automatic control of lighting and ventilation. The products detect movement within the

BSEE Advertorial D

ANLERS have launched a new range of costeffective midrange Microwave presence detection switches for the

detection area and control the load accordingly. Each product is suitable for switching most lighting loads including LED and have a detection range of up to 12m. MWCEFL is suitable for flush mounting into

false or plasterboard ceilings. MWCEFL has a snap fit cover allowing for easy adjustment of time lag and lux level functions. Its slim profile is visually unobtrusive making it suitable for corridors, offices, washrooms etc.


Simply saving energy with DANLERS microwave switches MW6A2C IP67 and MW2A IP67 are

IP67 rated and are suitable for surface mounting on walls or ceilings. With an operating temperature range of 30°C to 70°C these controls may be suitable for cold storage facilities as well as factories, warehouses etc. MW6A2C IP67 has two channel output for controlling two separate circuits such as lights and fans. Call: 01249 443377,

Email: or visit: Harnessing the energy at Glastonbury

there to experience what has become a music and aesthetic phenomenon that is just synonymous with Glastonbury. Conscious of their role in creating as little


billion people follow the action and with c500,000 people attending, this makes this the largest single annual sporting event in Europe. Such a massive undertaking relies on many hidden


heroes such as a wide range of pumps that are involved in the various processes. These include heating/cooling requirements, primary and secondary hot and coldwater needs; a range of pressurisation units and multiple booster sets; along with the relevant control panels all of which are linked to a building management system. Another challenge for a UK venue is the weather

and to ensure continuity of play, a second court – Court No 1 has been reconfigured and has recently had a retractable roof fitted at a cost of £70m. The pump solution to support this revamp has included 48 Grundfos Unilift drainage pumps. Their role is to quickly and effectively remove any excess water that can be caused by torrential rain. In addition, a range of other circulators, booster

sets, plus many ancillary pump items will all support the latest chapter in the ongoing Wimbledon Master Plan. Grundfos are delighted to continue to play their

role in serving up pump systems to support this truly iconic venue. To see how your project could benefit from a collaboration with us visit: Wimbledon takes on No 1

imbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is the only major that is played on grass. Each year a staggering 1

extra stress to the environment as possible, the organisers are consistently looking for ways to use less resources, to run the festival. This year, by working with Grundfos

Pumps, more savings have been found through a combination of switching pumps motors to more efficient variable speed control models, adding a new precision dosing system that will save on chemical use as well as investing in an overarching remote monitoring system will not only give extra control, but also the ability to interrogate and assess operational data.

The festival might now be getting close to

its 50th birthday, but it certainly isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and its enthusiasm to continue to improve, is still as strong as ever. For more information on how Grundfos Pumps could help you with your particular pump demand visit: Baxi Heating chooses Martindale for electrical safety

for checking appliance wiring and earthing, together with locking off devices to ensure circuits can be safely isolated before carrying out any work. The tools keep their gas service engineers safe when installing and servicing heating equipment and are essential for achieving compliance with the latest Gas Safe Register guidance TB118 2018 and ensure best practice for electrical safety. The changes mean new test procedures


are now required to keep service engineers safe from electrical hazards.

In addition to

carrying out safe isolation procedures to prove that circuits are dead and locked off, the new guidance now requires verification of mains earthing. Founded in 1866, Baxi Heating is a part of BDR Thermea, one of Europe’s largest

Easy Integration of Mbus and wireless Mbus

the integration of MBus products, with devices that support Modbus over TCP/IP. The SIUMBM modules


function as a gateway to convert data from either wired Mbus or wireless Mbus to Modbus TCP/IP. The wireless SIUMBC module enables remote data collection and retrieval of meter consumption for devices with pulsed output and is completely tamper proof. Two gateway versions are

available: SIUMBM01 and SIUMBM 02. Both can integrate up to 20 wired MBus devices, while SIUMBM02 can also manage up to 32 wireless MBus devices simultaneously. The SIUMBC radio transmitter allows the SIUMBM02 to read the consumption of devices with pulse outputs such as gas or water meters. The UCS software is free to

download and ensures rapid configuration by scanning and identifying the MBus devices

connected to SIUMBM and the wireless MBus devices operating within the range and automatically generates the Modbus map. All subsequent software updates are free to download. Designed for commercial,

residential and industrial applications the SIUMBM and MBC is especially suited to retrofit applications in which data is to be collected from existing devices equipped for MBus or wireless MBus communication, or new installations in which MBus or wireless MBus devices are used. For more information regarding

