Luceco has recently supplied energy saving LED luminaires to The Ministry of Interior, the government body in the Sultanate of Oman, responsible for the administraon of the country.

Platinum LED Downlights were installed around the perimeter of the decorative ceilings in the Very Very Important Persons (VVIP) Hall, in the Sultanate of Oman, offering potential running cost savings of up to 80% over traditional lamped luminaires.

Platinum has been designed with easy fit positive locating swing out tabs and interchangeable bezel options. Boasting over 50,000 hours of operational, maintenance free life, Platinum has an impressive efficacy of 129 Llm/W and is ideal for use with sensors and lighting controls. Fire rated and dimmable, the Atom LED downlight was used to complement the lighting design. LuxBand LED lighting strips were also used in the recess of the decorative ceiling to further enhance the architectural features. LuxBand is available in white, as used in the VVIP Hall, or a 16 colour combination strip with various modes including dim, fade, flash and strobe settings as well as remote controller.

uLuceco’s Planum Downlights, Atom Downlights and LuxBand LED lighng strips have been installed in the VVIP Hall in the Sultanate of Oman.

SAV supplies AirMaster Smart Venlaon Unit to Southcraig School uSav Systems’ AirMaster Smart Venlaon Unit installed at Southcraig School in Ayr.

The new extension at Southcraig School in Ayr has created a meeting room that is ‘land locked’, with no windows to the outside. It was therefore necessary to install a mechanical ventilation system to ensure good indoor air quality (IAQ), whilst also avoiding draughts and ensuring occupants are not distracted by noise from supply and extract fans. To meet these requirements, an AirMaster SVU has been recessed into the ceiling void with ducted connections to the outside. The unit is fitted with an integral carbon dioxide sensor to monitor indoor air quality and provide energy- efficient demand control ventilation via a Airlinq VIVA control panel, also supplied by SAV.

AirMaster SVUs prevent draughts in two ways. Automatic inlet temperature control ensures a minimum inlet temperature is maintained, regardless of external temperature. In parallel, the Coanda effect is used to move supply air across the ceiling, entraining room air and slowly increasing in temperature before it falls into the space.

Air filtration to M5 standard is also included to further protect IAQ and safeguard heat exchanger performance. At full throughput, AirMaster SVUs emit only 35 dB(A) at one metre and feature sound attenuation of at least 49dB to minimise intrusion of external noise sources.

Spirotech’s biggest ever SpiroCross has been installed in the Ukraine. The

enormous dirt and air separator, 10.8m tall, with a dry weight of 15 tons, was designed and engineered to fit inside a new grain drying plant.

Biggest ever SpiroCross is a world record breaker

The bespoke SpiroCross was transported on a heavy-duty trailer around 1,900km from Helmond in The Netherlands to the Zhytomyr region.

It was commissioned by Spirotech partner

Wilo Ukraine, part of the global Wilo group. The installation, XCS1000FAO1, has a capacity of more than 30,000 litres of water. The heating system it has been installed into has six separate 15 megawatt boilers, two gas and four solid fuel, and the water flow and temperature must always be in balance, independent of how many boilers are in operation at the time.

Spirotech had to develop a completely new design to ensure hydraulic balancing. The SpiroCross has different connections; DN1000 on the boiler side and DN1200 on the technology side.

The Spirotube inside it is also a record-

breaker. It stretches 4.5km, requiring 800km of copper wire. Arno de Korte, Spirotech Area Sales Manager, said: “While our commercial product range is ever evolving, we are very proud we have the expertise and capability to design and engineer bespoke projects such as these.” Gennadiy Pobereznichenko, Chief of Regional Sales for Wilo Ukraine, said: “The SpiroCross XC1000F is the largest hydraulic ‘shotgun’ in the world, in which the alignment of the heat flow is extremely important. “Specialists in the team at Spirotech were able to model the operation of the system, including a hydraulic shot, in order to check the reality of their calculations before moving on to design the device for its specific task.” The SpiroCross will become active in summer 2018 when the next corn harvest is due. Toshiba VRF powers first installaon of new heat pump air curtain

Madison restaurant at St Paul’s – renowned for its buzzing atmosphere and spectacular city views – wanted to deliver a high-quality indoor environment for customers, while ensuring low energy and servicing costs. Installed above the main front door, the air curtain provides a high velocity continuous down-draught of air, creating an invisible barrier that maintains internal comfort conditions for customers and staff. It is connected to the restaurant’s

uMadison restaurant at St Paul’s in London has installed Toshiba’s new heat pump air curtain over the main door.


Toshiba Super Modular Multi System (SMMS-e) VRF air conditioning system, enabling it to benefit from its high performance, low energy heating and cooling. Following a site survey by Toshiba’s technical staff, the system was installed by Chapman’s Refrigeration Limited.

The colour-coded casing was matched to

the customer’s RAL code, ensuring it blends in perfectly with its surroundings. The air curtain was developed by Fred Shaw & Co Ltd and engineers from Toshiba Air Conditioning UK specifically to meet UK requirements. It was subjected to a battery of live tests at BSRIA’s laboratories in Bracknell to evaluate its thermal efficiency, acoustic and air-flow performance under internationally-recognised test conditions. The results prove the technology meets the performance requirements of the UK government-backed Energy Technology List (ETL) for air curtains, and it has been accepted onto the scheme. This gives end users an enhanced capital allowance on the purchase of ETL-listed equipment. A L E IL T IN G R N B IR S V APRIL 2018 37 U D IC O & M

Madison restaurant at St Paul’s in London is the first venue in the UK to install a ground breaking new heat pumpbased air curtain, which provides high eciency heang and cooling.

Advertorial Ministry of Interior – VVIP Hall, Oman



An AirMaster Smart Venlaon Unit (SVU) from SAV Systems has helped to meet several design challenges for a new school extension in Ayr. AirMaster was specified by Davie & McCulloch on behalf of South Ayrshire Council.

uSpirotech’s biggest ever SpiroCross is the ‘largest hydraulic shotgun’ in the world.

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