EM330 utilises touch screen technology making standard user operations such as page scrolling, programming and parameter checks not only simpler but faster; as well as, easier to read avoiding any mechanical issues normally associated with using traditional keypads. EM340 is housed in a 3DIN module and


offers outstanding ease of use, performance and measuring of imported and exported energy. The EM330 3phase energy meter with 3x8 digit backlit LCD data display and integrated

Advertorial WHAT’S NEW SPONSORED BY EM330 3phase energy analyser with 5A CT connection

arlo Gavazzi introduces the EM330 3phase energy meter with 5A CT input. As with all meters in EM300 Series, the

touch keypad; suited to active energy metering, cost allocation and dual tariff management. The meter is optionally provided with pulse output as an alternative to the serial communication via RS485 Modbus port or Mbus output. A selection of variables can be

programmed to display providing for active and reactive energy measurement, options include: system variables such as kW, kvar, kVA, VLL, VLN, PF, Hz, kWdmd, kWdmd peak; phase variables including kW, kvar, kVA, VLN, A, PF. Energy measurement: kWh and kvarh (imported/ exported); kWh+ by 2 tariffs; kWh per phase.

SPC announces exciting plans for the future under new ownership Bluetooth network controls

Energy communication to control lighting without the need for any wiring between the controls and the luminaires. Any number of Casambienabled


the 2020 target of 12% of UK heating being generated from renewable sources  products to support these installations will be in high demand. To support such external pipe installations, where


heat is transferred from the source to individual homes or building, preinsulated pipe is a key component in the success of the installation and the performance it delivers. Microflex, a product by Watts Industries UK, is designed to maintain the temperature of fluid within systems and supports renewable heat systems such as ground source and air source heat pumps. “Microflex is the ideal pipework solution for

renewable energy installations which are becoming more popular as homeowners seek more sustainable ways of sourcing heating and hot water for their homes,” said Dave Raynor Product Manager Watts UK. “It has long been a favourite in the HVAC industry as it ensures fluid carried within the pipe stays at the required temperature meeting performance expectations.” Watts UK not only maintains a vast stock but also has a specialised cutting centre meaning lengths of any size can be ordered ultimately necessitating fewer connections and speeding up installation time. Green Point UK invests in new

compressor testing facilities and remanufacturing capacity


reen Point UK, BITZER’s specialist compressor remanufacturing arm, has

invested in new compressor testing facilities and expanded remanufacturing capacity as part of its strategic growth plan. The new facility enables the

company to carry out full run tests on remanufactured screw compressors inhouse, rather than transporting them to Green Point’s base in France. As a result, turnaround time on remanufactured compressors has been reduced from around three weeks to three days. It enables Green Point UK to

runtest open drive screw compressors at Milton Keynes, with full control and oil separation. The testing station includes a new control panel and associated switch gear. Will Pribyl, general manager of

Green Point UK, says: “Turnaround times can be important on some projects, as, despite our

comprehensive stock, it is not possible to stock all models that might be required. The new rapid turnaround time gives customers an edge, enabling them to deliver for their own clients and get systems up and running quickly.” The investment includes the addition of further production capacity, to meet growing demand for Green Point’s high quality remanufactured compressors. It will be accompanied with new technical and office support staff over the coming year. For more details, please

call 08454 603007 or email Will Pribyl at:

Renewable heating industry supported by preinsulated pipe

he renewable heating system market continues to prosper and with installations expected to grow further in the next decade  to achieve

luminaires and controls in a building will automatically form a mesh network and the Casambi app can be used to quickly and simply set up any required control system. This has major advantages in cost, ease of installation and flexibility. Casambi networks are both reliable and

secure, and devices can be added or taken away at any time. They can also be integrated with existing DALI or 110VDC systems.

ANLERS’ new range of “Casambienabled” occupancy detectors use Bluetooth Low

2018. The company’s product portfolio includes heating/cooling coils, fan convectors, trench heaters, radiant panels, air curtains and heat pipes. SPC’s new Managing Director,


Steve Gage has been SPC’s Sales Director for the last 3 years building a solid sales force to drive the business forward. Jeremy Davies has become Sales Director having spent the last 3 years as SPC’s Southern Regional Manager and Jeremy Allen becomes Chairman having previously worked as an equity analyst in London, working on business advisory/consultancy projects and sitting on several other boards.

ritish HVAC manufacturers, SPC have announced new ownership as of February

Steve Gage, Managing Director

said: “Our customers operate in an environment where they must react quickly to their client’s expectations. In order for SPC to grow profitably we will listen, learn and execute against these expectations. “Over the next 2 years we will be launching many new products, processes and efficiency initiatives that will deliver the change we know our clients demand and that will set us apart from the competition. “We also strongly believe that supporting, nurturing and developing our employees will enable us to look after our customer better than anyone else in our field.”


