Armitage Shanks enhances DOC M offering to better support sight loss and dementia sufferers

rmitage Shanks, the renowned commercial washroom solutions

provider, has enhanced its industryleading DOC M package alongside new research around sight loss and dementia. For the last few decades,

Armitage Shanks has worked closely with occupational therapists to create the most inclusive solutions which guarantee compliance in commercial and residential care

sector washrooms. Now, the manufacturer has adapted its DOC M offering to comprise more visually distinctive products. Due to the colour’s optimum visual properties, Armitage Shanks’ easy to specify DOC M packages now include red toilet seats, hinged arms, toilet roll holders and back rests.

The products,

suitable for residential care, hospitality, leisure and office environments, are all quick to install and maximise accessibility for those suffering from sight loss and dementia. At the same time, they also help ensure building

owners comply with legislation and maintain high levels of hygiene.

Evinox are Finalists in Product Innovation Category at CSA Awards Armitage Shanks revamped

DOC M offering also includes new, easy to install, exposed shower packs within the range which guarantee compliance in facilities with inclusive wet rooms. For more information on this and how to best specify Armitage Shanks DOC M offering, watch this video: or visit: Viega adds Megapress

Easytop valves to its press connection range

(EPBD) entering into force in July 2018, the European Union has set rules to push for more efficiency gains in the building sector. As implementation is key, EPEE, representing the heating, cooling and refrigeration industry (HVACR) in Europe, has developed implementation guidelines to clarify key aspects of the EPBD, providing details on the measures to be implemented at national level. These aspects include:


uPutting in place regular inspection programmes and renovation strategies: these strategies should both incentivise and compel the building owner to realise the recommendations from such inspections, repairing and refurbishing the systems. uUsing building automation and control: to optimise the energy performance of technical building systems in both residential and nonresidential buildings.


the 2019 Commissioning Specialists Association (CSA) Awards, with the ModuSat® XR heating interface unit for heat network developments. Judges were impressed with the


ModuSat® XR Smart technology, which enables units to be remotely commissioned and warranty validated over the internet using a standard communication network. Other HIU’s installed in communal and district heating developments, require an engineer to physically attend site to setup/commission every individual unit manually, adding time and cost to the project,

vinox are honored to have been shortlisted as finalist’s in the Product Innovation of the Year category at

so this is a big step forward for heat interface unit technology. The judging panel includes independent

experts, representation from the press and sponsoring companies, who spent a day analysing and discussing every entry to decide on the 2019 finalists. Through a further secret ballot the winners were also determined, but these won’t be revealed until the Awards Dinner. Evinox look forward to the winners being

announced at the lavish gala awards dinner, which will be taking place on Thursday 27th June 2019 at The Tower Hotel in St. Katharine's Dock, London, providing yet another excellent setting for networking with the industry’s best and brightest. Link to finalists:


enables integrated room management and offers outstanding application engineering and installation advantages. Being freely programmable, MERLIN NX can


work with most applications, from heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), to lighting and shading. It can communicate energy demands to the plant control level, optimising not only energy use for cooling and heating but also overall energy efficiency. Using CentraLine’s Niagara eXtended (NX),

the room controller is part of the SingleTool Engineering throughout the building management system, thereby also offering consistent and flexible handling options for the building operator – from room and plant control to supervisor level and even cloud managed solutions.

entraLine by Honeywell has launched the MERLIN NX, a programmable Niagara 4 BACnet MS/TP room controller that

iega has extended its Megapress range further with new Easytop ball valves designed for thickwalled steel tube systems. The new

products are available in ½” to 2” sizes and with both a standard EPDM sealing element and a Megapress S version with an FKM sealing element suitable for higher temperature applications up to 140°C. The highquality, German engineered press

connection valves are quick, simple and clean to install. As with the rest of the Megapress range, the new valves feature SCContur technology that is proven to deliver a 100% positive leak during testing if the fitting is inadvertently unpressed. This reliable method of detecting missed connections prevents costly and timeconsuming issues occurring after the installation is complete. The internal design of the valves and easy to

operate actuating lever ensures smooth and accurate control. The structure of the fitting also makes maintenance and servicing simple. The main valve section can be removed for cleaning or replacement if required without the need to modify the pipework. The extensive range of Viega Easytop system

fittings includes products for use on copper stainless steel and plastic (multilayer) systems in a range of pipe sizes including XL dimensions. The product portfolio also features adapters suitable for threaded and soldered connections. To find out more about Viega’s Megapress and

