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The historic Square Tower in Portsmouth, built in 1494 during Henry VII’s reign, has undergone many changes. Following a major refurbishment, including a new heang system, the tower is a popular venue for weddings, family celebraons and corporate gatherings.

INSTALLATION NEWS SPONSORED BY Trench heang meets English Heritage criteria at ancient tower

During the refurbishment the Square Tower, Dunham-Bush worked closely with owners, Portsmouth City council, who undertook the design of the heating system.

All work had to comply with English Heritage requirements and consideration had to be given to protecting the tower’s structure.

An appropriate aesthetic integration of the heat emitters was also an important criterion for product selection. The new system had to be functional, unobtrusive and quiet, efficiently delivering evenly distributed heating.

Dunham-Bush Hydrocourse trench heating was the ideal solution.

System designer, Lu Zhou, of Portsmouth CC, selected 63m of bespoke HTA-2s trench heating, with heavy duty I-bar grilles for extended life. Finished in powder coat Vandyke brown, the alloy floor grilles ensured continuity of appearance with the previous floor duct cover boards.

As a precaution against damp along the south wall,

the steel trench boxes were zinc-coated prior to stove powder coating.

The installation was carried out by Concept Building Services (Southern) Ltd, and project managed by SSE Contracting Ltd, Portsmouth.

This historic building is leased by the council to Steve Hender, who said: “The new heating system is fantastic; it means that for the first time we can guarantee to our customers that the building is warm!

“And not only is the system highly efficient, it has been installed in a manner that is most sympathetic to the historical nature of the building. I am utterly delighted and I can’t thank everyone involved sufficiently!” During the English Civil War (1642-1649), the Square Tower stored over 1200 barrels of gunpowder, which proved useful as a negotiating chip when besieged Royalist forces were discussing the terms of their eventual surrender to the victorious Parliamentarians.

www.dunham Historic housing uses modern technology

uA new solar thermal system is providing ecient hot water delivery for seven new apartments at Lisgar Terrace.

Oventrop UK limited was employed by H&V Service Plan to deliver solar thermal domestic hot water systems to seven new apartments on phase two of the Lisgar Terrace development.

OVUK was tasked with designing, supplying and installing suitable systems. OVUK provided not only efficiency and dimensional data but also wind loading calculation. As the OKF solar thermal collectors and associated framework could not be mechanically fixed through the new roof covering, a ballast system was used.

Each system used two OKF CS22 high efficiency solar thermal collectors mounted on aluminium time saving ‘A-Frame’ mounting systems, utilising a ballast system. The angle of the collectors was optimised to enhance performance for the specific location. The systems were connected

using highly insulated, stainless steel pipe installed in single lengths to avoid joints and lower any risk of leaks in the future. The system fluid (Tyfocor LS Polyproline Glycol) is circulated via an Oventrop Regusol pump set and controlled using an Oventrop Regtronic Controller with built in over heat protection both of which are ERP compliant.

The systems will heat 200L of water to 60C on bright days. The water is stored in a high efficiency stainless steel unvented hot water cylinder located in the services cupboard of each apartment. Each tenant can expect to save around 40% on their costs for heating their domestic hot water as well as saving some 500kg of CO2 per system and doing their bit for the environment.

Doncaster’s Dunsville Primary School is benefing from highly ecient heang and hot water, thanks to four 120kW THISION® L EVO gas condensing boilers from ELCO.

Southern Housing group employed Durkan Construcon to upgrade the historic Lisgar Terrace estate, while increasing the accommodaon by 20%. With £50m being invested, Southern Housing Group wanted the best for its tenants and chose solar thermal to achieve this.

School replaces coal fired units with new ELCO boilers

New ELCO wall mounted boilers have been installed in-line on a floor standing cascade system at Dunsville Primary School. The new THISION L EVO boilers replace two inefficient coal-fired units, which have been in operation for decades.

Since opening in 1952, the school has expanded to include 11 classes in Key Stage 1 and 2, as well as two nursery classes.

The old boilers were running at less than 50% efficiency, almost half the levels provided by the new gas-condensing THISION L EVO boilers, which are over 97% efficient. And the new boilers significantly reduce harmful emissions, with NOx levels (nitrogen oxides) now less than 40mg/kWh, already meeting future class 6 regulations.

M&E contractors were Essington-based Staffordshire Mechanical Solutions. Project Manager, Dave Seward, said: “We recommended the upgrade to the gas-fired condensing units in order to provide the highest possible efficiencies, along with the backup of a cascade system.

“The location of the old boilers in a basement plant room also led the decision to specify wall mounted units. Doing so allowed us to easily transport the THISION boilers into place and mount them on the cascade rig.”

The THISION L EVO units have been installed with a new combined flue system, upgraded pumps and new BMS. These further maximise the efficiency and controllability of the school’s heating system. THISION L EVO is a range of highly efficient wall mounted gas-fired condensing boilers with outputs from 60kW to 140kW. Features include a flat metal fibre cold flame burner for extremely low NOx emissions; a robust stainless steel heat exchanger with double wall geometry providing superb heat transfer; extensive cascade arrangements for powerful and flexible systems; plus the latest control functionality to ensure optimum performance. You can follow ELCO on:

Twitter @elco_uk RAUTITAN – discover the dierence

Discovery Homes is a family-owned house builder and developer established in 1989 by Grant and Linda White.

uRAUTITAN can be used for both drinking water and heang systems.

Discovery Homes’ pre-fabricated approach includes the plumbing and heating pipework for each of their properties. Initially, the developer used copper for the heating and plumbing pipework but this was very labour intensive, so when REHAU launched its RAUTITAN universal pipework solution in the UK, they were keen to give it a try. Grant said: “When I found out RAUTITAN was being launched in the UK, I said to REHAU that I wanted a sample as soon as it became available. And I’m so glad I did because its revolutionised the way we do our pipework. I would never use copper again.” RAUTITAN can be used for both drinking water and heating systems, and because it’s made from flexible and light PE-Xa polymer, it is easy to install as well as being corrosion resistant. It is also available in pre-insulated options.


RAUTITAN uses a compression sleeve jointing system to produce a permanently sealed joint without O-rings, even at temperatures as low as -10°C.

Using the specialist RAUTOOL device, installers simply expand the pipe end, insert the fitting and apply the compression sleeve.

RAUTITAN is fully certified as hygienic for drinking water, with a smooth inner surface which prevents deposits from forming in the pipe.

The compression joint fittings mean the pipework is cavity-free, eliminating the risk of microbial contamination too. RAUTITAN is also suitable for domestic heating and can be used for installations through the floor, skirting board or wall.

When Dundee based developer Discovery Homes needed a flexible and easy to install pipework soluon to increase the quality and speed of its osite constructed properes, REHAU’s RAUTITAN was the innovaon it had been waing for. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

uThe historic Square Tower in Portsmouth.

uThe new THISION L EVO boilers from ELCO Heang Soluons.

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