Tel: 01249 443377  Fax: 01249 443388. Email: or visit: Leading water technologies company launches on BIM A

leading global water technologies company has launched its first product on the UK Building

Information Modelling (BIM) platform. Watts Industries, who are renowned for some of the world’s most pioneering water, heating and gas products, has made its iconic Powerseat® Eco valve available on the building creation software to assist Architect, Engineering and Construction professionals to specify the leading product in commercial building projects. “Powerseat® is perhaps one of our most

wellknown products and it has featured in iconic buildings across the UK,” commented Dave Raynor Product Manager, Watts Water Industries. “Making this product available on BIM allows us to support those industry professionals that are specifying building

systems utilising the latest software and we have also made available standard specification clauses online for those that use more traditional specification methods.” An ElectroHydraulic Gas Safety Shutoff

Valve, Powerseat® Eco is used in commercial and residential applications. Earlier this year it underwent a series of subtle changes to enhance its environmental credentials and enjoy new and improved features. Each Powerseat® Eco valve comes with a

3 year warranty as standard and is certified to EN161, Class A Group 2 construction For information on Powerseat products in the BIM library please visit:


Unitrunk prepares for growth with systems accreditations


able management specialist, Unitrunk, has secured a trio of accreditations,

successfully achieving ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation, along with OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety accreditation, following a yearlong process of preparation and audits. The certifications formalise

systems that have been at the heart of Unitrunk’s business for many years, underpinning the company’s reputation for quality, customer service, environmental responsibility and safety. They will now support Unitrunk’s culture of continuous improvement through regular reviews and audits, enabling consistent best practice across the company. Explains Unitrunk’s operations

director, Graham Milligan: “The company’s major achievements in developing our business structure have made this the ideal time to merge our consistent best practices throughout Unitrunk.


Actionair earns NHS preferred supplier status


ire safety equipment manufacturer, Actionair, has secured prestigious

preferred supplier status for the NHS procurement framework ProCure22 (P22), which was created to help NHS Trusts and other social care providers achieve value for money and efficient delivery of new build, refurbishment and maintenance projects. Fire safety is a high priority for all NHS estates managers and there is now even greater scrutiny of fire risk strategies following the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the subsequent public inquiry. As a result, strict guidelines have been applied to the sourcing, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of smoke and fire dampers in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Actionair’s full range of smoke

“These certifications will underpin customer confidence in our systems and will also play an important part in succession planning for Unitrunk, ensuring all policies and processes are formalised and consistent to enable knowledge transfer from our health and safety, quality assurance and environmental managers to the whole team.” Unitrunk operates from six UK depots and the new certifications are also intended to support consistency across all sites, with a centralised approach that is shareable across the business as it continues to grow. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

and fire dampers and associated control packages have passed the rigorous selection process to become part of the P22 programme. The brand, which is part of Swegon Air Management, has been manufacturing fire and smoke dampers in the UK for more than 40 years. It has recently updated its widely used Actionpac control system and works directly with consulting engineers and contractors to provide specific fire and smoke control design expertise. “We had to prove that we

could meet a wide range of criteria to achieve preferred supplier status,” said Dave

Harding, Actionair National Sales Manager (North). “The NHS are looking for

suppliers with a solid technical pedigree who can provide added value to projects as well as supporting their products with indepth specialist knowledge and design expertise.” Actionair was selected because of its market leading position and robust product testing regime backed up by high levels of customer support. It has indepth knowledge of the healthcare market through good understanding of the building regulations and Healthcare Technical Memoranda (HTM) standards that dictate the design of healthcare building services. It also offers NHS Trusts a

twoyear extended warranty period on all of its damper products along with preventative maintenance packages, which involve annual or six monthly ‘health checks’ to ensure systems are continuing to work properly and in line with the design intent. The company operates its own

testing and Research & Development facility at its factory in Whitstable, Kent and all products are continuously cycle tested to ensure quality and longevity. It is ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited and its manufacturing process is periodically spot checked by the accrediting body BRE Global to ensure products are being manufactured as tested.

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