SPONSORS WHAT’S NEW Callisto stars with Luceco L

uceco has recently launched a brandnew edition to their LED luminaire range. Callisto is a contemporary and stylish

linear LED surface mounted luminaire, offering over 100,000 hours of maintenance free, operational life with an efficacy of 135 Llm/cW, and lumen output variants ranging from 11,000lm up to 32,000lm. Callisto is a highlevel LED luminaire designed

as an alternative to traditional HID and T5 lamp luminaires. Environmentally friendly, with no warm up time to produce 100% light output and no maintenance over its lifetime, Callisto offers a costeffective alternative to traditional luminaires. Suitable for many commercial

and interoperability between devices along with the requirement to keep install costs to a minimum. Titan Products recognise these needs and have developed the next generation of HVAC sensors which provide interoperable connectivity by communicating directly onto a BACnet MS/TP or Modbus network. Already offering Smart Room CO2,


Humidity and Temperature Sensors, Titan Products have increased their Smart Sensor range with a number of new assemblies. The series now includes outside, duct, immersion and strapon sensors, offering temperature only or combined temperature and humidity solutions. The Smart Sensors aid accurate control and network visibility by allowing multiple

ith the emergence of the Internet of Things, there is an ever growing need for improved connectivity

applications such as front of house and high street environments, Callisto also benefits from IK10 rating so can be used in semi industrial applications as well recreational and sports facilities, offering both wide and narrow optical light distribution. Callisto is available as fixed output, DALI

dimmable, emergency backup variants, PIR and LiteIP and offers excellent photometric performance, as well as being a very visually pleasing energy saving luminaire. According to Ancient Greek mythology,

Callisto is the fourth Galilean moon of Jupiter. Callisto was also the daughter of King Lycaon and set among the stars as "the Great Bear".

Titan Products increase their Smart Sensor range with new products

environmental conditions within a building to be reliably monitored over one network, reducing on site wiring, commissioning and installation costs. All sensors are supplied with a digital input and output to provide inbuilt control solutions freeing up network I/O. Easily addressed via the onboard DIP switches, the sensors are ideal for a wide range of applications which require accurate, networkable monitoring and control across open systems. Contact Titan Products to find out more

about this exciting range on 0161 406 6480 or email Plug & Glow 2 A

dvance Appliances have launched Plug & Glow 2, an improved version of the original plug & glow small stainless steel boiler. The new version now comes with bespoke

software and is the same size as the original version (120mm x 195mm).

It has 22

connections for ease of installation, a 13 amp plug fitted and can be programmed twice a day with a five day/weekend option. Temperature is adjusted by a calibrated knob on the front of the case or it can be controlled by an off board thermostat. With a 2.7kW output, the unit is fitted with a 13 amp plug and can be plugged into a household socket. Plug & Glow 2 is CE marked and comes with a

two year guarantee. For more information please visit:

range of cabinet heaters which delivers exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and the potential to reduce energy costs. The FSE range of cabinet heaters combine


innovative design with proven heat exchanger technology to provide a high efficiency cost effective and durable range. The units may be specified for either free blowing applications or for use with ductwork. Gas red cabinet heaters are suitable for use with

Natural Gas (G20), most units can also be specified for Propane (G31) Oil fired cabinet heaters are suitable for use with Class D gas oil (35 sec), most units can also be specified for Kerosene (28 sec oil). Oil red cabinets are supplied complete with factory fitted re valve and oil filter Vertical freestanding models are available from

40kW to 300kW. For more information please visit:

alternative to the complexities that a fully capable BMS can bring with it. What makes the SYX66x range exceptional is the combination of ease of use with flexibility. The controllers are very easy to setup and are adaptable to manage almost any simple plantroom. Guided by simple setup options for the system (boiler, heating, HWS etc) the controller is directly customised for the building it is installed in. A wide range of installation accessories are ready to be used with the