Easytop valve ranges visit:

CentraLine by Honeywell offers integrated room management With common control strategies

across HVAC, lighting and shading, MERLIN NX ensures the toplevel classification A of the EN 15232 standard and helps to meet EU CO2 reduction targets. The use of stateof theart function blocks enables both efficient engineering as well as maximum energy savings. The function block “shading”, for example, supports height and slat angle positioning. It has inputs for emergency signals (e.g., strong wind), manual settings, and application specific settings (freely programmable). With all relevant information included in the function block, application engineers do not need to know all the details regarding the sunblind positioning. They can focus on customer specific application logic like activating the blind for solar heating if a room is unoccupied. MERLIN NX uses BACnet MS/TP a simple

twowire cabling that can be used for installation. This greatly reduces costs not only for new construction but also for refurbishments where the twowire cabling often already in place can be reused. To cover different installation requirements, the controller can be universally mounted on DIN rails, small installation housings and onto walls, including optional terminal covers. The installation costs are minimised further as the controller offers 24 VAC aux. output

Read the latest at:

Advertorial BSEE EPEE published EPBD implementation guidelines

ith the amended Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

uImplementing European standards: a national approach on standardisation, as it currently applied does not reflect the economic context in Europe. uEncourage the use of high efficiency alternative systems in renovation projects and consider partload conditions when inspecting HVAC systems. EPEE has continuously

supported the need for an ambitious and correctly implemented EPBD, our members’ technologies have the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption and the impact on climate, limit energy demand and increase energy security in Europe. Uponor SPress Plus


fter 25 years of real life experience and more than 500 million fittings

installed, Uponor has now reinvented the press fitting system for metal pipes. Introducing SPress PLUS: the

perfect solution for ensuring permanently tight pipe connections. Available in dimensions from 16 to 32 mm in both metal and plastic (2020), it is 100% backward compatible with current Uponor multilayer pipes (MLCP) and tools. What's more it offers improved flow rates and resilience against harsh

conditions onsite. The benefits of the solution

can be summarised in the following categories: 1) Tough resistant to

mechanical stress and chemical components in concrete 2) Safeafter pressing the

fitting, the indicator foil is removed and a secure connection is made 3) Easy to Install offers best in

class zeta values with a decreased pressure loss of up to 60% 4) Smart scan the QR code on a

fitting to receive access to a bank of FAQs and installation videos.

Sontay sensors prove successful for French TV channel

voltage, allowing direct connection and powering of field devices. Furthermore, the MasterFollowerConcept enables the fully automated rollout of application changes from a master controller to all other networked controllers. The free programmability of the MERLIN

NX makes adaptations to future application needs easy. Its vendorindependent offering (Niagara, BACnet) keeps all options open for the future. New Connected Building Management services can easily be utilised via the integrated cloud connector on plant control and supervision levels. MERLIN NX is available in 24 VAC and

230 VAC versions and with various input/output options.

channel, France 3 Normandie, is moving its headquarters to a new building in Rouen. Once the space is delivered in June 2019, its occupants will benefit from a stateof theart building management system (BMS) that integrates a range of Sontay Smart sensors. After two years of studies,


construction and installation, France 3 will have new offices, a studio and stateoftheart control rooms. The team will be able to conduct interviews from the Grande Armada of Rouen located on the banks of the Seine. Built at the foot of the Flaubert bridge, near the quays, the new building of 3,000m² has a space of 2,100m² purposefully built for hundreds of journalists, technicians and administrative staff. The GTB Niagara system was

installed and commissioned by the French integrator FLH Energie. In keeping with the

he successful Regional French television

technology France 3 is utilising in its work, the BMS is equally as sophisticated and forward thinking. More than 80 ST TOUCHP touch thermostats using Modbus have been deployed on this project. "It's a smart building that has

been developed with the occupants in mind and meets a very innovative specification," comments Franck Lecouflet, Director of FLH Energie. "It is in this spirit that we have selected STTOUCH from Sontay. They allow employees of France 3 to easily control each space using a touch interface in the room.” BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER JULY 2019 39

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