Tony Nielsen, UK markeng manager at Panasonic, explores how we can keep our homes comfortable and energy ecient all yearround

owners keep their homes comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the summer? Panasonic has developed a range of products specifically designed for year- round comfort, keeping homes cool in the summer months and cosy in the winter months, with the added benefit of being both energy efficient and elegant. Presenting a wide range of products for all homes, Panasonic Heating and Cooling’s residential collection is said to be quick to install, sustainable and energy saving. Not only do the products boast excellent performance, but they also offer great wellbeing benefits for you, your family and the planet.


With the global attention surrounding our environment and the impact of our energy usage intensifying, Panasonic has made it a company- wide mission to create more sustainable solutions and reduce carbon emissions. One of Panasonic’s core company values is to “devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout the world”. In 2018, Panasonic led the change on adopting renewable energy sources and fulfilled their pledge to make its air conditioning solutions fully compatible with R32 Refrigerant.* More environmentally-friendly than some other refrigerants on the market and with zero impact on the ozone layer, R32 also ensures optimum energy efficiency, with realistic efficiency increases of up to 10 per cent compared to R410A, offering a more cost- effective option for your home. This step forward is key for Panasonic’s Environmental Vision 2050, formulated in 2017 to determine Panasonic’s own initiatives in responding to the expectations and requests from its stakeholders. The Environmental Vision 2050 aims to work towards creation and more efficient utilisation of energy which exceeds the amount of energy used, aiming for a society with clean energy and a more comfortable lifestyle.

Adaptability and flexibility of design for all projects

uPanasonic’s new R32 Floor Console, featuring stateoftheart nanoe X air purificaon technology, has won an iF Design Award from the Internaonal Forum Design

Panasonic air conditioning solutions are designed to be sleek and stylish, to beautifully complement every home and interior scheme. There is a wide range to suit most homes, from city apartments with limited space, to large family homes located off-grid in the countryside, Panasonic has a suitable solution.

A great solution for every home this summer, Panasonic recently introduced its Etherea VKE series. The wall mounted VKE models boast the highest energy class, A+++ in heating and A+++ in cooling. With a slim and elegant design, plus new

ith summer just around the corner it won’t be long before the longer days and warmer nights are upon us, and our homes will be feeling the heat. So how can

BSEE Enjoying more efficient summer comfort

nanoe X air purifying technology and built-in WLAN connection for smart control, the VKE models provide a stylish and intelligent air conditioning solution.

For properties where space is at a premium, Panasonic’s range of matt white TZ and TE indoor models are ideal for offering comfort and style from a compact air conditioning unit. The space- saving size significantly reduces the area required for installation. With the width of the unit reduced to just 799mm, the units fit perfectly into the space above an average-sized door so it can act as the perfect solution for cooling any living space or corridor. The noise level of the TZ and TE models is extremely low, at just 20 dB(A) it creates minimal disturbance which is crucial for when you are trying to sleep, work or relax.

Panasonic’s TZ and TE range is available in seven different capacities to suit a wide range of requirements.

With flexibility in mind, Panasonic has also introduced the new R32 Floor Console, featuring state-of-the-art nanoe X air purification technology for fresher and healthier indoor air. With a clean and modern design, the indoor unit offers a stylish and functional solution to maximise comfort and sit beautifully within modern homes and interiors. The console uses R32 refrigerant, which is easy to recycle, has zero impact on the ozone layer and 75 per cent less impact on GWP (global warming potential)*, helping to lower the carbon footprint of a building.

The new console has won an iF Design Award from the International Forum Design, which celebrates outstanding design amongst designers and manufacturers, providing a gold standard for pioneering products. It has a minimalist white matt exterior and its slim design, with a depth of just 207mm, helps it to discreetly blend with its surroundings. A washable air filter means that filter maintenance is simple, it’s easy to remove and clean without requiring a professional. The lightweight R32 Floor Console makes a perfect alternative for traditional radiators and can be mounted directly on the floor or fixed under a window, adapting to varying spaces. It can also be partially concealed in a wall for even more discretion.

Smart homes can help increase energy efficiency and save money

Homeowners are looking to reduce energy bills and increase energy efficiency. With today’s busy lives, people are often away from home and there is a growing demand for smart home options that give homeowners on-the-go control of the technology in their homes, including air conditioning.

Panasonic is at the forefront of smart technology and has introduced a new WLAN adaptor for its range to enable wireless control from any smart device. The new adaptor enables connection to the Panasonic Comfort Cloud app, offering users intuitive control of their air conditioning, from

Read the latest at:

uPanasonic’s Comfort Cloud app oers users intuive control of their air condioning using a smartphone

anywhere in the world, for a new and easy way of operating and monitoring heating and cooling in the home.

Panasonic Comfort Cloud offers a wide variety of benefits for homeowners, multi-tenant owners and for small-to-medium sized commercial premises. With remote control of indoor functions, including all units on/off, quiet mode operation, fan speed settings, airflow direction and temperature control, users can instantly increase comfort whilst making energy savings. Comfort Cloud includes an easy-to-use interface and weekly timer functions among other features – available on both Android and iOS smart devices. Simply download for free from the Apple Store or Android Play Store as ‘Panasonic Comfort Cloud’, register, log in and follow the simple instructions to get started. For further convenience, Panasonic Comfort Cloud will soon be compatible with some of the most popular voice assistant technologies in the market too.

The importance of maintaining indoor air quality in our homes

Panasonic’s innovative nanoe X air purification technology, helps you to control certain allergens, bacteria and viruses in your home, ensuring the air you breathe is healthier. Ten times more powerful than its predecessor nanoe, it also reduces odours within the room and includes an internal dehumidifier to limit the propagation of certain mould and bacteria. Ideal for many buildings including hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels and even your own home, it is an invaluable technology for both commercial and residential environments. Healthy air is not only important, but essential to us all. The impact of air pollution to our health has been widely publicised, and it has been proven that the very air we breathe is growing dangerously polluted: nine out of ten people now breathe polluted air. Panasonic’s nanoe X greatly reduces concentrations of pollutants. Even in a seemingly clean environment, the air can still be filled with invisible particulates such as mould, pet dander, dust mites, etc, which will aggravate existing allergy sensitivities. With nanoe X, most of these particulates will be filtered out, allowing you and your family to relax and breathe easier. This technology is not just for summer, it cleans the air all year round, and through autumn and spring when allergens are particularly active, it can work with the cool/heat function or by itself as a stand-alone air purification system, providing a two-in-one solution.

* World Health Organization room/detail/02-05-2018-9-out-of-10-people-worldwide-br eathe-polluted-air-but-more-countries-are-taking-action


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