SYX66x which allow simple upgrades of older optimiser/compensator control systems. The SYX66x range also supports different sensor types from other manufacturers thus saving even more time and money. Furthermore, the SYX66x range can be integrated into larger supervised systems if required. The SYX66x is a simple to use heating control system, suitable for facilities

such as schools, clinics, offices, and assisted living facilities. The controller in particular helps schools improve performance by monitoring its optimisation results. If there is an issue with the heating it will let you know. No specialist tools or software is needed. The SYX66x uses simple

terminology that is easy to understand. It can be managed locally via its own interface, from a remote computer/touch screen, or if WiFi is available, from a smart device such as a phone or tablet. Built on solid experience, reliability and commonality, you begin to save money from the very moment you decide to install it. uDay extend Settings activate when time program ends uSimple settings for a wide range of applications  no worries about programming uUnderstandable and familiar parameters all explained in the guide

uSelfLearning to reduce energy and increase comfort uTemperature and plant activity recording uEngineer Commissioning Mode to allow testing and demonstrations uA wide range of options and mounting plates for retrofit upgrades and new installations uChoice of models to suit existing sensor types uInbuilt web browser allows direct access for users and engineers. uThree password levels uThe SYX controllers can be custom reprogrammed to suit changing needs of the building/design in the future. Simple today – even better tomorrow. For more information please contact or visit:optimisercompensators/ Read the latest at:

Why make it dicult when it can be so easy? Introducing the SYX66x Controller Range from SyxthSense

nderstanding the balance of essential features and easeofuse the SYX66x range of Heating Controls from SyxthSense tick all the boxes for Small Buildings and System Installers whom need an

FSE cabinet heaters

eznor, part of Nortek Global HVAC (UK) Limited continue their tradition of manufacturing high efficiency heating equipment with the FSE

product lines enhance the capabilities of both hardware platforms and ensure that they are fully compatible with Trend IQ Vision. The new vIQ software

S Callisto is definitely performing a starring

role in the LED luminaire offering from Luceco!

release enables the SIP and SIP+ hardware platforms to integrate seamlessly with the Trend BMS Network and operate with Trend's latest supervisor software, IQ Vision (& legacy Trend 963 and SET (read only)). Each third party device, interfaced via SIP and SIP+, using Synapsys vIQ OSs, are presented as if they were a Trend controller and each value transferred as a standard Trend module – sensor, knob, switch and digital input. This vIQ firmware has been enhanced to include a full complement of functionality for Trend IQ Vision, including Niagara Platform/Station

Operating System with Trend Alarm and Histories (Trend Plot files) compatibility. Sean Samuels, Synapsys

Solutions, explained: “This latest vIQ firmware release enhances our existing Trend BMS interfaces, making them truly compatible with Trend IQ Vision, with all current Trend 963 functionality, including Trend IQ Vision Alarms and Histories. The updated software provides our customers with the confidence that no matter what Trend system is on site our products will work seamlessly.”


Swegon launches high efficiency heat recovery ventilation

Advertorial BSEE

Enhanced Trend IQ Vision compatibility with SIP and SIP+ devices

ynapsys Solutions’ latest software release for the SIP and SIP+

with high efficiency heat recovery to the UK market. The new Global PX units are


part of the company’s suite of products designed to deliver improved indoor air quality (IAQ) in as energy efficient a way as possible. They employ high efficiency counterflow plate heat exchangers that capture energy from the exhaust air to preheat the incoming air which is used to refresh the indoor space. There are four models in the

range: Total, Global, Flat and Mural delivering ventilation capacities between 300 and 9,000 m3/hr. They include a counter flow aluminium plate exchanger, stainless steel condensate collection tray, F7 filters, modulating bypass and high efficiency (ECO) fans. Suitable for both large

residential and a wide range of commercial applications, the high efficiency ventilation units from Swegon can achieve operating

wegon has introduced a new range of controlled mechanical ventilation units

efficiencies as high as 96% thanks to their heat recovery function, which meets the requirements of Eurovent certification and the international EN 308 standard. Global PX also has a ‘free

cooling’ option achieved by the use of a bypass that allows the system to capture cool air overnight to precool the indoor space. All units are supplied pre

programmed in the factory so are set up to ‘plug and play’ including their electric preheat (anti freezing) and water or electric postheating options. They can also be connected to an external BMS via modbus, KNX, Wifi or Ethernet – the installer simply needs to connect to the external power supply and the remote control or communication interface to activate the unit. Specialised models in the range

come with all the connections mounted on the top of the unit for easier installation in places where access is restricted. BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER JULY 2019 37

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