News MTC launChes sMe supporT serviCe in parTnershipwiTh lloyds Bank

resources to help UK manufacturing and engineering SMEs embrace innovation, develop their workforce and increase productivity. The new SME Support Service includes


advice, guidance and access to additional funding and resources for smaller organisations. This will help SMEs recruit their next generation of apprentices, upskill their existing workforce, and identify opportunities to deploy emerging technologies to solve productivity challenges and improve business performance. The SME Support Service is the latest initiative

in a five year partnership between Lloyds Bank and the MTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre and aims to increase the collaboration’s


Welcome to the March issue of Instrumentation Monthly. This month marks a year

since the introduction of lockdown restrictions in the UK. At the end of February, PM Boris Johnson announced a ‘road-map’ out of the current lockdown. With the planned reopening of the economy, businesses will be carefully thinking about health and safety as employees return to the workplace. With this, the business case for smart wearables has never been clearer. Connected Worker devices like Casella’s Orbi-Trace smart tag provide flexible social distancing solutions that can provide simple proximity alerts or, if required, more in-depth contact tracing. Orbi-Trace uses sophisticated Ultra-wideband connectivity to detect distances down to a 10cm accuracy, making it much more accurate than Bluetooth. You can find out more about this technology on page 12.

VictoriaWhite, Editor

he Manufacturing Technology Centre and Lloyds Bank have joined forces to offer a wide-ranging package of free support and

reach in order to deliver greater positive impact. The package includes up to £3 million from Lloyds’ Apprenticeship Levy Fund. In addition, the SME Apprenticeship Support

Service provides financial and practical assistance to help SMEs take on new apprentices. The MTC’s training experts will offer one-to-one advice and guidance to help SMEs understand and navigate the complexities of apprenticeship funding, including the Government’s apprentice incentive scheme. They will also provide a full recruitment service

to identify and secure the best talent for each business’s specific needs. Eligible SMEs will have access to salary support funding for the first 12 months of their apprentice’s training. An SME Training Service is also available to give businesses free access to some of MTC Training’s

industry leading courses to help upskill their existing workforces and raise awareness of disruptive technologies. The MTC’s highly-acclaimed Manufacturing Support Services complete the programme, delivering free consultations with an expert team to help manufacturers embrace the latest technology and improve quality, cost and delivery performance to drive sustainable growth.

CollaBoraTion To use sofTware TeCh To TransforM engineering eduCaTion

including economic infrastructure technology leader Stripe, to launch a world- leading computer science programme called Immersive Software Engineering (ISE). Given increased demand for developer


talent globally and rapid growth of the internet economy, ISE is designed to revolutionise the way computer science is taught, creating industry experienced software professionals to drive greater business impact. As part of the research start- up aspect of this UL initiative, ADI will fund experimental development and research with the aim of developing new software processes and services. Through the ISE programme, students will

be able to take advantage of the resources offered at ADI Catalyst, a hands-on, incubator- like R&D facility in Limerick, Ireland, focused on forming new communities, creating living labs and developing breakthrough technologies such as artificial intelligence,

including restricted travel and distributed teams trying to collaborate remotely in real- time. As a result, select digital transformation initiatives have gained considerable momentum in terms of their adoption and potential. These include cloud for collaboration and synchronisation across teams and departments, digital twins for monitoring and maintenance, and analytics and AI for system- wide, software-driven automation.

M Instrumentation Monthly March 2021

robotics and sustainable applications. ADI Catalyst serves as a collaboration centre that uses a true partnership approach to help customers resolve the challenges they face at an accelerated pace. It provides a unique setting for customers and research organisations to interact with ADI and solve problems together in a single collaborative environment. Leveraging an ecosystem of well-respected

organisations, such as ADI, UL, Stripe, and other industry leaders, will bring the ISE programme to life for students while providing employment opportunities to graduates.

ManufaCTurers and indusTrial firMs To spend $19 Billion on iioT daTa analyTiCs By 2026 In fact, according to ABI Research, in their

anufacturers need to ensure the success of current and future programs amid continued challenges

quest for digital transformation, manufacturers and industrial firms will spend US$19.8 billion to transform and support their IIoT data analytics value chains by 2026, up from US$4.92 billion in 2020. “Future factories are expected to have flexible

and adaptable manufacturing lines that operate with greater autonomy, integrated closed-loop quality control, and connected workers to improve effective response to changes in supply and demand as they occur,” says Ryan Martin, research director, ABI Research. “The reality is that

most manufacturers did not have these capabilities going into the pandemic. Yet today technologies like cloud, simulation, and SaaS are viewed as table stakes.” Notable market activity includes the strategic

partnership between Siemens and SAP, PTC’s acquisition of Arena Solutions, Aveva’s acquisition of OSIsoft, Emerson’s pick up of Open Systems International (OSI), and the more noticeable encroach on smart manufacturing platforms by hyperscalers AWS and Microsoft Azure. 5

nalog Devices has collaborated with the University of Limerick (UL) and other prominent companies,

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