and convenience stores has been available in the UK since March of this year. TFS Solutions are among the first of the UK


distributors to be stocking the new CO2 condensing units. Andy Reed – Commercial Director of TF Solutions commented: “We are excited to be able to add the new environmentally friendly CO2

Panasonic launches CO2 anasonic natural CO2


condensing unit for commercial refrigeration aimed at small supermarkets

condensing unit for commercial refrigeration in the UK and evaporators. The new units

to go with these units, such as K65 pipe and fittings, the CO2

offer a stable, natural and reliable solution that can help save on energy bills.” Having developed the CO2

condensing units condensing units

from Panasonic to our product range to further extend our offering to our UK client base in the commercial refrigeration sector. Furthermore, we can also supply all complimentary products

over time and building up essential knowledge of the end user challenges, Panasonic’s solution helps to overcome some of the major hurdles that small retail outlets encounter with previous solutions. The Panasonic units offer a stable and reliable system that helps to maximise energy efficiency with a low carbon footprint. For more information, please visit: Welcome to the next generation of VRF M

itsubishi Electric has launched the next generation of VRF

(Variable Refrigerant Flow) air conditioning with the new City Multi YNW to offer the market a system that delivers ultraquiet noise levels, an increased performance and a reduced footprint. “The new City Multi YNW models deliver the lowest installation costs, the lowest running costs and the lowest CO2 emissions currently available in a VRF system,” explains Jordan Jeewood, product specialist for the company’s City Multi range “The YNW outdoor units include a unique

new, 4sided heat exchanger which maximises the space available for plant by reducing the area required for air conditioning modules. Improved compressor and fan design also help to reduce sound power, making the YNW one of the quietest VRF systems available on the market. “We’ve looked at how to improve the

system in almost every area and this means improvements across the board,” explains Jeewood. “In the case of our most popular 34kW model for example we see a 19 per cent increase in seasonal efficiency, making compliance with energy legislation easier to achieve.” Air source VRF systems are one of the

most popular and widely used air conditioning systems in commercial buildings. However, our town and city centres are becoming more densely populated and we see an increase in multi use buildings with office, retail and leisure spaces in close proximity to both residential and hotel accommodation. Noise and plant space has therefore become a key issue and the City Multi

alarm system last year, ESP has added to this fastselling range with a new stainless steel version, which will sit alongside the original white product within the Essentials collection of fire and security products. As well as offering a new choice of finish that will extend its appeal and application choices, the new stainless steel disabled toilet alarm has a battery backup function, with the battery supplied. Designed to meet the criteria


of care standards set out in Part M building regulations BS 8300, the 3part kit is simple to install and comprises an Indication Module, Pull Cord Module and Reset Module. The Indication Module includes an 80db distinctive tone alert sounder with clear LED alert triangle indication for when the alarm has been triggered. The Pull cord module features an anti

YNW has been designed to address these challenges whilst meeting energy efficiency legislation.

The City Multi YNW also offers

incremental capacity steps which give increased flexibility in noise output control. This flexibility is further enhanced with multiple external static pressure settings, extended up to 80Pa which will help with long or narrow ducting requirements. “We have increased the amount of cooling

capacity that can be delivered per square metre of plant by 28 per cent thanks to the advanced wrap around heat exchanger,” adds Jeewood. “This means less space is needed for outdoor modules and greater flexibility in where they can be located.” These new models are available in

capacities from 22kW to 150kW to offer some of the highest levels of efficiency coupled with smaller footprints, reduced noise levels and increased design options. City Multi’s unique heat recovery

twopipe option also allows for phased installation, meaning that the cooling and heating system can be installed around a project build, with individual sections commissioned as required. For further details visit:

Panasonic provides energy efficient heating and cooling for NHS – Canford House Clinic

an updated air conditioning and heating solution. The building utilised an old chilled water system


comprehensive choice of finishes, to offer the ultimate in flexible, modular grid solutions. Now Scolmore is adding to its GridPro range with the offer of inhouse laser etching across all of its GridPro modules. Designed to add value to an already


successful range, and save customers time and money, the module etching is done using a specially acquired laser printer, which produces a precise, permanent, fine marking effect and offers flexibility to suit large volume orders or for customised jobs.

