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Sensors for Extreme Temperature

Conditions Available from ATC Semitec


eliable thermal protection is

critical for machinery or equipment that is operating at extreme temperatures. Failure at either extreme can be critical. Hereaus Nexensos, manufacture a range of platinum

film sensor PRTDs (Pt100) which with key characteristics of linearity, reliability and stability reinforce their suitability of their use in extreme conditions. The Heraeus thin-film, cryogenic C-series Pt100/ Pt1000

RTD elements operate down to -196°C, being to cover most “low temperature” cryogenic applications. Approval of Pfizer- BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine has rapidly increased the demand for vessels capable of storing and transporting vaccine at -80°C and below. Heraeus C220 RTDs easily cover this temperature range giving peace of mind in temperature critical applications. If operating in the region of 600°C~900°C, then

Heraeus H-series high-temperature elements can sense and regulate your heater, furnace or exhaust gas sensor application. Top of the range HDA420s (Pt200) are capable of operating up to 900°C and intermittently to 950°C. These are typically supplied to the automotive, laboratory and process technology markets. For further information, samples, UK stock on this Heraeus range of Platinum PRTD sensors contact ATC Semitec

ATC Semitec Ltd • 01606 871680 •

company’s electrical and data catalogue, providing an easy reference guide to all Ideal products in its range.

I Available to download from the company’s

website, the catalogue is a searchable resource that allows wholesalers, specifiers, contractors and procurement professionals to find what they need from Ideal Industries’ huge range of innovative, quality-assured and value for money products. Many of the products to be found in the catalogue are already best-sellers and market-leaders around the world, and this year’s catalogue also adds Ideal Industries’ latest innovations, which includes the Gen II Lever Connector. Designed to make cable terminations faster and easier than ever, the Gen II Lever Connector will be available from Q3.

General Manager of Ideal Industries EMEA, Brett Smyth comments: “Our website provides a valuable

New UK business for Global Fire Equipment E

deal Industries, the global leader in electrical accessories and consumables, has launched the

Ideal Industries launches new electrical and data catalogue

resource for people who want to find out more about our products but sometimes it can be useful to have all the information you need at your fingertips offline too.

“Our catalogue allows our customers to have

that facility, discover our product range and find out more about both new and existing products. We are constantly focused on innovation, developing solutions for making electrical installations faster, safer, easier and more consistent, while helping customers to keep their costs down. Providing a downloadable catalogue is one more way in which we can help our customers and we have worked hard to make it as clear and easily navigable as possible.

The catalogue launch comes as Ideal Industries

experiences one of its busiest periods of growth and high demand with electrical contractors increasingly seeking products for faster and simpler installation to enable them to catch-up with delayed projects following the pandemic.

“Our catalogue is designed to provide the

accurate and useful information needed to help customers select the right products for their needs,” Brett adds. “We believe that quality, functionality and value for money should always go hand in hand and our catalogue brings all of that together in a single location.”

Ideal Industries • 01925 412 934 •

uropean-based manufacturer of high quality and competitively priced fire safety

systems, Global Fire Equipment (GFE), has welcomed the formation of a new company – GFE (UK) Fire Ltd which will trade as Global Fire Equipment (UK). GFE UK has now taken over the role as the sole importer for all GFE products throughout the UK. GFE UK, whose main office is located in

Havant, is owned and headed up by Matt Ketley GIFireE MIFSM TMIFPO. Matt has extensive sales experience in the UK fire industry, having worked for respected UK- based companies for nearly 20 years. Matt comments: “As Managing Director of

GFE UK I am delighted to take on this new role and have an exciting vision for the company. We are the sole importer of GFE’s equipment into the UK and are working to bring on board key distributors and system partners to ensure that GFE products, along with industry-leading technical support, are readily available for all our UK customers.” GFE UK has already secured partnerships

with STS Distribution Ltd, Illumino Ingis Ltd and Firesense Ltd as specialist distributors, along with F & E Projects Ltd and Safetech Systems Ltd as systems partners. With a view to supporting growth plans and product availability for the UK, GFE UK is also working with a number of other interested parties that will be named in due course.

Commenting further, Matt adds: “We mean business. We are looking for significant and sustained growth

within the UK market, based on providing successful mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We plan to radically increase awareness of the GFE brand and products by ensuring we deliver the fundamental requirements for all long-term successful relationships in the fire safety sector – the provision of excellent service, quality products and market-leading customer experience, all delivered through effective teamwork.

Global Fire Equipment 46 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING • MARCH 2021 • ESP revamps

Sangamo timers and heating controls range

it as the Sangamo Plus range of heating and timer controls. The new range showcases brand new products, as well as enhancements and improvements to existing products and introduces key features designed to boost the products’ energy saving properties The Sangamo Choice Plus collections offer a wide range


of heating and timer controls for domestic, commercial, and industrial use. The new-look Sangamo offer can be broken down into three main product categories, with a total of 15 products making up the comprehensive range: • Choice+ Thermostats • Choice+ Programmers • Powersaver+ Controllers

A dedicated brochure can be downloaded from the ESP website, or accessed via the Scolmore Group App.

ESP • 01527 515150 • •

SP has taken its well-known Sangamo brand of Choice Thermostats and Choice Controllers and relaunched

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