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ello and welcome to the March issue of Electrical Engineering magazine, where this month we delve into the latest and greatest advancements and technologies specifically for the Rail Industry, including the electrification of rail transport, and touch base with the leading training

providers on addressing the skills gap and creating new professional opportunities post pandemic for apprentices and graduate engineers. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted issues surrounding the training and education sphere, and

now more than ever, companies and institutions are looking for ways to encourage a new generation of electrical engineers, and to ensure continued updated training and guidance is offered to all. We have several fantastic features this month which include prime articles under the theme of Test &

Measurement. Tom Blundy, senior consultant at data centre specialist, Keysource, offers his insights on the importance of data centre testing and monitoring, commenting, “It is well documented that interruptions in power supply to Data Centres have the potential to cause operational and financial chaos, so it is understandable that many organisations have concerns when their engineers look to undertake work which might involve ‘switching things off.’ However, properly planned and implemented preventative maintenance strategies, can minimise the likelihood of unscheduled breakdowns, outages and UPS failures. In addition, it is important to remember that Periodic Inspection and Testing is also a legal requirement and can make the difference between being fully operational and an outage.” You can read his full article on page 32. We also have a plethora of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) updates in a dedicated supplement

on UPS & Standby Power, and key opinion pieces on best practise and common solutions under our Safety in Engineering feature. If you would like to write for the magazine on any given topic within the industry then please don't

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