With this new inhouse facility, Scolmore is

able to offer a fully bespoke service to customers, who will be able to order customised laser etched modules to suit the range of projects they are working on. Fourteen of the most popular printed legends


that was at the end of its life, paired with an old boiler, both working 16 hour days, failing regularly and proving costly. A Panasonic VRF 2Pipe Mini ECOi 6 series and a

Panasonic AquareaPro 50 kW was installed by Woodhouse Environmental Services to provide precise temperature control, low energy consumption and the inverter range for greater overall efficiency. The

anford House is a fully managed office space, leased by Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The building was in desperate need of

Panasonic AquareaPro 50 kW was installed to work with extreme temperatures and provide a clean, safe, economical and environmentally friendly solution. Trevor Woodhouse of Woodhouse Environmental

Services Ltd, commented: “As the CCG had to stay operational during any work, it was important for the installation to have minimum impact on the day to day running of the property, to fit into a small space, be energy efficient, work with existing units and be installed quickly.” For more information, please visit: Bespoke inhouse laser etching from Scolmore

t was launched last year as an extensive collection of interchangeable mounting plates and modules, available in the most

will be produced – including dishwasher, cooker hood, washing machine, fridge freezer – and they are available in all the GridPro module finishes, providing a huge selection for customers to choose from. Scolmore is also able to offer a bespoke service if required. The GridPro® range was developed with speed and ease of installation at its core and offers the flexibility to create multifunction, 1 to 24 gang plates which integrate with Scolmore’s vast Click wiring accessories range. For further information contact Scolmore on 01827 63454: or visit:

enables cooling capacities to be increased over time to suit changing requirements. Suitable for indoor installation for medium to large


air conditioning applications in residential and commercial buildings, the WWM offers dual circuit units, reversible water side with hermetic scroll compressors and source side plate exchanger. Ease of maintenance has not been overlooked, the WWM also provides total accessibility; the refrigerant components can easily be reached as they are located in a draw that slides out from the front for easy service and maintenance. A maximum of 32 chillers can be linked together

and can be stacked on two levels offering flexible layout options and keeping the overall unit dimensions to a minimum. Cooling capacities can be increased easily and

affordably by simply adding extra modules. The modular concept also offers component redundancy; work can be carried out on a module without it impacting any other unit. Each unit is completely enclosed, sound proofed and delivers the quietest sound levels in the industry.

Aermec’s new way to cool

ermec UK Ltd has raised the bar in chiller design. Its new stackable watercooled modular chiller offers a small footprint and

ollowing the launch of its disabled toilet

Advertorial BSEE

Stainless steel finishes for disabled toilet alarm system

ligature mechanism and has a distinctive red pull cord supplied with 2 handles, including an LED alert triangle. The Reset Module features a clear LED alert triangle indication with internal sounder to

reassure the user the alarm has been raised and assistance is on the way. The Alert triangle acts as push button to reset the alarm, and is clearly indicated in engraved lettering on the module. The compact design, with a 10mm profile makes it suitable for many interiors and the system is expandable to include additional indication and pull cord modules if required. All three modules are designed to fit a standard 1gang box, which is supplied with each module. The kit is supplied with a stainless steel disabled persons sign for the toilet door. For further information, contact

ESP on 01527 515150, email or visit:

WRAS Approval granted for mag flow meters


1000, M2000 and M5000 ranges from Badger Meter are now

WRAS approved for measuring potable water to comply with the requirements of the United Kingdom Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Water Byelaws. WRAS approval is also accepted in other countries throughout the world as a safety standard.

The purpose of WRAS is to

contribute to the protection of public health by preventing contamination of public water supplies and encouraging the efficient use of water by promoting and facilitating compliance. WRAS represents the UK water supply industry as one voice on the Water Fittings Regulations and contributes to the development of relevant guidance, codes of practice and standards. Bell Flow Systems promotes all

three of the approved models, which are manufactured by Badger Meter USA and act as

their exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom. The low cost M1000 range,

available for water measurement in sizes up to DN200 with a large selection of options including: power, outputs, liner materials and electrodes. The higher accuracy M2000 mag meter range available for water measurement in sizes up to DN600 (WRAS approved to DN200) available with internal data logger and a large selection of options including: power, outputs, liner materials and electrodes. The M5000 range of battery powered mag flow meters, available for water measurement in sizes up to DN600 (WRAS approved to DN200) with options including MID/OIML custody transfer approvals, meter verification tool and various power, output and connection options Contact Bell Flow Systems for further information, email or visit the website: BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER APRIL 2018 41

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