Measuring, power and protection solutions

TVR Instruments offers a full suite of products to allow complete accuracy For remote monitoring and logging of energy

installation is critical. The AC is the workhorse of the power distribution network whilst the DC is the backup that secures the communication and recording. TVR Instruments, an experienced and


knowledgeable distributor of electronic components for the measurement, protection and controls of AC and DC power networks, focuses on both networks to assist in supporting their resilience. The team concentrates on the delivery of

components for measuring, power and protection applications, predominantly in the LVD distribution and panel building sectors. TVR’s full suite of products includes multifunction meters, current transformers, voltage transformers, shunts, transducers, energy meters (MID), ELR, protection relays, battery chargers, power supplies, DC UPS, remote monitoring and ventilation control systems. The protection devices available for purchase specifically cover loss of mains G99/G98, temperature, frequency and phase sequence (to name a few core examples).

CUSTOMER FOCUSED TVR Instruments will work hard to propose the most appropriate equipment for the job in hand and ensure continued reassurance with its first- rate level of service. The company’s European suppliers are also backed up by industry

he accurate and correct measurement, control and protection of the AC and DC power systems within an

recognised accreditation, as all products are made under ISO9001 quality certified factories in accordance with the relevant CE marking directives (EMC and LVD). “We are a service provider with a customer

focused ethos,” comments Tony Robinson, owner of TVR Instruments. “Our strategy revolves around delivering the best customer service as possible, offering suitable units for control and display from our extensive product range. We remain focused on clients’ specific requirements whilst taking the time to understand their situation, providing a solution for the individual application. “All our suppliers work rigorously to remain

compliant with all of the necessary industry standards and up to date regulations. With our high-quality products, we can provide short lead times and close application support. The closeness of the production facilities allows for direct real time support and application development.”

PRODUCT LINES The product portfolio is made up of reputable European based manufacturers and Emko Elektronik in Turkey from whom TVR Instruments sources and supplies a range of genset controllers and process control instruments. The company is the UK and Ireland agent for Frer of Italy for all switchboard measuring components and a stockist of Adel Systems battery chargers and power supplies. It is also a stockist of Ziehl Industrie-elektronik for mains, temperature, and transformer protection relays Amongst the new product lines TVR is offering

is the Frer QUBO96 range of panel or DIN Rail mounting multifunction meters with options for inbuilt communications for remote monitoring, Ethernet with onboard memory and Digital Earth Leakage Relays to meet the requirements of Types A, A-F and Type B earth leakage protection applications with earth leakage relay compliant to IEC60947-2 or EN62423:2013 and the XTDB022006 6mA dc Residual Direct Current Monitoring Module according to IEC62955 for Electric Vehicle charging.


consumption at up to 2,000 monitored points is the Frerlogger software package. The Frerlogger package is a package installed and controlled inside the firewall of the facility. There is no need for remote access or for cloud storage. This offers an additional level of security and reduced cost for the owner. Updates are free and provided to the owner direct from Frer. Frer manufactures a range of energy meters with a simple compatibility to Frerlogger via Ethernet, MODbus or USB interfaces From Adel System, TVR markets their range of

European manufactured Power Supplies, Battery Chargers and All-in-One DC UPS for use on 12, 24 or 48V DC systems up to 35A output. The CBI DC UPS combine the functions

of a Power Supply, a Back Up Module and of a Battery Charger in one unit. They use switching technology with microcontrollers and optimise the supply to the DC load either when the AC mains is present or when the battery backup is in operation. The CBI units do not allow for deep discharge of the batteries. The CBI units switch from the mains to the battery in the event of a mains failure without any interruption, maintaining power security when it is most needed. The Flex series of power supplies are greater

than 90 per cent efficient and are rated at 40, 50 and 60°C so you can plan your DC load requirements with accuracy against temperature. There is a decoupling module available for redundancy application for up to 25A load. With experience providing instrumentation

across both Europe and the Middle East, TVR Instruments is well-versed in the source and supply of competitively priced products for use within the switchboard and control panel market. For more information please contact TVR by calling 01206 575755, emailing or visiting the company’s website

TVR Instruments March 2021 Instrumentation Monthly

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