Carlo Gavazzi and its range of products, please visit the website:

arlo Gavazzi’s family of SIU MBM Gateway products offer a simple solution for

artindale Electric – manufacturer of electrical test equipment – has supplied Baxi Heating with testers

manufacturers and distributors of domestic and commercial water and space heating systems. As an industry leader with more than 6,400 service engineers worldwide, Baxi Heating is at the forefront of improving gas service and installation engineers’ safety in the field, in accordance with the latest changes to TB118. For more information, please contact

Martindale Electric on 01923 441717 or visit:


ESP launches new GuardCam Wi Fi security floodlight

an allinone, PIR floodlight, camera and DVR system, which allows remote viewing, monitoring and notifications via the speciallydeveloped ESP GuardCamDECO APP. It incorporates a highdefinition


1080p digital camera for superior quality images. The 16 SMD LED security lamp offers 5000k colour light with 1500 lumens  to produce a high quality, cool white light output.

Flexibility to adjust

the LED lamp and PIR is also featured. The PIR sensor provides 180 x 10m coverage. It is straightforward to install 

simply connect to the mains power and then connect to the available WiFi network. Once fixed to the wall, install the Micro SD card and adjust the system settings via the APP. When switched on GuardCam will detect an intruder, floodlight the area, and initiate a high resolution video recording directly to the internal Micro SD card.


supplied with an 8GB Micro SD card for recording video clips and this is expandable up to 32GB. GuardCam has the option to

deliver motion activation notifications via the APP whilst recording the activation. The user friendly APP also allows recordings to be accessed directly from the microSD card. It features IP55 rated housing

to provide a robust product for external applications. For further information, contact

ESP on 01527 515150, email or visit:

SP’s new GuardCam Combined WiFi Security Camera and LED Floodlight is

hen a veritable army of enthusiasts descend on the mystical Vale of Avalon, they are

and awardwinning IEC Lock™ range. IEC Lock™ is a unique


mechanism for locking IEC Connectors and is designed to provide protection against accidental disconnection of computer equipment, servers and most network devices by way of a unique and patented locking mechanism. Four new moulded angled IEC

Lock models have been introduced to meet demand for a smaller, more versatile version of the existing C13 IEC Lock+ that can fit into tighter spaces. The new range comprises a left angled, right angled, up angled and down angled C13 IEC Lock+. They come with a two part handle located at the front of the connector to minimise the overall length, and the handle can be removed where space is limited. Two new angled rewireable

Scolmore expands IEC Lock™ range

even new products have been added to Scolmore’s innovative

C13 IEC Lock+ Connectors – a right angle and a down angle – have been added. They also come with a two part handle located at the front of the connector and have the same interface and locking mechanism components. A compact version of the C13

IEC Lock+ completes the product line up. With a reduced overall size, – this is aimed at installations with restricted space. Its distinctive red handle activates the release mechanism, and the twinsided handle design means it is accessible from both sides of the connector. New minitouchscreen air

conditioning room controller enables client customisation

corporate messages. Based on a clear, capacitive icondriven touchscreen, the unit


operates on the same principles as a highend smartphone. It is designed to be easy to use for end users and quick and simple to install for contractors. It uses the same twowire connectivity as a standard controller, enabling it to be quickly installed without adding an external power supply on new projects and as an upgrade on existing systems. David Dunn, TCUK’s managing director for sales, said: “Wallmounted

room controllers in hotels and offices are the vital interface between the user and the air conditioning system. However, their design has not kept pace with changing user needs and expectations – often having complicated interfaces that confuse end users and make them difficult to use. “Recognising the problem, we went back to the drawing board and

asked clients: ‘What do you want from a wall controller? How can we make it as easy to use as possible, and be a stylish addition to a room?’ We took the findings and came up with a completely new approach to room controller design.” The new controller’s contemporary look is designed to lend style to a

room. The colour interface can be easily customised to match room décor, with 30 contrasting backgrounds available to create different moods or messages. Clients can also customise the interface with their own corporate images, colours and logos by uploading images via the unit’s builtin USB connection. It enables the unit to blend in with any environment, while carrying through the brand identity of the client into the heart of a hotel room or serviced office. Which icons and functions are displayed is determined during the

installer setup, according to the client’s preference. This feature overcomes a problem common to some traditional controllers in which all functions are visible but not all are accessible, leading to user frustration. David Dunn said: “We believe the new minitouchscreen controller is

a unique offering in the industry. It is contemporary, easy to use and install, and ensures users can create the perfect comfort conditions they desire. It also gives clients the opportunity to create a modern and stylish statement, worlds away from the traditional room controller still used by many manufacturers today.” For more information visit:mtsc1 Read the latest:

oshiba Carrier UK Ltd (TCUK) has developed a new mini touchscreen air conditioning room controller with an intuitive touch interface that enables clients to add their own branding and

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