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Mayflex launch new AV brand Aura M

ayflex, the distributor of Converged IP Solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a new brand of Audio and Visual Cables and Connectivity Products, called Aura.

Aura brings a different approach to an established market and offers an extensive range of quality and high

performing AV passive products all supplied in 100% single use plastic free packaging. The product range initially includes; Coax Cables, AV Cables, HDMI Cables, HDMI Extenders, TV Brackets, Modules and Wall Plates, AV Adaptors and Connectors. Andrew Percival, Managing Director commented “We are delighted to create the Aura brand, following on from the massive success of Excel, Mayflex is well placed to develop quality solutions which are backed by our exceptional service and support. In September 2020 we welcomed Simon Jacobs to the team who brought with him over 20 years’ experience of the AV market. Simon has worked closely with the leadership, sales and marketing teams to develop the Aura brand and ensure that we offer a premium set of products that meet the market requirements.”

Simon Jacobs commented, “I’m excited to see the results of many months of work to design and develop the Aura brand. We have a brand-new website that details the range of products on offer, all of which are available to order via Mayflex.”

Cliff add front and rear mounting connectors C

liff Electronics leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors and test equipment, have extended their SLIMS

FeedThrough Connector series with the introduction of the DualSLIMS range which provides 2 connectors in a single mounting plate. The new DualSLIM connectors now offer panel builders and system integrators the ability to mount up to 40 connectors in a 1U, 19” rack panel. At just 19mm wide the SLIMS range offers a more compact alternative to Cliff’s very popular 26mm wide XLR form factor FeedThrough product range. The DualSLIM allows up to 20 dual connectors, rather than just 16 of the existing single XLR design, to be mounted in a 19” rack panel. The new DualSLIM FeedThrough connector may be front or rear mounted and is available in a plastic frame with a plain or countersunk Ø2.5mm or Ø3.2mm fixing hole. A metal frame version is also available finished in nickel or black with Ø3.2mm plain or countersunk fixing holes

or am M3, #440 thread. Panel cut out dimensions are 17.15mm (0.675in) x 22.86mm (0.9in) with mounting hole centres of 29mm.

The DualSLIM connector range has been launched with 14 different versions: HDMI, USB3 A-A, USB3 B-A, USB2

B-A, USB2 A-A, USB2 A-B, USB-C F-M, Cat5e, Cat5e Shielded, Cat6, Cat6 Shielded, Cat3, Cat6A Shielded and blank plate. With a total number of 11 variants of each type, the total number of possible variants is 252. With its high panel density and low profile if mounted horizontally the Cliff Electronics DualSLIM may be used in audio, broadcast, AV and communications installations, medical, education and research, industrial control and space. DualSLIM is also being designed in to NUC computers and mini-PCs, such as Raspberry Pi, for projects of every scale; from custom-tuned gaming machines to industrial applications and are ideal for space constrained embedded or IoT systems, digital signage, media production and video conferencing applications. All of Cliff’s FeedThrough connectors allow standard, off the shelf, connecting cables to be used for internal connectivity, simplifying and speeding up system assembly and facilitating easy repurposing of equipment. “The narrow form factor is widely used by audio, broadcast and communications manufacturers in the USA and becoming more popular in the UK and rest of Europe for maximising panel density and for products being exported to North America.” Comments John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics.” Our new DualSLIMS FeedThrough connectors will not only grow our component sales in the USA but will also be welcomed by other system builders selling their products to that market.”

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To support ZF’s energy harvesting product portfolio further, investment has been made to join the EnOcean Alliance. This is a strategic milestone in order to offer battery- free and wireless radio technology with the EnOcean3.0 radio standard in the near future.


The EnOcean Alliance was founded in 2008 and, as a non-profit company, plays a leading role in the development of maintenance-free and compatible wireless solutions for Smart Home and Smart Buildings. The products are based on the EnOcean RF standard (ISO / IEC 14543-3-10 / 11), which is designed specifically for energy harvesting solutions. With over 400 renowned members, wireless sensors with low energy consumption and energy harvesting solutions are developed and marketed. The advantages are obvious: Simple installation without laying cables, energy and CO2 savings, no maintenance and low system costs.

As a member of the EnOcean Alliance, ZF plans to expand its energy harvesting product portfolio with wireless solutions that are compatible with the EnOcean3.0 wireless standard.

he topic of sustainability is a high priority within the ZF Group.

ZF invests in membership of EnOcean Alliance

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