1525mm and 1830mm respectively. Another addition to the catalogue is the

Type AMD which offers customers a wider choice of quality products within the Decking Fixing product range. The fixing has been developed to allow building services to be suspended from AMD60 and AMD80 decking profiles manufactured by Anglian Metal Deck Ltd. The new CE marked fixing creates genuine efficiencies for the contractor as it’s installed within seconds and is adjustable onsite without the requirement of specialist labour, expensive tools or power. New approvals include:

uCE Marking for the following products: uGirder Clamp (steelwork fixings). uHolloBolt & Lindibolt (SHS fixings).


innai, global leaders in continuous flow hot water heating products and

systems, is introducing the Zen and Zen Plus home hot water & heating system which marries established and proven manufacture durability with new technologies to offer great energy efficiencies, user control and, importantly, unparalleled level of comfort. Rinnai UK will be launching

this innovation plus several other cuttingedge appliances during 2019. The Rinnai Zen and Zen Plus

system will increase comfort and reduce energy usage whilst also providing a highly economically solution for today’s changing marketplace. ‘Our core expertise is the mass

production of longterm reliable combustion products with advanced technologies – we are a global leader and make over 2 million water heating units every year for domestic, residential and commercial applications. We have been researching and monitoring the UK domestic heating market for several years until we had a proven system. That time is now, and we are offering hot water heating units together with a superior performance combi boiler in 24, 29 and 35kW outputs,’ says Chris Goggin, head of Rinnai UK operations. ‘We are not launching into the

mass UK boiler market – that is, in our view, a saturated and oversubscribed market which is in the throes of a major upheaval in its structure due to the advent of online direct sales platforms. We are offering something very different. And we are aiming to serve a market sector previously overlooked and almost ignored  the provision of luxury levels of hot water at affordable sums to the middle and top end of the marketplace. ‘Another major difference with the Rinnai Zen & Zen Plus is that

the route to market is with installers. We are committed to working with installers as our route to market. The installer is still the major player and, in our view, always will be. Some of the features of Zen & IOT controller as

Zen Plus are:

standard; Fast heating mode; DHW preheat function  saving wasted water; Energy monitor function allows user to monitor energy usage; flue runs up to 30 meters, Rinnai boiler App for android and IOS; constant temperatureaccurate hot water delivery at continuous flow rates.

There is also smart Wifi

controller and App benefits; The Rinnai app seamlessly connects to the controller in the property; the user can control the boiler remotely adjusting temperature, setting weekly and daily programmes, receiving alarm functions, monitor energy usage and set limits. The Wifi and boiler controller also uses GPS from the user’s mobile to bring on the heat when you are getting close to home to ensure the house is warm when you arrive. Rinnai Zen & Zen Plus are

available for use with both natural gas and LPG. For more information visit:

uFloor Fixings uDecking Fixings. uICCES (USA seismic approval): uGirder Clamp (Types AF & AAF). uHolloBolt (HDG). uLPCB uType SH / Strap Hangers now approved up to pipe bore 150mm.

Read the latest at:

The catalogue contains more helpful

information for structural engineers and other specifiers of steelwork connections along with an enhanced layout for easier browsing. To order a hard copy of the catalogue email or download from:


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